Which do you prefer, to never wake from a dream, or to never dream again? I, for one, would not want to wake up.
— Mathias Custos
Mathias Custos
Age 17
Nickname Akuma
Status Alive
Gender Male
Species Human
Handedness Right
Complexion White
Hair Dirty Blonde
Eyes Blue
Height 5'11"
Weight 160
Professional Status
Partner Malin Darielle
Occupation Student
Additional Info
Likes Friends, reading, hunting Grimm
Dislikes People who hate faunus, bullies, Grimm
Matthias Curator Symbol 3


Mathias Custos is my OC in the RWBY-verse and the Leader of Team MGMA (Magma).


Mathias's attire consist of a Black zip up hoodie (Normally worn unzipped), along with a Pair of green wrist Bracers (which can be seen worn by Sun Wukong), green t-shirt, Long, dark, blue jeans, a belt, and a pair of running shoes with his symbol placed on the heel. He wears a biege corduroy jacket when he is not in battle. He has chest armor that his mother gave him for luck, but he is rarely seen wearing it. Along his belt he wears Ira. A katana handed down by his sensai.

Work in progress. Will most likely change.


Mathias has a calm and collective personality. He is also very humble .However, he will not hesitate to step up to someone who targets people in order to hurt them. Especially if the target's are of Faunus heritage. He believe that everyone who can make their own desicions shouldn't be judged just because of looks, but rather on their actions. He is a tactical thinker when it comes to battle, but has also been known to let his anger blind him in the process. With all this he has heart. Not willing to give up when others are at risk of danger. He will always take the fall.

Socially, he is very caring and loyal to those he respects or pity's. To complete strangers, he is awkwardly silent until he feels like he shares some similarities with the other person. He will never interupt someones conversation, unless someone needs to stop doing something they shouldn't.

To his friends, he can be very hyper-active. Usually talking about anything that pops in his head. He has also been known to be awkwardly quiet towards people he likes, unless they start a conversation him.

All stories aside, he has a strong and pure heart that will never quit. It is this reason the "Luna" has chosen him to be its master.

He also enjoys reading books that range from love to action.


Growing up poor has aloud Mathias to cheerish the things he has. Since he was young, a faunus friend of the family, who was a martial arts master, seceretly taught him how to fight with a pair wooden katana since he was eight. He caught on quick with how to use it and within a year was almost as good as the students twice his age, being able to beat the entire class at once. He was also taught how to operate a bo staff and though he hadn't caught on as fast he still advanced. His parents were furious that they were not told about this, but were proud of their son becoming so talented in it.

At age 9, he began to secrectly self teach himself Muay thai, a form of kick boxing.

At the age of 10, he found himself facinated with a string instrument a homeless faunus would play the days during school.he would spend hours after school listening to the man play the cello. The man even taught Mathias how to play it. Everyday after school, Mathias would stay for hours learning how to play the instrument. He became really great at it. Seeing how happy he was, Mathias's parents let the man stay with them and offered what little they could to have the man continue to teach him. The man would stay, but would decline any speacial treatment. His response was, "He would be honored to teach a wonderious spirit for free." His parents bought him his own cello for his 11 birthday.

Around age 11, He had made his way back to his house after training and began to hear noises coming from the arena he had left. Followed by a scream of agony. He went back to the arena and found his sensei on the ground and bleeding with a sword in him. With a quick glance he saw 2 theives making their way towards him. He locked himself in the weapons cabinet that contain all the weapons he had trained with including 1 high caliber pistol. He aimed at the door with the pistol and as a large sword crashed through the door. Unaware of its power, he unloaded the whole clip into one of the theives, which threw him back several feet against the wall. The other began to cry and turned his anger towards lil' Mathias. He jumped on top and began to choke the yound child. With the young boy ghasping for breath, he placed his hands on the theifs head trying to push him away. Instead he began to overpower him and threw him off. He looked at his hands and saw them glowing witha strange glare. Looking back at the thief he grabbed a wooden sword and made his way back to him. The theif began to throw punches carelessy hoping to hit him. Mathias, who's eyes were filled with rage, began to move at nearly unseenable speed and started hitting the target everywhere on his body. One theif was headed to the morge while the other was on his way to the hospital nearly lifeless. He would later play his Cello at his sensai's funeral.

Age 13 he bagan to teach himself how to work a bow and arrow. Being self taught he practiced day and night teaching himself, which lead to him failing classes over sleeping during lessons. He competed in a Marksman challenge with his bow and arrow and placed second in the competion. This didn't let him get down, instead it gave him a reason to keep practicingand to get better.

Age 14. He was walking home with a friend after a orchestra concert, when a group of thugs pulled them into an alley. They demanded all their money. His friend was in tears reaching in his pocket for spare change, Mathias ,on the other hand, just started laughing. The thugs began to kick him over and over. Mathias only dropped his smile when he opened his eyes to see the thugs starting to puch his friend. With a hard spike of his semblence he punched the oncoming foot that was headed at him, breaking it and launching the person it was attached to several feet back. His atention was now on the one that had hit his friend. Everyone ran from him as the punch caused an explosion. With another punch, he threw what looked like a fireball from his hand and connected with the one thug, knocking him into a moving car.This has been the second time he had this feeling surgeing through his body. His adrenaline was pumping so fast and failed to notice that his hands were broken in so many ways. After treatment from the doctors, who were more than shocked to find his hands almost healed, and a good night sleep. The next day he would study his new ability in a secluded area where no one would get hurt. After breaking his hands an additional 56 times, he began to wear a pair of wrist bracers(that can be seen being worn by Sun Wukong). He knew his semblence could heal him now. Those allowed him to do alot of punches without his hands breaking. He also began to practice making a shield, and even began to attempt gliding. He starting channeling his power through his feet which allowed him to have some time off the ground. His longest flight was 5 minute, with up to about 100 feet up.

At age 16, he and his parents decided he was going to become something good someday. He began to apply for Hunter and huntress schools, like beacon, and was informed that he had to hand make his own weapon. This was the easiest thing he had ever done. He began working on prototypes for his Current weapon known as Luna Ira. Which was no more than a homemade bow and arrow (Ira) and his sensai's sword, which was named Luna.

Age 17 he was accepted in Redwood Academy. Were he goes through initiation and becomes leader of Team MGMA.


Genesis - Humanoid. Memeber of Team MGMA. 

Misaki Darielle - Member of Team MGMA.

Malin Darielle - Member of Team MGMA

Arthur Forbes - Member of team MGMA.


Bow-and-arrow Final

Luna Ira Range Mode

Mathias is well taught with his bow and arrow set. Being able to hit a moving target from nearly 1 kilometer away. He uses homemade arrows that he makes in his spare or when bored. He will only carry 20 arrows at a time. They are stored in a standered quiver witch slings onto his back. If needed the arrows can be slightly filled with dust to increaase distance and power.  The bow can also be effective at close range.         

He is also highly skilled in hand to hand fighting, though that is still yet to be determined. He preferres to use a varient of Muay Thai, which he taught himself in his spare time.  He has never fully learned what he learned on people, meerly knocking them to the ground so they may run off.    

Before departing for RedWood Academy, he collected his sensai's katana, which he had let Mathias practice with. This specific katana ,has been passed down in his family for generations, has still yet to find an object it can't cut through. Mathias was honored when his sensai left to him in his will, calling him the son he never had.  When using it against people, he has not been known to remove the sword from the shealth, as he does not wish to do extensive damage to anyone. He has become highly skilled with this weapon. The swords sharpness will differ depending on the wielders emotions when hold it. If he is using it for no reason, the blade remains dull and couldn't cut though paper. If a strong enough emotion comes over him the blade will become extremely sharp being able to cut through the thickest of metals. Something he doesn't know about the sword is that the sword chooses its master and will only work if he is using it. The sword can't be used against him.

His semblance is a rare and unique one. He has the ability to manipulate his aura to do whatever he wants. He uses this when there is no other option only, but can get reackless. Though some powers have there side effects, he has found a way to get around it without damage being done to him. He can use his semblance to heal others. It also can act as his shield and he can use it to protect a small group of people from danger. He can only use the shield if he knows he needs it. If he uses his semblance for to long, it will begin to drain his aura. If he drains his aura completely, he could go into a coma for a short amount of time until it refills.     The longest was a week.

He can also channel his semblence to increase his strenght for moments at a time. When this happens, a fire, that doesn't burn, appears on what he aplying it to. Either hands or legs for strength. The fire can become hot and burn things if he wishes, but it drains his aura at twice the speed.

His semblence ability has givin him the nickname "Akuma." or devil.

Strong enough emotions will ultimately determine how his aura is shown.


  • Mathias Custos and Luna Ira are all latin words.
    • Mathias being "Matthew", Custos is "Guardian" in latin
    • Luna is "Moon" in latin, and Ira means "Rage" or even "Wrath"
  • Luna, the Katana, is made of a unknown living material from space. 

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