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Maur Krieger is your average joe and average Huntsman-in-training with average life. Post-BoB?... Still Maur.

Maur Krieger
Age 19
Nickname Maur, Mau
Status Active
Color Gold
Gender Male
Race Human
Born June 25
Handedness Right handed
Complexion Pale
Hair Dark brown
Eyes Bronze
Semblance Dark Rime
Height 5'8
Weight 53 kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team HARM
Partner Hitori Kazami
Occupation Working student
Job Types Skilled trade jobs, blue collar
Jobs Barista, welder, machinist, janitor, rigger, etc...........
Personal Status
Relatives Father (deceased), mother (deceased)
Additional Info
Likes Helping people, peace, strolling at night, cold surroundings
Dislikes Very hot weather
Special Skills Axe wielding, hammer wielding, gunmanship, sharp hearing, adaptable, jack-of-all-trades in skilled trade jobs
Weaknesses Lack of defense and armor, shy, a bit impulsive, planning ahead, academics


Maur is, all in all, an average young man with only his athletic and well-toned body serving as his “average” differentiation. His thick, neck-length, dark-brown hair is usually combed down. No gel or anything. He just have a lot of baby hairs sticking out all over the place. There's also that dull bronze eyes of his, nothing notable about them.

As a Huntsman-in-training, Maur wears a shirt, plain dark blue, V-necked, and short-sleeved , tucked in black pants with golden buckle belted in belt loop. Over his clothes, he dons a black long coat highlighted with golden linings on large collars, cuffs, and at edge. He has a pair of black boots with golden colored plates.

His emblem is a simple golden star located at the back of his coat.


He still looks Maur.


Maur grew up in a village near the forests of Vale. He's the only child in the family wherein his father was a construction worker in Vale city and a hunter in their village while his mother was a seamstress. He went to a public school, a privilege provided by a non-profit organization. As a village boy, he served as a young woodcutter in his close-knitted community.

While he was a good lad, Maur was bullied for his passiveness- ordered around like an errand boy by the big kids of his village and beaten up by an opposing group when he didn't pick their side in group conflict. This dragged on throughout his childhood because he wanted to avoid causing more conflict himself, afraid of losing his so-called “friends”. But after a series of unfortunate events that took his parents' lives (his mother died because of cancer while his father was killed by a Boarbatusk a week later), the eleven-year-old boy had began to fight back at the bullies as he tried to make sense of his parents' death. His change of behavior was short-lived when he hit a bully on the head with a brick, almost killing the other boy in the process. Other parents vented their ire at the owner of a financially strained orphanage- the only one in the village- where he belonged. That was how Maur realized the dire consequences of what he had done: his irrational actions caused trouble to others, and he was like a Grimm and a disease that takes lives just as how his parents were taken, hurting others as a result. He returned to his old self the next few days but became a little reticent and assertive.

Two years later, he encountered a Huntsman who defended his village from a sudden attack of Ursai. Intrigued of the Huntsman's capability to fight Grimm and help others at the same time, he decided to enroll at Signal Academy. But the academy was too far from his village and his budget from hunting and woodcutting wasn't enough for travelling. He ended up working under a travelling merchant of weapons to get into Patch.

There he went worked on random jobs, mostly for skilled workers, to support himself. It also took time for him to adapt to his new life living with strangers unlike in his village where everyone knows one another.

At Signal Academy, he gained basic combat abilities and knowledge, and forged his not-so impressive weapon, Glatteis, which he ended up getting a make over to a weaponsmith. His four years in Signal passed in a blink of an eye. He survived school with humble grades, friendly acquaintances, occasional self-training in Forever Fall, and ghost-like presence to keep himself from any trouble.

After graduating from Signal, he almost decided to stop for a year to save money to enroll at Beacon Academy. It was a godsent coincidence Maur met Casper who recently put up a café and was looking to hire people to help run the startup business. On the other hand, another reason he got hired was because he and Casper, by chance, talked about girls and women, which they are very interested about, after getting a glimpse at a group of females sitting near them.

Finally with a steady job, generous funding from his employer as well as bonus upgrade of his weapon, Maur enrolled at Beacon Academy.

Post BOB

After the café was destroyed, Maur was unemployed once again and decided to fully pursue his career as a Huntsman while traveling the world. Before that, however, Casper and Cyzarine Bluthardt, Casper's little sister, threw him into months of intense combat regimen so that he could truly fend himself when he faces stronger foes in the future.

When there are no missions available, Maur takes a side job as a driver using a ridesharing app.


Maur is a jumpy guy. He easily gets startled and puzzled by anything that he doesn't expect, like peculiar people, frightening movies, or events beyond his common sense. Sometimes (or frequently), he vocalizes and exclaims his thoughts carelessly, either sounding funny, ridiculous, or rude. But in first meeting, he's rather friendly, a bit calm, but shows indication of shyness in conversations.

Maur is the type ready to help others in a good way, usually without question. However, this can be taken advantage by others since he's slow to realize other's intentions. His helpful nature is actually a fragment of his “errand boy” persona back in his childhood days, always there to “help” others so he can remain friends with them.

He's also a hardworking person, both in his work and studies, since he doesn't excel on any areas and makes up with his durable diligence and detail-orientedness.


Maur is an ax wielder in the core and swings his weapon with impressive strenght but at the cost of some speed. He has sharp hearing that he gained and improved when he hunted animals with his father. Without his weapons, he is a capable street fighter who can at least adapt in combat situations and can throw a good punch and kick. He has incredible amount of stamina, high threshold of pain, and very high tolerance of cold places due to his Semblance. 

In areas that requires a lot of critical thinking or any high cognitive processes, Maur is only average. Even so, he has the ability to notice things quickly thanks to his observation skills. He's also a quick learner and a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to skilled trades careers like plumbing, welding, sewing, machining, and others. So far, he's getting a bit better at brewing coffee.

His Semblance is Dark Rime; a power to encase his own body in thick ice (comparable to a 5 inch milspec steel) as an armor and his weapon for additional damage. He can encase anything he touches. The limitation of his power is first, he can only encase within a width of 5-meter radius so if he were to encase an airship, he wouldn't be able to encase 1/4 of its part. Second, the strength of the ice depends on his allocation of his Aura to his Semblance. Third, he can use this Semblance for 5 full minutes with a cooldown time of 5 minutes. Finally, he can only encase things, not creating copy of things out of his ice.

The side effect of his Semblance is his ice's color turns black.

His golden-colored Aura is strong but not abundant in reserves.

Maur Krieger's Stats :

Primary Role Vanguard
Secondary Role Worker
Weapon Attack
Dust Attack
Critical Rate
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
       ~Inspired from Jollyjo


After his training regimen, Maur acquired an acceptable control over Ice and Gravity Dust incorporated into his fighting style, acquiring a Dust Spell called Heavy Hammer.

  • Heavy Hammer - a combination of Ice and Gravity Dust. Melee weapons, fists, or feet are coated heavily with ice for powerful yet slow attacks. But with Gravity Dust applied on the Ice Dust, the ice/earth-coated objects become light enough to be wielded with ease without sacrificing much speed.


Glatteis is a Battle-Ax Shotgun Hammer (BASH), also known as PAMC - 69 (Prototype Armor Material Combination number 69). Its colors were black and gold.

Thanks to a certain employer (Casper) who has connections to ArmorTech, Maur's transformable weapon became high-class and lighter than average. The battle ax part (like this) is a pair of retractable blades on each side of the hammer. These blades are made up of S7 shock steel and coated with metal-graphene nanolayered composite, which maximized exploitation of graphene's tensile strength (200 times stronger than steel), and further covered with woven carbon nanotubes. The hammer part (resembling this), on the other hand, is made of milspec steel and coated with the same materials. The shotgun section is an AA-12 modified to serve as a haft and is always present in other two forms.

The weapon's default form is the hammer.


He was given a pair of fingerless weighted-knuckle gloves, gold in color on the knuckle part while the rest is black, woven with graphene and heat and electrical resistant materials. Each glove has Gravity and Ice Dust crystals embedded at the back as well as powdered ones mixed inside the pouch covering the knuckles.


  • Casper Bluthardt - his employer at the coffee shop whom he is also friends with.
  • Aricia Bluthardt - another boss at the coffee shop whom he fears the most for her short-circuited temper.
  • Basilia Bluthardt - his friend and mentor in brewing coffee.
  • Cyzarine Bluthardt - one of his classmates at Beacon Academy. He became friends with her because of his employment at Casper's coffee shop. He sees her as a good-natured intellectual girl who doesn't show much emotion and has a knack for keeping people away from her. Despite their contrasting character, the two are in very good terms. Maur often seeks help from her in studies.


  • Maur is a Greek name meaning 'dark'. Krieger comes from a German word meaning 'warrior'.
  • Glatteis is a German word meaning 'black ice'.
  • He's inspired from Kamijou Touma of To Aru Majutsu no Index