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"Sooooo... I keep hearing about this new team here in Beacon. I wonder what they are like." Yang said to her teammates.

"They are called team BLAK. I heard that one of them is just as young as you, Ruby." Blake said to Ruby, smiling.

"Oooooooh! I can't wait to meet them!" Ruby replied, excited.

"Oh please. They probably just a bunch of ordinary students." Weiss complained.

"I hope they have cute boys." Yang said.

"Come on, Yang. All you ever thought of are boys." Ruby commented.

After they have finished talking, they got up from their seat and left the Dining Hall.

"Who are we gonna meet again?" Andre said to his teammates, while they were walking down the hallway.

"Some other team. They were called RWBY, or something." Leo said, while scratching her head.

"Oh. Okay. Hey, Bryan. You seam quiet today. Is that you or Karma cosplaying as you?" Andre said, teasing his best friend.

"Huh? Oh. Sorry. Its just that...Karma's absent today. I don't really feel good without her." Bryan replied.

"You're right. I miss her already." Leo added.

"Man! Are you guys sure its a good idea to know who are enemy in the tournament is by actually meeting them?" Andre questioned.

"Its probably the only way." Leo replied.

"Whoever they are, I'm gonna pulverize them." Bryan rudely added.

"Now that's the Bryan I know. Alright, let's go!" Andre happily answered back.

The tournament is about to begin. All the students meet up at the the Amphitheater to see the teams that will fight.

"Oh no. Oh no! We're late. We're late! I told you not grab extra cookies on the way here!" Weiss blames Ruby.

"But I can't help it! They are so delicious and--" Ruby said while rushing to the theatre, when suddenly, they bumped into Bryan. They all fell down, except Bryan, who was still standing. Ruby's hood fell down on her face.

"Oh, we're so sorry. We didn't see--" Ruby apologized. She took of her hood to look at the person she needed to apologize to. When she did, all the the girls blushed except for Blake. 

To be continued..

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