The shine of clarity is nothing compared to the shine of a freshly cleaned diamond though if betrayed the diamond will shatter.


—Melanite Nightingale

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Melanite Nightingale

D) Melanite Nightingale
Age 17
Color Black
Gender Female 
Species Human
Born January 13
Handedness right
Complexion Pale
Hair Black
Eyes Blue
Height 5'5"
Weight 115 Pounds

Professional Status

Affiliation Beacon Academy
Occupation Student
Additional Info
Likes Bets, Night Time, Anything that's shiny
Dislikes Betrayers, Police
Special Skills Dust Management, Agility, Infiltration and Stealth


Melanite is a silent girl. Talking is not really her style. Only talking to people who she really trusts. She looks to be a nice girl (which she is), but she is opsessed with shiny things and can have a sly personality. She loves dust crystals because she thinks they look pretty. She feels more comfortable at night. That's when she feels safe. She can not stand betrayers and when she found out someone betrayed her then she will search for that person and punish him/her (not killing). She is on bad terms with the police.


Melanite is a small girl with medium-long black hair. Her eyes are dark blue in color. She's often seen wearing a sweater mostly a gray one since that's her favorite. Under that sweater she wears a white dress. She wears black stockings with a flower pattern. Her shoes are dark blue ballerina shoes. Most of the time she has her hood on. 

Her weapons, called the Serenity Moonshadows, hang on her hips so she can bring them up as fast as possible. These sickle weapons hang on a brown leather belt that is located around her waist. 


Melanite never knew who her parents were, but what she did know that they had abandoned her at young age. She was never alone because she had a partner called Drake. She and Drake began to steal at little local dust shops from time to time and when they got older they started to do it more frequently also in bigger dust shops. Melanite was more out for the crystals because she loved the way they looked while Drake took care of the dust powder. The police was tracking them down, but without succes. Melanite developed feelings for Drake and he was well aware of that, but acted like he didn't noticed. Of course that was his sign to take advantage of her since she'd do everything he'd ask her. On one night Drake proposed to rob one of the biggest places where they make dust, the Schnee dust company. 

At first Melanite wasn't really sure about that since that place was overloaded with security. She ultimately declined on the proposal, having doubts about Drake targeting Remnant's highest Dust producer... She left his side and turned herself in to the police, to make amends for what she had done, but not before warning them that the SDC was being targeted... At first the police doubted her warning, but ultimately decided to take her up on that... That night, Drake snuck into the company and began to take the Crystals with ease, but on the wailing of the sirens, he had no one to fall back to, the windows and ceiling too high and the rope already down... Beginning his climb the police storms in and make their way to the crystal storage room, catching Drake attempting his escape halfway through. With tranqs in their pistols, the police shot him on sight, Melanite's warning put to use... with the threat of thieving over, Drake was then arrested and commited guilty for multiple thieveries and sentenced for 20 years... Melanite, now released on account of aiding police and using her own judgment to correct her mistakes, was awarded a medal by the mayor of Vytal... It was then that a huntsman approached her and offered her an application to Beacon Academy... Thinking it over, she originally thought to decline the offer, needing certified training to be accepted, however the huntsman offered an additional bonus to the offer, time to train for him to witness her skills... Now this was something Melanite could not refuse, a chance to train. Taking his offer, her journey began, many days pass and many hours were spent training her speed, arm strength, and stealth... she had already have a sense of Dust Management during her time with Drake but now with her past behind her she can now use this for the greater good... after successfully training in all of these aspects the huntsman finally accepts her for who she is... a former thief turned huntress with a sense of justice, her past left behind beginning anew...


BLADE zbrush textured
Melanite her weapons are called the Serenity Moonshadows. It has a form of a sickle, but the blades are bigger than a normal one. This blade is attached on a chain that is in the handle of the weapons. This way can the user increase his/her reach with the weapons. The chain can have electricity from dust that's inside the handle. The electricity is not only on the chain but also on the main blade. A scar will suffice to stun the enemy although this only happens 85% of the time. This chance is still quite large, but there still needs to be caution since the enemy might not be stunned.  On the back of the handle is also a little moon-shaped blade.


Type M "Sombra"

Type M "Sombra" is a cross between robotics and motorcycle technologies.  This robotic motorcycle was not created by Melanite alone... She got some help of her teammate Garnet , who is talented in working with motorcycles since he has his own, and her other teammate Eventi. And Aidan is the one who helped Eventi creating the DPSU. The Type M "Sombra" has 2 modes, 2 forms of riding, and can only respond to Melanite's voice.  This serves as Melanite's main method of ground transport.

Battery Mode

This mode allows the motorcycle to run on a special battery that Eventi made using 4 "Electric" Dust Crystals and a heat-proof metal container .

Engine Mode

Much like the DPSU, this mode allows the motorcycle to run on its engine, which is powered by liquid Dust.  Its also much faster than Battery Mode

Spread Legs Form:

This is one of Sombra's forms, the two legs of the motorcycle form the usual shape of a motorcycle, allowing it to move a lot faster on the ground.

Standing Form

This form of Sombra gives Melanite a much better view height by shifting its legs to mimic the form of a humanoid robot.  Although slower than Spread Legs Form, it has better manuverability.


Metal Gear Rising OST - A Stranger I Remain (Mistral Theme)02:27

Metal Gear Rising OST - A Stranger I Remain (Mistral Theme)


Creator's Notes 

  • Melanite is the black variety of the rare andradite garnet. It is sometimes known titanian andradite.
  • The quote was made up by Yang Long.
  • Weapons are inspired by Diana's cresent blade of League of Legends.

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