"It is strange how any situation can pass as normal when it is all you know."
— Merel Serac
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Merel Serac
Merel Serac
Age 17 (vol1), 18 (vol3)
Color Alice Blue
Gender Female
Race Caucasian
Species Human
Born March 16th
Handedness Right-handed, trained ambidextrous
Complexion fair
Hair blonde
Eyes blue
Semblance Resonant Echo
Height 5ft10
Weight 122 lbs.
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon, Vale, Red Watch Network
Team Team COSM
Partner Estevon du Soleil
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Jack Serac, father [deceased]

Alice Zwaard, mother [deceased]

Egil Lucian Crucible, adoptive father

Additional Info
Emblem Merel Symbol
Likes music, reading, duelling, fireworks
Dislikes incompetence, people who talk too much, getting ordered around.
Special Skills Strong defence, expert sword fighter, great Dust User
Weaknesses Lone wolf, overconfident


Merel is quite pleased with her appearance, standing five feet ten tall with a not too slender figure and long blonde hair reaching halfway down her back. normally she dresses in a variety of outfits, preferring cooler tones like lilac, aqua or blue and picking clothing that doesn't sacrifice comfort over style. At Beacon she either goes around in her school uniform or in her combat outfits.

Her combat outfit consists of a navy blue halter top and matching shorts, a light grey-blue corset with to black belts crossing each other over that and a long diagonally cut alice-blue half-skirt running from waist to knee and the longer half to just above her ankle. She wears grey fingerless gloves reaching all the way to her armpits along with matching thigh long stockings, leaving only a little skin exposed on her legs and her shoulders. The materials are made to keep out the cold of her Ice armour. She wears some jewellery, each marked with her emblem of a silver sword over a shattering ring resembling the first quarter of the lunar cycle.


Cheerfully optimistic in her own calm analytical way, Merel seems to approach everything with the same take charge attitude, be it a pack of Grimm or a stack of homework. Having grown up spending long periods by herself and never really needing other people besides her childhood friend Vegas and her adoptive father Egil she was content with her situation.

Merel has been described as arrogant or cold and that might very well be true. Especially after Merel began her training at Signal and excelled she went about her life with little interest in others opinions on how she did things. This has caused her to seem rather harsh and cold to other students but if she takes the time to get to know you Merel is a surprisingly caring and fun-loving individual, she just prefers to do things in her own pace. Teamwork has not been Merel's strong suit, preferring to either do it on her own or take charge and have everything go according to her plan rather than discuss it with the others.

During her first year at Beacon Merel eventually started to open up more to the members of her team and a few other friends she made. She still does things in her own pace but some have managed to help her 'defrost' a bit. With the temporary leadership of team COSM on her shoulders Merel tries hard to keep her team together during the uncertain times ahead.


Team COSM:

  • Estevon du Soleil:
    • Before the Fall: Merel and Estevon took their time getting used to each other. Merel, not being that much of a team player when she started out, didn't think she'd spend that much time with her partner. She didn't really dislike him but taking her time to warm up to him meant they had mostly a dynamic of practised combination tactics as per Jericho's instructions in their spars that later started to seep into their social lives where Merel found herself relying more on Estevon to back her up and returning the favour without really thinking of it.
    • After the Fall: Merel hates to admit it but her trust in Estevon cracked during the battle when he abandoned them. She is more than understanding of his reasons but the fact he did not consider telling his team, and her in particular broke a level of trust Merel had not even noticed had built between them. She wants to be able to return things to normal, but it is clear both of them know this won't happen any time soon.
  • Jericho Corey:
    • Before the Fall: For the first few weeks Merel had little faith in Jericho's leadership of the team that she had expected to get herself. However with time he proved himself a creative and enthusiastic leader, who tried to build on the cohesion of the team through regular sparring matches so they would all learn from how the others would act in a fight. It was a humbling experience when he proved he clearly outmatched her in the sparring hall, but he always kept a friendly tone with her regardless of her own attitude. Over the months she learned to rely on Jericho skills with his sword and gun and a bond of trust started building between the two of them.
    • After the Fall: Merel was not happy with Jericho splitting off from her and Faecha during the battle of Beacon, knowing he'd get hurt and not have backup with him, and she was proven right. Thankfully he survived although requiring quite a long recovery time in the hospital and later at his home. Merel tried to visit him often and keep him informed on how the rest of them were doing but found that he had gotten more detached and his usual relaxed amiable nature replaced with sullen resignation it seemed. It came as a big surprise when he gave her the leadership of team COSM. She accepted it as a temporary measure, but fears Jericho did not intend it as such.
  • Feacha Odeseg:
    • Before the Fall: Although it took them a while to get used to each other, Feacha and Merel eventually learned they had a lot in common and that certainly helped the two build up a friendship. Merel found she'd interact most with Feacha in her free time, often just having long conversations about any range of topics that interested them. Their similar fighting styles proved to be very effective in a doubles match, but also meant in a spar against each other they could last much longer than their teammates first anticipated.
    • After the Fall: After the disaster Merel found herself on her own, her father gone, her friends avoiding her. Even Feacha with whom she always had a good bond now acted so withdrawn. Merel would make sure to visit her often during her recovery, but over time she noticed Feacha had put up a mental wall between them, and Merel can't figure out why.

Weapons & Equipment


Merel's Twin Dust Core Swords. Based on her father's signature blade Whisper. These longswords are slightly thicker than normal and each contain in one half of the blade two narrow reservoirs for Dust that go down the entire length of the blade holding Ice dust in one section and lightning dust in the other. The other half of the weapon houses the Variable Dust Blaster. The weapon has three modes: Twin Blade, Double Blade and Blaster mode.

Twin Blade: The standard form of Precipice as two Dust Core Longswords. In this mode Merel can electrify the edges with lightning dust or use the ice dust to sling energy waves that freeze anything they come into contact with. The swords have a slightly longer hilt so that Merel can use one with two hands if she wants

Double Blade: Merel combines the swords at the pommel to make a double bladed sword with a blade to hilt ratio of 5:4 giving her enough room to hold the weapon. As with the twin sword mode she can use the internal dust supply to enhance her attacks. The blades are light enough that even when combined like this she can wield it one-handed although that does limit her dexterity with the weapon compared to using it two-handed.

Blaster Mode: The blaster mode has the swords sheathed on her backpack swing out on articulated arms to have the hilts extend out over her shoulders while the pommels slide open to reveal the barrel and the handle and trigger slide out of the crossguard to let her use both swords as lightweight Dust cannons. The articulated arms connected to the sheaths allow Merel to aim the cannons individually while a holographic visor and range finder fold out of the upper half of the crossguard help her aim the shots precisely. The Dust blasters are powerful ranged energy weapons but are too bulky to use in close quarters effectively, therefore Merel tends to only use them as a last resort against particularly strong and large Grimm. While she needs the backpack arms to properly use the cannons simultaneously she can instead opt to use just one with both hands and firing it more similar to other shoulderfired weapons like RPGs.


Merel's gloves are made of a special Dustweave and are infused with an Ice-Wind Dust combination that allows Merel to create very detailed ice constructs including her signature Ice armour and Rime cloud techniques. The dust-weave requires maintenance after every battle or the charge is lost. When active the normally plain grey gloves glow with an alice-blue and light-cyan pattern resembling frost ferns.

Abilities and Powers

Much like her parents Merel is exceptionally skilled with the sword, capable of engaging multiple foes with her swords and shield and her various combination attacks. She's also a surprisingly good student in more academic fields. Her observation skills in combat allow her to plan her strikes and defence to match the foe she faces. She had received training in using her aura and semblance to complement her choice of weapons.

Her dust-casting is arguably her strongest point, although she prefers to be recognized by her talent with the blade. Thanks to the training she received from her father Egil Crucible Merel has fine control over her attacks and constructs and can create intricate armour of out ice reinforced with her own aura or create specific ice formations depending on what she needs in a battle. Combined with her wind dust she can create freezing gales that can slow the most determined foe or create a dense, freezing cloud of fog.

Dust Techniques:

Ice Armour: Merel's signature technique. Using her Rimeweave gloves Merel can create intricate pieces of armour on her body that infused with her aura offer additional protection against certain types of damage and help blunt the impact of bladed weapons or firearms should they get past her guard. The armour cracks easy but holds together long enough for Merel to use her semblance to blast the shards at a foe in close range.

Rime Cloud: Merel creates a dense freezing fog that slowly but surely coats everything within in ice. using the wind Dust in her gloves Merel can better manipulate the shape of the fogbank and better focus the attack on a foe but mostly it is used as a defensive measure to break line of sight and make the terrain extremely slippery.

Mountain Roar: Merel blasts anything before her with a powerful sleet carrying gale wind. It is a simple but inefficient attack that can quickly drain her Wind dust supply, but in turn it has a lot of force and a lot of ice to incapacitate her foes, and has proven a reliable way to trap or even kill the smaller types of Grimm like the Beowulf.

Semblance: Resonant Echo.

When Merel activates her semblance and takes a hit she absorbs half of the energy, lessening the damage done to her aura and keeping her footing even against stronger enemies. The more hits she takes the more energy she stores and the more she can release as a shockwave from her body.

She can chose how to project the shockwave: As a spherical blast to hit anything around her, a focussed release to give more punch to her attacks or a directed blast to shatter a piece of her Ice armour and send the shards flying to an enemy accurately within a range of fifteen meters.

Merel's preferred use of her Semblance is to make either an Ice gauntlet or shield and let it take enough damage to almost break it before shattering it herself with a directed shockwave to use it as a close range ice shard shotgun when she goes back on the offensive. However she has to plan these surprise strikes around the fact that she cannot keep her semblance up for longer than a few minutes at best and cannot store the energy afterwards which can be crippling for her when she still has her heavy ice armour on and doesn't want to lose it.


Merel grew up never knowing her parents. They were both hunters and had died on a mission when she was only four years old. Merel was given into the care of Egil Crucible, her godfather and a team member of her parents. The first months were tough for Egil, adjusting to life as a single parent and having to give up his career as huntsman to take care of the child of his friends. One of Merel's more distinct memories of those first years of her life was of her learning in school that it was strange that she was not the daughter of her father but adopted. It did not matter to her that she did not have a mother or that Egil was not her biological father. Egil had always been Egil and he had always taken care of her.

As Merel grew older she grew curious of who her parents were. Egil explained to her they were Hunters like him before he began teaching at Signal. He told her of their adventures when they were younger and how they would protect the kingdom. The idea of her parents fighting the creatures of Grimm excited Merel and lead to many adventures in her neighbourhood fighting the monsters hiding in the playground with sticks as swords and guns and the like.

It was around this time that Merel befriended a girl of her age in the neighbourhood, Vegas Oriel, a girl with a particular love for things that go 'boom'. How the two would get along so well would always be a mystery for Egil who at first was reluctant about letting Merel play with Vegas. However after a while it was clear the two were becoming inseparable and so would begin a long friendship between the two children and their fathers.

Merel though it was a bit weird going to the school where her father teaches when she first began at Signal. Not that her father would play favourites with her during class or anything like that, it was just weird growing up with stories from her father about the place so she had her preconceptions about Signal Academy when she started her first year. While at school he would try to be only her teacher, at home Egil tried his best at being a supportive father. But from time to time they would clash as Merel went through puberty and Egil had little experience to handle a teenager growing up. Thankfully their fights would not last long and overall Merel would consider she had a pretty normal life.

As Merel grew and learned more at Signal academy her talents began to show. Much like her mother Merel proved to be a capable swordsman and would relish in her sparring matches against the other students. She learned to use her semblance and aura and how to use them to create hew own style in combat. When she made her personal equipment she surprised Egil with her choice of weapons, as they resembled a mix of her parent's personal styles. While her mother Alice had always favoured a direct assault with her twin swords and her father Jack had always relied of the strength of his shield and sword Merel would combine the two and add her own twist. With Precipice and Avalanche Merel could keep any mock battles in her favour. It invoked mixed feelings in Egil seeing the ghosts of his friends in Merel. Likewise it was for some odd to that there was only to Egil witness her graduation from Signal and acceptance at Beacon. But because it was Egil who had taken care of her for as long as she could remember it was only normal to Merel.

Trivia & Origin

  • Merel is based on Tynisa Maker, a character from the Shadows of the Apt book series.
  • Merel is the Dutch word for the common blackbird and a common Dutch girls name.
  • Serac is the name for an ice formation caused by intersecting crevasses on a glacier.
  • Credit for the idea of the Semblance and using the Dustgloves goes to SelenaZephyr.
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