Meric Aestus
Age 16
Status alive
Gender Male
Race Human
Born February 24th
Handedness Right-Handed
Complexion Tan
Hair Brown
Eyes Chestnut
Height 5"10
Weight 210 pounds
Additional Info
Likes Cooking, Cutting things, Knives, Carving, Camping, Friendly people, Fire, Suits
Dislikes Dull Blades, Guns, Too much noise, Unproper Burials, Burnt Food
Special Skills The Butchers Rampage


Meric is a broad shouldered boy of 16. He has medium length brown hair. His chestnut eyes don't seem to be perceptive of many things but always are watching. He wears a black cloak and a black suit. He generally has a serious expression but his expression. he back of his cloak and on his hankerchief that sits in his lapel both have his emblem on them. He wears a necklace around his neck that is a chain with a lizard on it. 


Generally a serious guy but isn't unnescessarily cruel or overly serious. He is very serious about how his suit is and if anyone ever messes with his suit or his code of honour he becomes deadly and doesn't let them leave unbroken. He is always gathering information and finding ways to connect the people. He has a bad habit of going overboard in fights and completely slaughtering his opponent. He has a clash of conflicts in his likes because he loves wearing his suits and will not le anything get in the way of that but also enjoys going camping and the feel of fire. He will always asses the situation before diving in and is somewhat anylitical when the time calls for it. When he is forced into situations that put him past a point that he snaps he just goes wild. As for friends Meric will get along with almost anyone but there are ones who he just naturally feels anger towards. Meric has no specific friends at this point in the academy but feels that people don't generally dislike him. He feels that influencing events from the shadows is better than being in the middle of things unless nescessary. Meric will push people away when he doesn't want people stuck in his affairs

Weapons and Abilities

His weapon is a Cleaver about 1 foot long and 6 inches wide at the bottom of the handle there is a steel cable attached to it and on the other end of the cable it a claw that has three talons that are long enough 

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