Merula Vuelo
Age 17
Nickname Merry
Color Black
Gender Female
Species Faunus (Crow)
Born July 9th
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Fair
Hair Black
Eyes Hazel
Height 5'5"
Weight 130 Ibs
Professional Status
Occupation Huntress in training
Personal Status
Relatives None
Additional Info
Emblem Backsword Emblem
Likes Open space, movies, friends, stargazing, acrobatics, helping
Dislikes Small spaces, large books, bullying, staying still, being alone
Special Skills Acrobatics, speed, good memory, problem solving, Imaginitive
Weaknesses Lacking strength, mild claustrophobia, impulsive curiosity


Merry has sharp angular features, long black feathery hair, beady hazel eyes, and a wirey figure. She wears tight-fitting black shirt with hazel lining, silken black sweatpants, and for shoes she wears leather moccasins. The defining trait that signifies that she's a faunas is the feathers that cover her forearms, which most cases she keeps covered with bandages to hide them. On her belt she keeps a pouch filled with shiny baubles and other interesting objects that she finds. For armor, Merry has a suit of studded leather armor that focuses on mobility.


Merry is as her nickname suggests, a happy kind of person. Very socialble and curious, though not without a healthy dose of cation due to her being a faunus. She likes to help people, as long as they aren't jerks or racists or something. She loves to move around in open spaces, gets jittery inside not-large rooms that don't have a clear view outside, and will panic if within a small closed space. Her collection of baubles is something she takes pride in, and protects it fiercly. It's a great sign of trust from her if she shows it to anyone.

Weapons and Abilities

Merry's weapons are two identical Backswords called Twin Wings. She is capable of wielding them in a reverse grip as well as a foreward one. Seperatly, the two weapons are strong swords. But together, the swords work wonders. They are capable of connecting at the hilt and be spun around rapidly, and they are also capable of locking together back-to-back into a double-edged zweihander sword. When in this configuration, the tips of the swords can separate down diagonally revealing a barrel, and a trigger appears near the joined pommel. Merry has to load clip in the hilt to turn the zweihander into a rail gun.


Merry grew up in an orphanage deticated to children who were left without parents due to the Faunus war. She grew up among other Faunus in the orphanage, and was one of the few who stood up against the human children that tried to bully the younger kids. She would insult them and cause them to chase her away from the kids, easily outrunning due to her speed. But as they grew older, one of the human boys outsmarted her and eventually caught her. The human children proceeded to bully and beat her before locking her in a abandoned crate. They left her in there for a day, and she developed claustrophobia before the adults found out and freed her. Merry was eventually adopted, and went to a combat school like signal before enrolling into Beacon.


Merula Vuelo's Stats :

Primary Role Assassin
Secondary Role Fighter
Weapon Attack
Dust Attack
Critical Rate
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
       ~Inspired from Jollyjo

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