Do not mind me, I'm just a little tree, migrating to my new nesting grounds.
Messer Danam
Torr OC image
Age 17
Color Ice Blue
Gender Male
Species Human
Handedness Right
Complexion Tan
Hair Black
Eyes Husky Blue
Height 5'9"
Weight 155
Professional Status
Personal Status
Relatives Lilith Danam (Adopted older sister)
Additional Info
Likes Food, joking around, sleeping, flirting, teasing friends, and talking.
Dislikes Law Enforcement, cruelty, being serious, people insulting his family or attacking his friends.

Description:  Messer's tan skin, long black hair, and husky blue eyes combine to make a very startling appearance. Due to his very energetic attitude, usually at least some of his hair is sticking up in the morning. He has a very lean body, due to years of acrobatics and martial arts. Covered in many scars from years of training with Torrent, his most prominent one is the long scar across his chin. Usually dresses in very relaxed clothing, not worrying about his appearance that much, even later on when he gets the Beacon uniform.

Bio: Born into a circus family, Messer learned acrobatics from a young age, and was trained by his parents in many traditional fighting styles. His parents wanted more for him than just being in a circus, so they trained him as best they could in hopes that he could someday go to Beacon and become a Hunter. As they didn't have money to buy a weapon, Messer usually would crawl through the junkyard on his time off in hopes of finding a thrown away weapon he could rebuild and improve.

Then finally, at age 9 he found a pair of old fighting gauntlets, with an old fashioned spring loaded spike system. He took it home, along with a bunch of other scrapped weapon parts so as to fix it up. Eventually finishing it, now he only needed the money for Dust. As his parents didn't have much money, he tried not to use Dust as much, trying to learn better fighting styles from other members of the circus rather than relying on Dust.

As he gained more skill in his acrobatics and fighting, he became more confident in his fighting, sure that he could beat anyone. He started holding small fighting contests with other martial artist kids around for money, sure he could win all of them in his small town. He did for a while until, at the age of 13, he was beat by a mysterious guy in a black coat , using a fighting style he'd never seen before. After being beaten by him, he traveled out to learn his style every night. The man, who called himself Torrent, was happy to teach him in the only way he knew how. By fighting him over and over. Eventually Messer learned the strange fighting style he used, which was perfect for his fast and acrobatic body type.

As Messer got better and better at fighting, he noticed the holes in the fighting style taught to him by Torrent while watching martial artists practice. So he started working on it, trying to improve it by learning better ways to counteract martial artists.

Then, while practicing one day, his parents came in with great news. He had been accepted to Signal academy. This was the first step to him getting into Beacon. As he would definitely need more money now, his parents started taking odd jobs so as to help support him. Not all of them legal.

At the age of 16, he finally got the news that he would be going to Beacon. When he went to tell his parents, he noticed that they had already packed all their stuff. They told him that they couldn't stay in town anymore, as the law was getting a bit too close. Though most of what they had done was just smuggling, the law enforcement seemed to be catching on, and would be moving in on them soon. They wished him their best, giving him all they had saved up for him for Beacon, before heading out.

So Messer prepares for Beacon, getting ready for the beginning of his classes.

Personality: He takes his position as a student at Beacon seriously, though that is about the only thing. Having been raised in the circus, he learned at a young age how to cut loose and have fun, and usually jokes around about everything. Even when he's serious, it is really hard to tell. The only time he doesn't joke around is whenever someone insults his parents for where they worked. Having seen how hard they worked to give him the chance to have a better life, he becomes extremely furious whenever anyone mocks their sacrifices as if they were nothing. He will go up and talk to anyone, not being very shy, and is extremely energetic, to the point where he has every non-morning person wanting to kill him shortly after he wakes up. He's very confident in himself, but also hates being ignored when he's talking. He once sat on top of a friends head, as they were walking, for an hour because they wouldn't respond to him while he was talking.

Fighting Style: Messer combines his martial arts and King Taijitu style Grimm Chance with his fast and acrobatic style of movement, incorporating flips, slides, and other tricks to avoid blows while getting in as many as he can himself. Most of the time, he uses his Semblance instead of the Dust in his gloves. Coming from a poor family, Dust was hard to get ahold of, and wasting it was especially bad. Even now, he still uses Dust sparingly, instead only using the Dust if he is too tired to use his Semblance.

Semblance: Messer's Semblance allows him to absorb heat of anything he touches, lowering the temperature to around -50 F. He can also absorb the heat around him too an 8 foot range for short times, lowering it to -20 degrees. He can also direct it out in one direction, but at the expense of it being weaker, and only in one direction. It reaches about 20 foot like this.  The extra heat is fired out, either dispersed around him after the dome, or fired in one direction to heat things as well. Because he has to disperse the heat, he can't absorb heat in a dome for long, as he has no where to fire it but directly in the ground, which can only last for so long.

Weapon: Messer uses a pair of gloves reconstructed by himself, stretching back almost to his elbows. They have slight armoring, just enough to keep him from hurting his hand while fighting. Being old fashioned War Gloves, they incorporate spring loaded spikes into the front, which Messer improved a bit to make use of more modern Technology. Unfortunately, being old wargloves means that they do occasionally jam when trying to use the spikes. Using new tech, Messer also created a pair of bracers that attach to the gloves, able to move forward and steady his wrist when he throws a punch. They utilize Dust to make his punches incorporate ice, freezing areas of his opponents body with every punch.  Messer uses this to its fullest against serious opponents by taking out joints, freezing the inside by the spikes on the front. This allows him to slow down his opponents movements and range of motion, making them easier to beat the longer the fight goes on.


-Messer is based on Bruce Lee, mainly in his speedy fighting style, and his fighting other styles to learn the holes in his style, and improve them.

-Messer's color reference is in his last name. Danam, for Denim blue jeans!

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