Michael Calloway


Michael Calloway

Emblem (1)

Michael's Emblem.

Age - 17

Eye Color - Brown

Hair - Messy black hair*

Weight- 179 pounds


Head - Headphones. Usually around neck.

Torso - Black T-Shirt with Grey and Blue hoodie

Legs - Grey sweat pants with blue belt

Feet - Black and Grey sneakers

Nickname - Mike


Michael is a loner. He usually prefers to stay away from large crowds and be alone. When he does decide to try and interact with people, he's very akward and nervous. He always fears that he'll do something wrong or embarass himself, which he often does. 

Weapons and Abilities

Michael's weapon of choice are two swords that can transform into two powerful pistols. They are called Inferno Strikers.


Michael's weapon in sword form.

They are each powered by a rechargable dust crystal. The two pistols shoot short bursts of blue fire, which is caused by the high temperature of the flame. The two swords are about 8 pounds each in weight. Michael puts them away by putting them in pistol mode and putting them each in one in a gun holster on each of his sides.


Michael had a rough childhood. He never knew his mother and his father refused to tell him what happened to her. His father worked as a dust miner which left Michael alone very often. Michael would leave the house when he was alone and walk the streets at night. When Michael turned 13, his father gave him his two weapons, 'Inferno Strikers'.

When Michael's father died in a mining accident when Michael was just 14, he was adopted by the Calloway family, a family known for their extraordinary skill in fighting and weapon engineering. For the next 3 years of his life, Michael took private combat lessons. He became extremely skilled with his swords, but didn't think of himself as very good. When his adopted parents submitted an application to Beacon Academy for him, he thought he would surely be denied. But to Michael's surprise, he was accepted.

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