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If you expect me to just sit here and do nothing then you are sorely mistaken.
— Micheal Korry to his parents before he leaves for Beacon

Micheal Korry
Age 17
Nickname The Lightning Spear
Status Active
Color Cobalt Blue
Gender Male
Race Human
Hair Straight Blond
Eyes Cobalt Blue
Height 5'11"
Weight 175 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Elise Korry
Additional Info
Emblem Lightning Spear Emblem
Character Theme

Foo Fighters - Long Road To Ruin



Head: no head gear.

Torso: a blue tshirt under a black jacket with his symbol stamped on the back in blue

Legs: regular black pants made from linen

Feet: black dress shoes that he costum designed for comfort and combat

Accessories: An ammunition belt holding 30 rounds of ammunition


Micheal korry is the heir to the Korry household, a noble famliy that was charged with the keeping and recording of history in the world. Growing up Micheal read a lot as required by his family so he could obtain as much knowledge as possible so he can do his job when he comes of age. His family had an extremely large library and it had books on practically every subject known to man. While being trained Micheal began to hate his parents. They only cared about the family legacy and never what he wanted. However, Micheal excelled in his studies and the serving staff and visiting dignitaries all called him a prodigy.

By age ten, Micheal knew practically everything about history and wanted to be trained in other things. When he confronted his parents with this information they would not saying his role in life is to sit, oberserve and record. Such is the legacy of the House of Korry, the recorders of history. Micheal, however, was not content with sitting and recording history from his home told to him by word of mouth. He enjoyed the recording of history but instead of just sitting around having soemone tell him what to record he would rather be on the front lines in the thick of the action recording everything he sees.

So in secret Micheal began training in the art war. He read manuals on stragetgy and hired masters of combat to teach him, and he did all of this without his parents founding out. During this time Micheal studied other subjects that he took interest in and learned many things. Six years into his training he designed his own weapon using his vast amount of knowlegde. Finally at seventeen he applied to Beacon and was excepted. confronting his parents for a second time he revealed everything that he had been doing. They forbade him from going to Beacon and instead offered him a purposal of marrying an heiress of some big corporation. Micheal steadily decline the marriage offer and said they no longer had any say in what he did now that he had come of age. Leaving his home he now is a student at Beacon Academy.

Weapons and Abilities

Micheal wields the Single Shot Dust Action Rifle Spear. This is named Gungnir.

Gungnir AMR snapshot

Gungnir in Rifle mode Modeling by BMS111

Gungnir has electric abilities due to an engraving on the spears shaft. This engraving says, Knowledge is power. Through extensive practice Micheal has made it so that it rarely ever misses when he or another experienced marksman is wielding it. It has 2 forms, Rifle and Spear. Both forms have range capabilites however the spear form is used mostly for close quarters fighting. When in spear form Gungnir has electric capabilites that Micheal can use to paralyze his opponent's body depending on where the spear hits. He does this by using its electric abilities to shoot electricity in a short burst through his opponents body to temporaily disrupt the nerves in the affect area paralyzing it. For example if Micheal hits someone in the shoulder and disrupts the nerves that person will no longer be able to move their shoulder and in turn their whole arm. Through trial and error Micheal has discovered this effect will last for about 1 hour. Gungnir also has the abilitiy to shoot lightning when in spear form and can also redirect it by acting like a lightning rod.

Gungnir in spear form

When in rifle form Micheal will hang back and shoot at his opponents from a distance of most hunting rifles. So about 150 yards give or take. Micheal has designed Gungnir so that it is only a single shot rifle so he can reload rounds depending on the situation. He has three types of rounds and each one is designed for a different situation. Each round is Dust powered and they have different effects. He has ten rounds for each different type and 30 rounds in total.

The first are thunder rounds. These are used to so that they can create a distraction by making a sound as loud as thunder when shot.

The second are lightning rounds. These are used so they can deal massive damage. They travel with the speed and power of lightning and can be used in various ways.

The third and final round is an electricity round. This round is used for paralyzing opponents by delivering a high voltage shock that will temoraily paralyze an opponent.

Finally we have Micheal's Aura. Micheal's Aura consists of a crackling blue energy that he can use for various things. The first and most common use is to surrond his body in it and use it to break through stuff like walls or trees. The other use is a detection method. He can use his Aura to detect the natural electric field given off by any living thing.

Micheal, however does have a single attack that he can use with a combination of his Aura and Gungnir. He calls this attack Lightning Javelin. By using his Aura he can surrond Gungnir in electicity and using a mechanism in the back of Gungnir he can throw at an incredible distance and speed. When thrown Gungnir is thrown it will shoot like a bolt of lightning and pierce practically anything that it hits. When thrown, however, it will release sound like thunder leting anything or anyone in the area know he is there. Also there is a major set back using Lightning Javelin. When using it, Gungnir charges up a huge amount of electric energy and whil holding Gungnir Micheal will feel extreme pain from the electric current. This results in him being able to hold onto Gungnir for only a small amount of time before he has to release it and being extreme spent when he does release Gungnir. 

Personality and Miscellaneous

Micheal is an observer, because of what his parents drilled into him he sits mostly on the side lines observing and recording what is happening. When he does fight he doesn't have any problem with killing to complete the task at hand. This has led him to have a detached personna making him seem uninterested and indifferent to many things that happen around him when he is really recording everything that happens in his mind to right down later. This is because even though he doesnt admit it he enjoys the recording of history as his family legacy and does it with pleasure.

Micheal lived a sheltered life when he was being trained by his parents and as a result is somewhat anti-social never having actually interacted with people his own age. However he will interact with people of any age to find out any information he can on anything he takes interest in.

Micheal is a strategist. He prefers hanging back to analyze the battlefield and coming up with a way to finish a fight as quickly and efficiently as possible. This includes sacrificing lives as he doesn't value the life of a human being, even his own life is insignificant to him when he plans out the winning strategy.

Finally he cant stand the destruction of ancient ruins or artifacts that played some role in history. He sees this as an unforgiveable act and will punish anyone who even attempts to harm something of the nature.  

Mythological Reference: 

Gungnir is a spear from norse mythology that will never miss and always kills whatever it hits. It is wielded by Odin Allfather the king of the Norse Pantheon.

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