Karen Victor
"OK, I'll admit, my methods are a bit... Unusual.  But nothing is too extreme in the pursuit of science.  Besides, if I can get you guys what you need, what does it matter?"

Midori, explaining her research to her team

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  • Name: Midori Victor
  • Nickname: Crazy (Comes from Silver) Miri, Dori (What everyone else calls her)
  • Species: Human
  • Ethnicity (Relative): Japanese
  • Age: 17
  • Height: 5'10"
  • Weight: 140 lbs.
  • Hair: Black
  • Eye: Green
  • Emblem Color: Green and gray
  • Emblem: Two electric dynamos with a bolt of electricity running between them
  • Birthday: February 12th
  • Profession: Amateur scientist (Currently), Beacon Academy Student (Currently)
  • Likes: Coffee (Borders on addiction), psycho-analyzing her teammates, inventing new gadgets, her goggles, making new discoveries, and (Of course) SCIENCE!
  • Dislikes: Moral judgements on her experiments, when her experiments don't give her the results she wants, being interrupted, heights, decaf coffee
  • Weapon: Lightning Rod (Dust-powered customizable electrified staff)
  • Semblence: Rubber Skin
  • Affiliation: Team SCRM
  • Partner: Ciarán Abraham
  • Theme Song: Young Frankenstein
  • Battle Theme:


"It's not exactly easy to find a lab-coat that's water-proof, acid-proof, fire-resistant, AND machine washable.  Which is why I didn't; consequently, can I borrow some cash for the dry cleaner?"

Midori, on her appearance

Midori isn't the kind of person that worries a lot over her appearance; she prefers to dress pragmatically, and her appearance to her is only incidental.  Primarily, Midori wears a white lab coat with a green tint to it, a pair of green khakis, and a pair of pair of white boots, with the same green tint as her jacket.  The pocket protector on her coat also has her symbol on it, and the coat is resistant to the materials and chemicals that Midori typically works with.

For her convenience, Midori keeps her hair in a ponytail that's roughly shoulder-length, and keeps her staff in a clip on her waist.  Midori's big trademark though, is her goggles.  Two wide-rimmed goggles with a spiral pattern on them, the goggles are a miniaturized computer and HUD for all the knowledge she needs on the go: binoculars, threat assessment, thermal vision, etc.  Her right eye is also a robotic replacement, that acts both as normal functioning eye, and a powerful microscope, which she uses when making precise movements and measurements.


"Woman, for how crazy you are, you should be a LOT hotter."

Silver, on Midori's personality

Between Midori's machine-like focus and determination, her disregard for safety and health regulations, her undying drive for knowledge, and her habitual electrocution of Grimm (And more than one humanoid), most people would assume Midori is totally, irrevocably, crazy.

Most people would be correct.

Midori considers herself, first and foremost, a scientist, without all those "pesky" laws and moral concerns most people would (In fact, she's described herself as a "Mad Scientist").  To her, the ends totally justify the means, and does whatever she feels is necessary to achieve them.  The problem is what she deems necessary and what other people would feel is necessary is almost always at odds.  Now, that's not to say she intentionally works against other people, it is just happens that Midori goes against people more often than working with them.  Even then, Midori is not easy to work with, though it is possible for her to work effectively with others if they are at least as determined as she is to win, which is why she's able to work with her teammates so well (At least in a combat capacity).

Midori's self-reliance and drive to win at any cost stems from her childhood, where, as the youngest of 7 who all excelled in their fields, two of which were also Hunters, and she needed to find a way to stand out amongst her siblings, since in her home, her parents' love was earned, not given freely.  This also ties into her love of coffee; she loves to keep working, and constantly keeps drinking coffee to give herself more time to get more things done.

So, all this considered, why does Midori want to be a Huntress?  For her, it's less about helping people, and more an experiment to study Grimm in capacities no one ever has before, and learn more about their habits and biology to further man's understanding of Grimm.

On an inter-personal level, Midori can be a good friend, the problem is she doesn't go out of her way to make them.  She is pleasant to be around, and can be very helpful, but she still can treat her friends like lab rats.  Mostly Silver.

Weapons & Abilities

"Why stab or shoot things when you can electrocute them?"

Midori, on the Lightning Rod

  • Lightning Rod- Midori's weapon of choice, a collapsible white staff, approximately 6 feet when in use, 2 feet when not in use, infused with electrical dust.  It has an insulated grip, with room for both her hands, and a button to activate the electrified Dust, that she can slide along the staff, and she usually keeps it either near the bottom of the staff, for when she's being offensive, and near the middle when defending.  Her fighting style is mostly to keep her opponents as far away from her as possible, and electrify them to incapacitate them.  Prolonged exposure to the electrified staff will eventually kill her targets, but the time it takes to fry a human's brain and an Ursa's is totally different.  The Dust infusion was mainly to supplant her combat skills, which despite having done well at Signal, are not as great as her teammate's skills, who've had more application of their combat skills than she has.
  • Memory- Midori has an eidetic memory.  She can remember almost everything she has ever experienced, from an opponet's fighting style, to how their weapon works, down to the wounds she inflicted.  Naturally this also comes into play outside combat, as she can remember virtually everything she's ever experienced, and doesn't let anyone get away with anything. 
  • Semblence- Rubber Skin: Midori's Semblence allows her to store electricity in her body, and release it through hands.  Most often the source of the stored electricity comes from the Lightning Rod, and storing the electricity more or less effortless, but it does put a strain on her body the longer she stores it.  The release of the electricity is also very tiring, and she does her best to store as much as she can before she releases the energy.


"So, between the three of you, you spent your childhoods in a cave, on a deserted island, and a ship with a bunch of murderers and thieves.  And you people call ME  crazy?!"

Midori, on her teammates' childhoods

Midori was the youngest of 7 children (3 brothers and 3 sisters) born to a couple of prestigious scientists, and had a lot of pressure on her to succeed from the day she was born.  It's not that her parents were cruel or abusive, they just didn't pay her much attention unless she did something impressive, which was even harder when she had 6 brothers and sisters who were at the head of their respective fields.  She also didn't get much attention from her siblings either; with the exception of the 2nd youngest, her brother Damian.  The two were only born a year apart, and were nearly inseparable for most of their childhoods.  The two drove each other to do better, and were often in a friendly competition with each other to see who was the smarter.  Midori liked to study biology, and taught that to her brother, who in return taught Midori about engineering, which became he second area of expertise after biology.  To try to get an edge, Midori became an avid reader early on, and was already reading scientific journals by the time she was 8.  

When she was 10, it was through one of these journals that Midori found the inspiration for the research that she was sure would set her apart from her brothers and sisters.  The article in question described some rudimentary findings about Grimm physiology and reproduction.  However, because the article described it was almost impossible to keep Grimm in captivity, studying them accurately was, problematic at best.  Midori then knew that if she became a Huntress, she would be able to study Grimm up close and personal, and would have a chance to make discoveries with potential to shake man's fundamental understanding of Grimm.  She then resolved to become a Huntress, and began to start shaping her body as well as her mind. 

Midori was accepted to Signal when she was 13, and had a more difficult time than most of her peers did.  She excelled in her academic studies, but lagged behind in her combat abilities.  She didn't have any major fundamental problems with her training, she just was never able to be as proficient in combat as the other students in her class were.  But she did find that she was very skilled in utilizing her Semblence, and designed her weapon around using it as much as possible.  The Lightning Rod's design compensated for her shortcomings, and allowed her to keep up with the rest of her class.  She was never quite as good as some of her classmates were, but she was still a skilled warrior who did the best she could with the resources she had.  

Midori was kind of off-putting during her time at Signal, and her drive really kept her from making many friends during her stay.  Midori didn't mind though, as she felt that if too many people were around, it would just interfere with her research and ultimate plan.  When time came for her to apply to Beacon, she almost missed getting in from her less-than stellar combat skills, but her outstanding grades did eventually pull her through.

And now that she finally arrived at Beacon, Midori is so excited to finally have a chance to study Grimm up-close for the first time in her life, and is very eager to make some scientific discoveries and inventions that will cement her name as one of the greatest scientists in history.


  • Silver Jameson: While Midori and Silver have a mutual respect for each other, Midori is the first person that Silver may actually fear in his life. Silver, having spent most of his life at sea, has had numerous illnesses that he has overcome, and as result of this strong immune system, Midori feels that Silver would make the perfect test subject whenever she needs to test a new experiment on humans. While there hasn't been anything Silver can't handle YET, Silver still runs and hides whenever Midori announces she has a new experiment in progress.
  • Ciarán Abraham: As Ciarán's partner, Midori is the teammate Ciarán relies on the most.  They have a mutual trust and respect, and Midori knows the most about the monsters Ciarán hunts (besides Ciarán himself).  Ciarán in turn, brings back "ingredients" from his hunts that Midori needs for her various experiments.  While these experiments tend to scare Silver, Ciarán's training allowed him to see the necessity of Midori's work.
  • Rowan Crusoe: Midori and Rowan have a very sister-like relationship, with both being the first real female friend of the same age either has had in their life.  Rowan often volunteers to help with Midori's experiments, and Midori in turn sees Rowan as a reliable partner in her research, if not quite as technically adept as Midori herself.


"God, what does it take for a mad scientist to get a Doomsday Machine these days?!... Why are you guys looking at me like that?  Our right to bear Doomsday weapons is what separates us from those socialistic Atlas-ites!"

Midori, on her constitutional rights

"I know I put that beaker of nitroglycerin somewhere... Eh, it'll turn up."

Midori, on her poor organization skills

"Silver, were you ever vaccinated for the chicken pox?"  "What happens to me when I answer?"  "If yes, the most you have to worry about is a cold for a few days.  If no, then most likely explosive diarrhea."  "And if I say I'm not participating?"  "Then you can expect to go blind tomorrow."

Midori and Silver before one of her experiments

"Ciarán, I think you overestimate how scary you actually are.  Really, who's afraid of the big, bad Bat?"  "I've seen people run away from my shadow."  "Interesting.  Can I observe you on one of your patrols?"  "Not a chance."

Midori and Ciarán on the effects of fear

"Rowan, I need to take a blood sample from you."  "Sure, what's it for?"  "I'm trying to see if I can weaponize human blood."  "Why?"  "Science doesn't ask 'why'!"

Rowan assisting Midori

"Silver, are you attached to your hair?"  "Considerably!"  "Well, that'll be a problem."

Midori and Silver before one of her experiments

"Midori, can you make me some kind of retractable grappling hook with a rope strong enough to hold my weight?"  "Possibly, given enough time.  What do you need it for?"  "You're smart.  You tell ME how much time climbing up and down the sides of buildings wastes every night."  "Point taken."

Midori and Ciarán discussing new equipment

"Scalpel.  Pliers.  Tweezers."  "Miri, what are you hoping to learn from an Ursa's stomach?"  "With any luck, I can learn what its diet was before you chopped its head off."

Midori and Rowan during an experiment


  • All members of Team SCRM are allusions to one or more characters from adventure and horror novels.  Midori in an allusion to Dr. Victor Frankenstein from Frankenstein
  • In addition, all members of Team SCRM also have some form of scar or physical deformity.  Midori has replaced her right eye with a robotic eye, which she mostly uses as a built in microscope, both for examining specimens and performing precise measurements and movements during her work.
  • "Midori" is a Japanese female name meaning "green".
  • Midori is able to notice things that should be painfully obvious, but nobody seems to notice.  For example, she's one of the few people at Beacon to notice that the students at Beacon have a disproportionately high amount of dead parents and/or siblings.  This perception does not seem to apply to her own experiments and plans, however.
  • Midori has blueprints for a proportional, non-thinking life form built from the remains of human corpses, and plans for something called "World Domination Through a Re-Animated Army".  It's probably nothing to worry about, though.

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