Stability under pressure.

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Mind Carve is the Engelnacht Family's both a form of mental torture and a strenuous memory game inspired from the Scharfsinnhardt's hereditary Semblance and Eidetic memory, an ability to recall images, sounds, or objects in memory after only a few instances of exposure, with high precision for some time after exposure, without using mnemonics. The family has been practicing this for a long time in molding criminals, whom they're tasked to deal with by Black Order Battalion, into loyal agents of the family. The Engelnachts also practice this in their own kin.

One's brain is forced to memorize what the five senses perceive in fast-paced environment & to swiftly recall what was memorized and stored in short-term memory or, in some cases, long-term memory. Severe punishment is inflicted upon to the criminals who weren't able to do this in their second try and will be tortured until they were able to recall what they were told to memorize with at least 10% accuracy. If they answered correctly, they will be rewarded with euphoriants in low dosages, food and water before undergoing forced memorization again. This is done to create secret agents for gathering intelligence, counterintelligence, pawns, and developing them into assassins.

As for the core members of the family, they do not receive physical punishment when they didn't recall correctly. Instead, they are forced to memorize more like poems, flower scents, chemical formulas, random order of numbers, and many things aside from fast-paced environment as punishment. Things that will be memorized will be less and less when the person is able to memorize the current and the previous ones correctly. They are also trained more to memorize enemies' positions and then quickly read, predict, and calculate enemies' all possible movements under pressure in a short span of time. This is like a form of "carving" of the brain and is deemed painful and exhausting.

The end goal is to enhance the person's five senses, focus, observation skills, memorizing skills, recalling skills, and quick thinking skills.



  • This is also called Mock Eidetic Memory.

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