Money makes the world go round. It's just the way it is.
— Mint Sparrow

Mint Sparrow
Age 17
Title Blade Tempest
Alias Merchant of Death
Status Active
Color Mint
Gender Female
Handedness Dual Dexterity (Right hand used for writing)
Hair White
Eyes Green
Height 142.2 cm
Weight 43 kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Partner Nuss Kracher
Occupation Student/Merchant
Personal Status
Relatives Parents
  • Jade Sparrow (Father)
  • Magnolia Sparrow (Mother)
Additional Info
Special Skills
  • Wide Range
  • Trustworthy
  • Short
  • Low Stamina
  • Naive
Character Theme

Vain and His Pleasant Friends (Mana-Khemia)
Battle Theme

Marginal Beast (Legend of Mana)
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Mint Sparrow is a student of Beacon Academy. She's the third member of Team SLMN. Having been from a former travelling merchant family, she had some experience in running a shop.

Current Revision: Alpha


Mint is very short, which she inherited from her father. She has short, unkempt hair.

She wears a blue frilly vest and a white one-sided mid-length skirt. Her skirt has blue markings in it resembling a leaf. She has gauntlets where her weapon is contained. She also has a very intricate and frilly hat. To finish, she wears sandals.


Mint is strong-willed and courageous, never backing down from any challenge that comes in her way. She's skilled in making friends and has often been an esteemed companion for some. When one wishes to keep a secret, Mint is someone that can be trusted in keeping it.

She's also infamous for being a sly talker. Having learned her father's bargaining skills, she can always talk a deal out of someone when the situation calls for it. Though she has earned a lot of friends, she has earned a lot of enemies in a business standpoint.

One of her notable traits is her pragmatic methods of trumping competition. She will resort to false advertisement, threatening of competitions and even straight out stealing other products.

Despite this, she's not greedy, she just doesn't like competition. Her goal is to be successful, not to earn money.

Weapons and Abilities

Mint is an amateur user of Divas Virtus, having learned the very basic from her uncle. As such, she only knows how to use a minimum amount of her Aura in tandem with it.

However, martial arts isn't Mint's main specialty. Her weapon of choice is a Switch Blade Chain-Trirang (SBCT) called Tempest Triad. It is a pair of three bladed knives that are attached by a small chain on a set of gauntlets Mint wears. A button on the bottom of the handle splits the knife into three sections and becomes a bladed boomerang. The boomerang can be detached from the chain or can be used in tandem with it, becoming a pair of bladed yo-yos.

Mint herself uses the knives in close range, being skilled in quick, and fatal strikes. She can down a Beowolf in a single blow given the ample time. Only a Beowolf though, her knives aren't long enough to pierce the vital spot of other Grimms. The main flaw of her fighting style is that it's tiring to use, draining her already below-average stamina in heated fights.

Her aura glows white, though she has a below average amount compared to most hunters.


Mint is born at the time her father settled down in the kingdom of Mistral.

At an early age, she was trained in the basics of Divas Virtus by her uncle, who visited for a short time.

When she was 12, their shop was robbed, and she was the only one inside. She succeeded in driving away the shoplifter, but sustained some injuries, causing her to be hospitalized afterwards.

Having a talent for fighting, her father allowed her to study in Sanctum in order to learn how to defend herself.

Initially, Mint didn't plan to become a Huntress, she just had a desire to learn how to fight in order to help out her family in case they ever get robbed again. His father commissioned a blacksmith to forge Mint's weapon, which is a set of knives tied to a gauntlet, the Switch Blade Chain-Cutter (SBCC), Gale Blade.

Some time later, there's been a certain red-haired athlete that's been gaining popularity as of late: Pyrrha Nikos. It's from the talks of her classmate that Mint found out that Pyrrha was gonna become a Huntress in Beacon once she graduates.

Now curious about Beacon, Mint asked her mother, a retired Huntress, about it. After her mother explained to her what a Hunter is, a new desire emerged within her.

She wants to become a Huntress, not just to defend her family's shop, but to expand it worldwide, which required travelling outside the kingdoms. With her new vigor, she trained more diligently, eventually upgrading the knives in her weapon, turning them more lethal and deadly. The Switch Blade Chain-Trirang (SBCT), Tempest Triad.

Mint then joined the Mistral Regional Tournament in her third year, where she fought the heir of the Prime family, Lime and won. She lost before the semi-finals, unfortunately. She joined the tournament next year as well, though she didn't win either.

Her loss doesn't concern her, because the experience she gained fighting against fellow students have taught her a lot.

After graduating, she bid her farewell to her family. She set her sights for Vale, where Beacon awaits. Where her future team awaits.

She applied for scholarship due to her knowledge of Divas Virtus, but was rejected when her skills proved underwhelming. Due to the insufficient money she had once she arrived in Vale, she started doing small time businesses around the kingdom to earn the money she needed to enroll to Beacon. 

This pushed her into a more darker territory of business, as she earned money far faster doing shady work than honest work, and she was good at it. She managed to earn more than enough money to enroll to Beacon two times over before the semester even began.

Once there, she plans to start a small shop in-campus that sells random merchandise. And she's gonna outsell any competition that gets in her way.

"Oh don't mind me, just business. I don't want any competition, is all."

Additional (yet irrelevant) Information

Weapon: Tempest Triad (Switch Blade Chain-Trirang)

  • An upgraded version of Mint's older weapon, the Switch Blade Chain-Cutter (SBCC), Gale Blade. The knives have been modified to have three blades, which is like a thick knife in width. The knives themselves are connected by the button on it's handle to the chain.

Accessories: Hat

  • A very intricate hat. Words fail to describe it's gloriousness.

Alignment: True Neutral

  • She's a nice person at heart. However, having a very entrepreneur mindset tends to make her do some very questionable activities to make profit.

Likes: Fish, Bacon, Wind Chimes

  • She has a love for fish. Not eating them, watching them.
  • BACON. What she views as probably the greatest food in existence. She's not far-off.
  • She often keeps watch of their shop, and the wind chime her parents placed is her most beloved sound because it means only one thing: Potential customers!

Dislikes: Mango, Thieves, Lies

  • She generally likes fruit. But for some reason, she doesn't like mangoes. She hasn't even tried it.
  • Being a merchant at heart, she hates thieves.
  • She despises lies. Though, the times she's been lied upon are short in number.

RPG Stats:

  • Class: Chain Rogue
  • Strength: C
  • Defense: D
  • Dust Usage: F
  • Aura Usage E
  • Dust Resistance: F
  • Speed: B
  • Evasion: S
  • Luck: A


  • Mint was originally named Milk. But... that felt awkward so I changed it into Mint.
  • Initially a very naive person, as character development occurred, Mint turned into a corrupt shopkeeper instead.
  • Merchant of Death is a reference to Weisheit the Death Merchant, from Wild Arms XF, who sells advanced weaponry to the main kingdom setting of the game.

Name Applicable to Remnant?

  • Mint refers to both the color and the candy of the same name.

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