Fate is a harsh mistress.
— Miryam Lucifer

Miryam Lucifer
Age 45
Title High Executioner
Alias Valkyrie of Cerulean
Status Active
Color White
Gender Female
Handedness Right-handed
Hair Black with white streaks
Eyes Blue with purple on the iris
Semblance Spiritus
Height 210.7 cm
Weight 104.5 kg
Professional Status
Affiliation None
Partner Xanadu Kuroha
Occupation Clan Leader
Additional Info
Special Skills  ???
Weaknesses  ???
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Miryam Lucifer (Commonly referred to as Lady Lucifer) is the leader of the Lucifer clan and a prominent student who graduated from Beacon Academy. She's known as The High Executioner to many for her formidable skills. She's the former team leader of Team LAUX, composed of her, Arya, Usha and Xanadu.

Current Revision: Alpha


One of her recognizeable traits is her height, which nearly reaches 7 feet. Miryam has unkempt short hair, with bandages over most of her face, hiding her badly scarred left eye.

Her general attire is a white robe with crimson markings. She wears a Dust-infused glove over her right hand where the Lucifer clan family emblem is seen. She wears thigh-high socks and leather boots engraved with similar crimson markings.

Her combat attire consists of a scarlet valkyrie-style armor with rune-like markings over a silk dress. Her boots are replaced with sandals for easier mobility.


Lucifer is very level minded, having a rather authorative attitude. She has a noble aura, speaking in a rather sophisticated tone fitting for her status as the leader of the Lucifer clan.

As of late, she has been reclusive, speaking only to those who require her needed attention. She doesn't like small talk. Miryam also hates it if her opinion is challenged.

She's abusive of her power as well, willing to take advantage of her fellow clan members in order to get what she wants. Her only moral code is that she won't kill blood relatives.

Weapons and Abilities

Lucifer does not have any natural talent, compensating by learning many fields of combat instead. Her skills are hampered by her difficult-to-use weapon, the Twin Attachment Dust Swords (TADS), Wing Armageddon.

She specializes in mid-range combat, capable of using her weapon both as a pair of gunblades, a double bladed saber, as well as a bow-like weapon that rapidly shoots

Dust. Though fairly good with the weapon overall, due to it's drastically versatile forms, she has no mastery over all three states. The valkyrie is at her most dangerous when in close range, as one of her key skills is her agility in combat.

She wears a glove infused with modified fire Dust, allowing the manipulation of blue fire. Its capabilities are limited due to her only using a few amount in her glove. It only allows her to perform short-range bursts of flames, pillar of fires and enchanting her weapon with elemental properties.

Her semblance is Spiritus, which allows her to form a spherical glyph around herself to block Dust-based attacks, or nullify Dust-empowered strikes, rendering them un-enchanted. However, normal attacks can easily go through it. Though useful for defense, it can be used as a method to knock back nearby enemies if they're too close for comfort. However, Miryam can only deploy it for a whole minute before it takes a toll on her Aura.

Her combat studies had the merit of giving her an edge as a tactician, which eventually evolved into leadership skills. Coupled with her personality, she eventually found that her main talent is leading others.


A heir to the Lucifer clan, Miryam was always strict in performing her duties. In an early age, she was shown to not have any natural talent in combat, requiring her to work extra hard to attain the same level of competence of most of her predecessors.

Once she was of age, she went to Signal Academy to hone her combat skill and eventually become a Huntress.

To further train herself, she forged a very difficult to learn weapon, which even at the present day, she still hasn't mastered. It made her school days absurdly rough. By the time she graduated Signal, she still hadn't perfected her fighting style, leaving it half-complete.

Arriving into Beacon some days later, she met a talented girl named Xanadu, who eventually became her teammate. Along the way, they were paired with two others, namely Arya and her partner, Usha.

Ozpin then paired them to become Team LAUX. Assigning Lucifer as the leader, much to the surprise of the other members.

To catch up with her infinitely superior teammates, Lucifer studied harder than all of them, striving to surpass them in knowledge, rather than skill. It eventually payed off, when she discovered her natural talent in leadership.

For three years, they worked together to become one of the best team in Beacon... until a particular incident had resulted in the end of half their team.

During a mission to slay a pack of Narasimhas, Arya and Usha were separated from Lucifer and Xanadu and had their scroll destroyed during the battle.

In the upcoming weeks, with the help of other teams, they looked for the two of them but never found them. Arya and Usha were eventually labeled as KIA. The team was a few months away from graduation, and since both Miryam and Xanadu were skilled enough, they weren't re-assigned into a new team.

Soon enough, they graduated and went their separate ways, with Miryam succeeding her mother in Windstorm Valley. A year later, she would get married to a prominent Huntsman she was friends with during her days in Beacon.

Age 26, she would give birth to Livana Lucifer, her daughter and the next in line to succeed the Lucifer clan. Come three years and Miryam's husband was murdered by a fellow Huntsman during a mass Grimm extermination near Yamato Village. The culprit was supposedly a longtime rival of her husband. This drove her into depression, causing her to be rather ineffective in her duties to the clan. Several months pass and the elders of the clan had voted for her to leave her duties as leader of the clan. Coupled with her depression, this had a severe effect in her mind.

Thus began Miryam's downfall. First, the Celestial Reaper, a weapon that was forged for Livana by the greatest minds of the clan, was stolen, then the next in line to replace Miryam, had himself killed while hunting for Grimm, and lastly, the murderer of Miryam's husband disappeared.

Taking an airjet, Lucifer planned to fly away to the Mistral Regions with her daughter to start a new life, but was shot down in the middle of the night. The airship was mostly destroyed before it landed in Emerald Forest. Livana was mostly intact, save for a severe concussion to her head, which likely gave her amnesia and rendered her comatose. Lucifer, however, received a deep cut from her left eye, towards her cheeks, rendering her left eye blind.

But it did give her some clarity. With the way she is now, she can't protect Livana anymore.

For a while, she stayed alongside Livana in the Emerald Forest, nursing her daughter back to health. After a week, Miryam searched for the abandoned temple where the relics were placed. It was almost the start of the new semester in Beacon and there were most likely some future Hunters who will find Livana. Leaving behind the Celestial Reaper and her own daughter, Lucifer left.

Her reasoning was that Livana could live a more comfortable life without being tied by the responsibilities of the Lucifer clan. She trusted that Beacon would at least let her choose her own path in life, rather than being bounded by a duty.

Knowing that Livana is in good hands, Lucifer returned to Windstorm to re-establish her role as the leader of the clan, showing the same level of competence that she had prior to her downfall.

No longer bounded by anything, she was more drastic in her decisions, forcing multiple changes over the clan structure, and establishing herself as the one with the highest authority. Many were unhappy with the change, but can do nothing, as there was no one else who can replace her.

By this point, she earned the title of High Executioner for her totalitarian ways.

Until a blue-haired child enters the fray...

Additional (yet irrelevant) Information

Weapon: Wing Armageddon (Twin Attachment Dust Swords)

  • A pair of gunblades that can combine to become a double-sided sword with a bow-like design. A very difficult to learn weapon.

Accessories: n/a

Alignment: Lawful Evil

  • She holds authority in high regard. Perhaps too high, as she views absolute dominion where no one opposes her view as supreme order.

Likes: ???

Dislikes: ???

RPG Stats:

  • Class: Leader
  • Strength: B+
  • Defense: B+
  • Dust Usage: B+
  • Aura Usage: B+
  • Semblance Usage: B+
  • Dust Resistance: B+
  • Speed: B+
  • Evasion: B+
  • Luck: B+
  • Charisma: EX


  • Miryam is a combination of the grown up non-RWBY versions of Maki Kuronami(Leadership),Hisei Tokuhana (Blue fire), and Dunkelblau Noname (Double Gunblade) in terms of capabilities.
  • Her alias, Valkyrie of Cerulean serves as a contrast to the alias that Maki would use when she grows up, Valkyrie of Vermilion.
  • Her title, High Executioner, is a double reference to Mae Tamamono once she grows up as well as what Aki Tokuhana refers to himself in his non-RWBY version.
  • Her viewpoint of destroying any opposition to her views is exactly the same as the non-RWBY version of Gwendoline Delacroix.
  • The murder of her husband shares multiple parallels as well as contrasts with the non-RWBY version of Elena Maxwell.
  • Losing everyone important to her (friends, husband, daughter) has parallels with the non-RWBY version of Viper Delacroix, culminating in both taking matters into their own hands.
  • The way she manages to become on par with her teammates is exactly the same as how Melira and Arya manages to become powerful in their non-RWBY version: Studying harder than the rest of their peers.
  • Miryam is a homage to all the characters I made that exists prior to RWBY, if it wasn't obvious.
  • Though unintentional, Miryam's weapon of choice is a mechanical version of Cinder's weapons.
  • Her semblance is essentially similar with Bursts in fighting games when used as a non-defensive maneuver.

Name Applicable to Remnant?

  • Miryam (מִרְיָם) is a Hebrew name from which Mary is derived from. It's meaning is speculated to be "Sea of bitterness", "Rebelliousness" and/or "Wished for child".
  • Miryam's last name, Lucifer, means Bringing Light, and also known as the name of Satan prior to falling from grace.

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