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Misty Rose is a Huntress graduate and member of Team CARM.
Misty Rose
Age 21
Color Misty Rose
Gender Female
Race Human
Semblance Flutter
Professional Status
Team Team CARM
Occupation Huntress




Misty can be described as a carefree individual who at times just goes with the flow of things. You'll find that she carries a positive mindset most of the time, and is always in the mood for a nice outing in town. She's respectful to everyone she encounters, but isn't afraid to speak her mind to anyone who decides to act nasty towards her. If the people she's closest to are being attacked, Misty will gladly stick up for them immediately.

She also has a high sense of loyalty, being extremely grateful to anyone who lends her a hand when necessary. Her level of appreciation varies depending on the situation, like a life debt or paying back a small fee, but the feeling is always genuine.

Besides her cheerful outlook, Misty sometimes struggles with making choices of her own. At times she can be quite indecisive, unable to choose for herself what should be done at the moment. Often she's subjected to second guessing her actions when in this state and always thinks that she'll make the wrong choice, and then will deeply regret it.

Weapon & Abilities

In battle Misty doesn't use a traditional weapon in battles. Instead, she uses the shawl she wears which has Dust sewn into the fabric as a focus for Dust based sorcery.


Misty primarily uses Dust casting methods, and prefers to attack from a distance over close ranged combat. She's experienced in controlling a great amount of different Dust types, but primarily sticks to using Water Dust. Misty is able to surround her arms with the water she conjures to create whips of water when focusing on attacking or grabbing single targets for crowd control. She can even fire a blast of water at her foes to help keep them at bay.

For evasive tactics, she can use her hydrokinetic-like abilities as a means of propulsion to make quick movements in the direction of her choice.

Aura & Semblance

Misty's Aura is a bright pink in color and her Semblance is named "Flutter", which is an offensive type ability in nature. She's able to summon spectral constructs in the form of pink butterflies, that are more than pretty to look at. Alone, they can distract unsuspecting foes with their pleasant appearance who at first glance may believe her ability to be purely useless. However, upon Misty's command, she is able to make the constructs explode to cause damage to her foes or the area itself. The damage is minimal from one butterfly, but if she sends out a swarm, the technique can be a force to fear.

Flutter may also be combined with Dust to alter the effects slightly:

  • Fire: The explosive power increases, and also changes the color of the butterfly to red.
  • Water: By detonating this variation, she can create a shroud of misty to disable vision, akin to a smoke screen. Butterfly's color becomes blue.
  • Ice: The color for this one becomes cyan, and allows her butterflies to bind her opponent's body parts in ice.
  • Wind: The color changes to green for this alteration. The knockback of the explosions is increased greatly; however the damage decreases.
  • Lightning: The color for these become a light yellow, and are used to blind opponents akin to a flash bang.


Being one who fights at a distance, Misty has a lot of trouble countering opponents who manage to get up and personal with her. She will try to get away as quickly as possible, but quicker opponents tend to keep her from getting away. As she wears light clothing, her only means of protection is her Aura whenever fighting alone.




  • Misty Rose is the name of a color variation, the original color generally being "Rose".
  • Her name unintentionally references some of her abilities in combat.
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