It's a pity, I was hoping for a challenge.
— Mizu
Mizu Iyashi
Age 17
Title Illusion Sword, Corrupted Authority
Status Active
Color Purple
Gender Female
Species Human
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Fair
Hair Dark Purple
Eyes Blue-Purple
Semblance Stop Gap
Height 5'6"
Weight 55 kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon, Heavenly Discord
Team WIP
Partner WIP
Additional Info
Likes  Cute People
Dislikes  Those that bring harm to her friends
Special Skills  All-rounder, both academically and on the field, Afterimage
Weaknesses Overconfident, No Specialization, Trips Often
This character is created by Kimiyosis. Picture belongs to Keys.


Mizu would appear to be a rather normal student, with an abnormal air around her. Her casual wear seems to be similar to the school uniform, but of a different color. However, whether it's Beacon's uniform, or her own clothing, the top two buttons on the shirt are always undone.

Her long dark purple hair reaches to wasit, decorated by a yellow ribbon at the side of her head, which trails down on side of her head. It not only compliments her hair, but her blue-ish purple eyes as well.


Calling Mizu overconfident would not be wrong. She will immediately belive that she can beat you, whether intellectually or physically. However, overconfidence does not mean arrogant. If you can prove to her that you can clearly win against her, Mizu would acknowledge you, and not doubt you again.

In combat, her mindset is always about hitting the opponent, and defeating them before they realized what was going on. And if that fails, she fights along the lines of hitting the opponent, while forcing the opponent to be unable to lad a single hit, whether it's because of the afterimages, or because they are on the defensive. Unfortunately, her overconfidence has caused her to underestimate her opponents more times than anyone can count.

Although, when she trips, she has a habit of squeaking 'Mukyu~', or the like, and then pretends nothing happene afterwards.

As a side note, whenever she isn't interacting or watching someone, Mizu can be found reading a novel.


Unlike most, Mizu came from a very ordinary family, who owned a bookstore. If things had went normally, Mizu might have never become a Huntress.

It was due to a bunch of hopeful Hunters and Huntresses that were bragging to each other about how they were going to be famous. Mizu, despite being part of a quiet family, held a large amount of pride. So, after hearing those words, she applied for Signal.

After getting in, compared to most students who idolized customized hybrid weaponry, Mizu had wanted the older style weaponry that she read about in books, before acquiring them. Practicing with her weapon, it was by chance she discovered her semblance.

Practicing with her semblance whenever she practiced with her weapons, she adapted to the sudden changes in motion, which was when she became slightly clumsy when not using the semblance.

Afterwards, when she graduated Signal, she applied and was accepted into Beacon.



Combat: In combat, Mizu is out the door the moment a battle would start. Preemptive strike is her method of fighting, landing hits and moving on before the opponent can even retaliate.

In the heat of combat, her fighting style revolves around a more older form, utilizing two non-transforming weapons. A gun in the left hand and a blade in the right, it has raised eyebrows at the appearance. However, it does not raise any question on usability, as Mizu has shown to be apt at crossing blades with an opponent, while simultaneously firing upon another with the gun.

Blades and bullets entwine in attacks, as she focuses on a single target, forcing the opponent onto the defensive only. A problem that would arise from her fighting, would be her weapons. Both weapons are not meant for a drawn out fight, as the blade will break quickly under too much stress, and the sheer fire rate of the gun eats bullets like there's no tomorrow.

Semblance: Unofficially titled "Stop Gap", Mizu's semblance is notorious for being on the more annoying side, utilizing illusions. However, it is not a true illusion, but a more realistic optical illusion.

The semblance revolves around sudden stillness and sudden motion. Basically, when Mizu is running, using the semblance would temporarily stop her motion for half a second, before resuming at the exact same speed she was moving at before.

Though that may sound extremely odd, it makes Mizu a hard target to hit. Reason being, due to having her body motionless for half a second, before moving again, it creates an illusion that Mizu is still standing in the same spot for about two to three seconds.

This is not due to mind control or the like, but plays with biological capabilities. The time that Mizu suddenly stops, the opponent's eyes are still moving, as the mind supports the eyes by thinking, "She is still moving". About a second is wasted, before the eyes register "She stopped", to which the 'illusion', or properly labelled as an afterimage, appears. Yet another second is wasted, before "She's moving again" is registered. By repeatedly using this semblance, one will create a chain of after images, which will most likely cause confusion.

However, this is a flawed semblance. Mizu, who has practice with her semblance enough times to not be affected by the changes in motion, stumbles quite often during normal, slower movement changes. This is the most apparent when she stops using her semblance for more than ten seconds, with her face planting on flat ground.

Non-Combat: Outside of combat, Mizu has a skill, if it can be called so, in tripping randomly. Flat ground, elevators, even up the stairs!


Name: Yari Seppen

Classification: Lightweight Tempered Inclined Katana(LTIK)

Location: Sheathed on the waist, hanging from the left side.

Name: Kyuu Dageki

Classification: Rapid Fire Assault Weapon(RFAW)

Location: Holstered on the left leg, under the skirt.


-'Mizu' translates to water, 'Iyashi' translate to soothing.

-The basis of the semblance revolves around me playing with optical illusions using a pencil, to make it seem flexible.

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