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I'll crush his bones. He can't keep running away from me forever.
— Morgan Branson

Morgan Branson is the cousin and also nemesis of Flanagan Branson. She hates him to the core because of their fathers' rivalry for the Branson Armoury. 

Morgan Branson
Age 17
Nickname Fairy
Status Active
Color Sea Green
Gender Female
Race Human
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team MAUV
Partner Urdina Antzarak
Personal Status
Relatives Flanagan Branson
Gilroy Branson
Rudyard Branson
Additional Info
Dislikes Flanagan Branson
Weaknesses Stubborn, Jealous


Morgan and Flanagan have been at odds every since they had first met each other. Their fathers use to argue all the time due to Armoury inheritance going to one son ever since Great Dunstan Branson died. Gilroy, her father thinks it should be him since he knows a lot more about the business than Rudyard Branson, Flanagan's father. 


Morgan, when not angry with Flanagan, is a competitive girl. She loves competition and makes everything into one. Even when doing regular stuff like homework or walking to class. She is often seen glaring at Flanagan and tries to beat him at anything he is engaged in. She is hilariously awkward when she is found spying on them often by Takehime Natsuki. She just smiles and starts mumbling excuses. Morgan is a terrible liar so Takehime usually just walks away shrugging and shaking her head. This why when lying needs to be done, Urdina Antzarak, her best friend and partner steps in. 

She is a capable leader since her drive is always to be the best. This can get at her team sometimes since they often complain about not taking enough breaks during training. When stress gets to high she has a mental breakdown where she cries and becomes an emotional wreck. This is rare though. 


"I'm...I'm doing nothing. Looking at those...those flowers! Oh, look at your pretty green ribbon! It is really fascinating." -Morgan, telling Takehime why she was spying on them. 

"Flanagan Branson, do you ever shut up?" -Morgan, talking to Flanagan about his long-winded speeches

"Swimming? Where? I want to go! LET'S GO." -Morgan, when she overhears a conversation on the topic of swimming. 


  • Morgan means "sea" and "circle" in Welsh
  • Morgan's color is sea green because she is green with envy of Flanagan. 
  • She is based off of the character "Morgan La Fey ."

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