Grimm Registry Form:

Grimm Classification: Velociraptor

Grimm Title: Morte Rapida

Threat Ranking: D(1-2) S(3-4) SS(4+)

Appearance: They look very similar to a Velociraptor. They are about 8ft long and 5ft tall. They have red Grimm markings all over their body. Each one's slightly different. The only markings they share are teeth shaped ones on their lips and a spiral going down the tail. They are very muscular and have a 9in claw located in the same place as a normal velociraptor's.

Ability: Their intelligence, they are incredibly smart and work very well together in packs. Their toe claw also has a toxin that numbs the body limb that was cut.

  • Strength: Their toe claws, their speed, their pack mentality, their razor sharp claws and teeth.
  • Weakness: They are very easy to take down when you separate one from a pack, they are very sound sensitive so very loud noises stun them, they also don’t like cold temperatures.

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