Mtn arena

Mountain Arena


The Mountain Arena is a large, circular arena located in the western mountains, near Vale. Not only is it a popular tourist attraction, but it is also where a modernized form of glatorial fighting is held. The sport has an enormous fan following in Vale, and many fighters have risen to superstar status. The arena itself can change shape to make a match more interesting. It can grow or retract obstacles. People are specially trained to operate it, however, once in a while, a fan will be selected to operate the arena. Many fighters achieve such fame and glory, that they are offered a large house for them and their families to live in. Since so many people have achieved this, a small town has sprouted up nearby the arena.

The Sport

Matches in the Mountain Arena vary wildly. Some involve simple one on one duels, while others are incredible matches of capture the flag, or team deathmatch. However, it is a family sport. The referees are masters of glyphs that lower a weapon's power. By passing their weapons through these glyphs, even the sharpest blade becomes no worse than a rather dull kitchen knife. No fatalities are allowed in the Arena. However, there are underground Arenas popping up everywhere in vale, where criminals alter the rules. They turn the family-friendly sport into a bloodbath, making fighters square off against Grimm. Weapons are often lethal in these arenas.

Game Modes

-One on One

A single duel. The arena encloses itself to a smaller area. Two fighters participate in a basic duel. A very common game mode. Also the shortest game mode. The first player to either be knocked unconsious or loose all alloted HP is the loser.

-Team DeathMatch

A five on five game mode. The arena is randomized, terrain and obstacles are also completely random. The first team to achieve 10 "kills" is declared the winner. The most popular game mode, and also one of the longest. Famous fighters earn their fame by coming out on top during these matches.

-Capture The Flag

Similar to Team DeathMatch. However, there is no limit to kills. The winning team is the team that achieves three flags. Flags are displayed in the center of the field as holograms. When a team member picks one up, his armor and weaponry become heavier, forcing his teammates to guard him. The flag is displayed on the fighter's health readout. Weapons on the enemy team are modified to be able to steal flags. When a flag is delivered, the team earns a point, and a new flag is displayed at another location between the two bases. These matches can be very short, or they can stretch on for almost an hour.

- Rescue

In this gamemode, a draw is held before the match is set, in which one person in the audience will have their name called out and will participate in the game as the Very Important Personnel/Package (VIP). This VIP will be neutral, allowing either team to take them, and will remain in the middle of the entire arena, not being able to move until captured by one team or the other. When one team has the VIP, they must bring them back to their side and secure them, allowing them to win the match. However, much like the players, the VIP can be "killed", and if so, the match is ended with no victor, and is not recommended that they kill the VIP. Due to this, matches can last from about 15 minutes to a whole 2 hours at a time. For spectators who wish to participate in the match of Rescue, they must pay extra to have their name put into the bail for the draw.

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