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Mute Imperial.
Age 17.
Color Imperial.
Gender Male
Species Fauna.
Hair Imperial.
Eyes Light blue.
Height 5'9.
Professional Status
Jobs Freelance Grimm hunter.


He has imperial coloured hair that goes up to his shoulders and a pair of ferret ears. He has lightweight but sturdy carbon fiber body armour on his upper torso, shoulders and legs with two small rectangular armor plates on his arm. His clothing and armour is a shade of dark grey camo to help him avoid detection as he moves around silently. His clothing underneath his armour is a pair of dark grey camo jeans and a black long sleeve leather jacket and a imperial coloured shirtHe also wears a grey mask that covers his eyeswith a number of small one centimetre wide holes for the eyes.

He has a build slightly thinner than most people and has long legs that help him to run fast.


Due to him being a mute he only can express himself through body movements. He appears to be quite cocky and playful, but he can be serious if he wants to be. He likes challenges and puzzles to test his skills.

Weapons and abilities

Mute has a bazooka and two daggers. The bazooka can be used to help him propel himself towards or away from a enemy. The daggers can be quickly unsheathed for battle and can be thrown at quick speeds.

His CQC fighting style relies more on precision and speed rather than strength to defeat his opponents. He communicates to his teammates by using hand signals. He can use his shields on his arms to block bulls and small explosives.

He has a good martial arts style that helps him whenever he is separated from his weapon and when he needs to dodge a enemys attacks. He has good hearing and can move around quietly.


Mute was pretty much a normal fauna in his early life. He went to combat school so he could become a hunter, but he struggled due to him being a mute and not being able to communicate well with his teachers. He then tried to learn how to use hand signals by watching videos on the internet and ended up being able to communicate better with his classmates.

He then graduated and tried to apply for Beacon, but they turned him down due to him being disabled. He then took up private tutoring to increase his skills and abilities. Afterwards he decided to become a freelance Grimm hunter and he has earned a small fortune for his silent but deadly hunting style.

Notes and trivia

  • His theme song is Kasabian - Fire.
  • Mutes appearance was inspired by a robot from Danball senkii called Caliber and his personality was inspired by Gromit from Wallace and Gromit.
  • Imperial is a shade of purple.

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