I am not 'just another Krys kid'. I am a person in my own right, and you will respect that.
— Mylene Krys

Mylene Krys
Age 18
Color Grey
Gender Female
Race Human
Complexion Pallor-Asian
Hair Bubblegum Pink
Eyes A dull green
Height 5"5 inches
Professional Status
Affiliation Signal Academy Graduate
Team N/A
Occupation Student
Jobs None


Just another Beacon student. With a fondness for every type of candy under the sun. She does not seem very comfortable discussing the subject of her family. She aims to become the best Beacon student of all time.


Mylene is short compared to the rest of her family, and she resents it, automatically disliking anyone who points it out. Her hair, dyed an obnoxiously bright pink, is always neatly parted on the right and tied into neat pigtails that drape over her shoulders. Her eyes are a quite boring grey-green, and she occasionally wears contacts to make her eyes 'prettier'. She is quite thin but does not see the point of compliments concerning her physique.

Her clothes are almost formal. She wears a white button-up shirt with puffy sleeves and a grey high collar trimmed with magenta. There is a large pink button resembling a gumball buttoning her collar together. There are two large teeth attached to this button. It is unknown what they are from. She wears a black waistcoat with three coattails over this, slim grey trousers, black boots with pink straps around them, and grey silk gloves with the palms coloured a slightly less bright pink. She wears pink elbowpads and kneepads, yet does not bother to put on a helmet. She enjoys doodling on herself, and there are several hearts drawn in red marker on her face and up her arms. She wears gumball earrings.


Mylene is rather apathetic to people that she first meets, and will ignore them or try to sound disinterested unless they further pursue a conversation. Then she becomes cold. She sees friends as obstacles that will get in the way of her goal, and she knows that she is not ruthless enough that she would hurt someone to bring herself up, so she tries to stay away from people. She is rather cynical and snide towards people, and it takes a while for her to trust someone. She likes to state that she does not befriend idiots if someone tries to do so, and enjoys insulting those who persist. She is used to being insulted, so she will not be fazed if she is. However, she is not used to taking compliments and is always shocked when she is cast in a good light. Once she gets over the paranoia that the person complimenting her isn't doing so to insult her and hurt her later, she becomes quite friendly. She becomes clingy towards her friends, becoming jealous when they befriend someone else. She still can be rather cold to her friends, but will go to great lengths to protect them when they are in danger. She will never purposely throw herself into danger to defend a friend, but she will avenge them. She is a stickler for the rules, except when she thinks that the rules are stupid. She is quite forgetful at times, especially when she is nervous, and hates being called a teacher's pet. She dislikes those who get along with their siblings, calling them show-offs.


Miracala & Incre

Miracala and Incre are shock gauntlets. They are black in colour and not very streamlined. They are metallic and always have a sort of shine to them. They resemble a pair of very chunky, very large metal gloves that go up to her elbows. They have thin pink lines etched into them that glow when the gauntlets are activated, and there is a heart-shaped hole on each palm of each gauntlet that represents the main power distributor. They are extremely powerful, but also very heavy and hard to use unless the owner has years of experience.


Servus is a whip. Like Miracala and Incre, it is made of metal and black in colour. It is segmented and there is a pink ribbon tied to one end. All in all, it looks a little like the weapon of a 'dark-themed' character from a bad shoujo anime. Servus is used as a 'helper' or 'enhancer' for Miracala and Incre. As the shock gauntlets are extremely close-ranged weapons, Servus extends the range of attack by conducting electricity. The tip of Servus has been replaced by a thin, slightly curved steel blade so it can still be used if the gauntlets short out.

Mylene's weapons are not particularly complicated, as she believes in wielding weapons that she knows will not fall apart during battle due to a mechanical malfunction.




  • The fairytale that Mylene is supposed to be based off of is Cinderella.
  • Her whip is named Servus because it is a mere enhancer or 'servant' for the shock gauntlets.
  • Miracala and Incre are just variations of 'miracle' and 'incredible'. They're called that because it can come as a bit of a surprise that such impractical-looking gauntlets are electric.
  • Mylene has a sister named Aya who supposedly dropped out of Beacon because it was 'too stressful'. She is determined to be twice as good as her sister was and make a name for herself to prove that not everyone in her family is useless.
  • She has several older and younger brothers and sisters. She resents that they will never be good enough to go to Beacon or any type of academy.
  • She wants to learn how to use Dust so she can rely on it as a sort of backup weapon.
  • She loves candy possibly more than she loves people.
  • She has a RP blog (which will probably never be updated buuut) MyleneKrys


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