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I may be unnatural to most, disgusting to some, but I want, and will heal the scars that this world inflicts upon us, no matter how they see me!
— Myrddin Serka

Eimear Kristoff
Age 28
Status Active
Color Seafoam
Gender Female
Race Fauna(?)
Handedness Left handed
Complexion Tanned
Hair Seafoam-blue
Eyes Silver
Height 6"4 / 1.9 Meters
Weight 203 lbs / 92 kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy Staff Member
Team N/A
Occupation Head Nurse of Beacon
Jobs Healer/Nurse

General Info

Myrddin has two kinds of Phobias, they are;

  • Taphophobia- the fear of being buried alive. This is really the only phobia I could find of fear of being trapped.
  • Spectrophobia - The fear of Ghosts and Phantoms

With the second one, honestly any talk about the after life causes her to become really nervous, and with ghosts; she promptly leaves the room to attempt to calm down.


Myrddin seems like a rather simple lady, as she wears no jewelry, nor does she really have any makeup on. However one can tell by a single look that she cares deeply for her long seafoam colored hair. Her skinned is tanned, which shows off her silver eyes in a brighter light. The clothes she wears, or well, cloth are very reminisent of the sea, with wave patterns and color that reflects off them. The sea patterns present themselves on a small white dress with a slanted cut, and off the shoulder styles for her sleeves. At the end of those sleeves is... a rather cloud looking cloud addition to them, making them fairly unique.


Myrddin is a very happy person, one can tell just from the way she walks. She enjoys life very much so. While working, she tends to dance around, unless shes carrying something for a patient. When left alone, she flat out dances and sings, but gets quite embarassed when shes caught, and runs off quite flustered.

However, the main trait of our dear Myrddin, is the fact that she is a hopeless romantic. Boys, Girls, Traps, if she sees them as cute, or finds them with a wonderful personality, she'll get a small puppy crush on them. These never go anywhere though, as shes too embarrassed to do anything, and much too shy.




Myrddin hails from not of the 4 kingdoms, but an island far off from the others. They have dubbed it "The Glade", and its an odd place where Aquatic Faunus thrive. She was the first child of the Local Healer, and a poor Non-Aquatic townfolk, castes which don't commonly intersect with eachother. She was born a bastard, but soon afterwards her parents got married, and made siblings for her. As the First, she had many (WIP)

More to come


  • The fairytale that Myrddin is based off is a combination of the Little Mermaid, and Merlin of King Arthur
  • Try as you might, you can never get her to wear socks. She only wears shoes if nessisary.
  • Has a Tumblr RP blog at LadyMyrddin

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