Please leave the vicinity, things are about to get a bit rough...
— Mystique Tenebra
Mystique Tenebra
Age 17
Color Black
Gender Female
Handedness Ambidextrous
Hair White
Eyes Blue
Height 1.69m
Weight 50kgs
Professional Status
Social Rank Aristocrat
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Cerberus Tenebra
Additional Info
Likes Luxury
Dislikes Being uncomfortable
Special Skills Insulting people, pissing people off
Weaknesses People with higher authority

Mystique Tenebra is a student at Beacon Academy and a member of Team MCST. She claims her goal is to become a famous Huntress in order to amass a greater fortune than she and her family already have. However, she also has another more ambitious motive...


Mystique wears a plethora of expensive accessories including rings, necklaces, a fur coat and bracelets. Most of her attire is black, save for the shining golden jewelry and the pink flourishes on her tights, skirt and dress. She wears long sleeves and thin gloves. Her hair is long and white.


Mystique gives the impression of being a spoiled, high-strung rich girl...which she is. She is arrogant, self centered and a down-right control freak, everything has to be the way she wants it to be. She hates people who exercise greater authority than she does and has a habit of completely destroying the things that she hates. She laughs at others misfortunes, commonly uses inappropriate language and likes to insult others. In battle, she is a bit of a maniac and believes on complete annihilation.


The Atomic Chain Gun Lance "Atomic Blaster" is a large 8 barreled minigun with bladed components on each of the 4 sides of the gun part of the weapon. They spin as the weapon fires and can also shoot outwards, connected by chains, dragging objects in or simply to impale opponents. The shells fired are comparable to normal miniguns (7.62 NATO) but with an added pinch of powdered Black Dust in each shell, making each shot fired slightly explosive. Mystique does not carry an ammunition belt (she claims it "cramps" her "style"), rather the stock of Atomic Blaster is fitted to store all the ammunition required for 10 minutes of consecutive firing. The blades on the sides of the gun head can be fired as well. As they are connected by chains, they will come back after being fired. When Atomic Blaster fires after it's chain blades are released, the chain blades either spin and entangle the target or spin and cause wanton destruction as the blade create a hurricane like effect, cutting up almost everything it happens to touch. When the need arises, Mystique can also be a close range fighter, using Atomic Blaster as a battering ram against enemies. Atomic Blaster's gun barrels do no have to fire to be able to spin. This is to increase the power of Atomic Blaster when used as a melee weapon.

Fighting Style

Mystique is mostly a mid-ranged fighter, preferring to unleash a barrage of bullets at a group of enemies rather than a single one. If the opponent manages to get too close, Atomic Blaster fires its blades, taking advantage of it's ability to ensnare or capture targets.


Born into a wealthy family with high social standards, Mystique lived a rather uneventful, repetitive life. When she turned 13, her father would bring her to business parties to "show her off" to his business partners. As she was expected to be, she was polite, courteous and respectful. And she hated it every moment of it. She never got along with the other girls, preferring to spend her time in solitude. When she turned 14, her father brought her to another one of his business parties. This one had a Huntress attending the ceremony "for protection". Mystique didn't really understand why they needed protection but halfway through the evening, a gang of wanted criminals came gate crashing. A short battle followed, ending in the Huntresses victory. Mystique was inspired by the Huntress' skills and on that day decided that she wanted to become a full fledged Huntress too.

She started to have private lessons in the Huntress and in time, she mastered the theory and the basics. She is currently attending Beacon Academy, where she hopes to graduate and become a successful Huntress.

Author's Notes

  • The image used to represent Mystique is Code Nemesis from the Elsword franchise.
  • Mystique's weapon, the Atomic Blaster, is a reference to the skill of the same name used by Code Nemesis in the 2.5D side scroller MMO, Elsword.

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