These are the members of Team MYTH which this fanfic is about Note they are not finished but will be finished sometime in the near future.

The Fenris Grimm is a product of the twisted mind of Noctum Caeruleus and all rights too it belong to him and him alone. I have recieved permission from him to use this Grimm. 

Summary: A team of Mythic Proportions, members from all four corners of the globe brought together for one purpose. To attend an academy and become some of the best fighters on the planet. The legendary Hunters, defenders of light and slayers of darkness, are what these four strive to become. Now they must work together to graduate from Beacon Academy or else none of them will achieve they dreams.

Chapter 1: Initiation 

Part 1 

Helios was launched from his platform at an incredible speed. Well now, this might be difficult, Helios thought as he descended toward the trees. Putting Eruption in front of him he activated the ring of Dust around the shield and used it to increase his defense. He slammed into the tree, and feeling it begin to give way infront of him, he took out Inferno and activating the Dust crystal in its pommel to cloak it in flame. He then jabbed it into the branch, which was as wide as he was, and stopped his descent.

" Well now that that's over I need to find a partner and get to the ruins, then get back to the cliff." Helios said to himself. Almost as soon as he said that someone crashed onto a tree branch under him. Looking down he saw a girl with black hair getting up. " Well hello down there, guess this means we're partners." 

The girl looked up and Helios saw that her eyes were red. 

"Hi there I'm Morrigan," The girl said  while climbing down the tree. " Are you coming down or are you going to just stay there all day." 

"Oh right," Helios said coming down from the tree. When he got down he asked Morrigan, " So do you know which way we are supposed to be going. Oh and I'm Helios." 

Morrigan sighed, " Yes its this way and nice too meet you." 

After walking for a period of time that felt like an hour the pair came upon the ruins. 

" Hmm, chess pieces well thats interesting." Helios said as he walked up and picked up a black knight. " Well that was easier than i thought." 

Right as he said that two people came barreling out of the woods, one firing shots from a pistol with a whip on it behind him. 

The tall one stopped and grabbed the black knight piece then proceeded to run in the direction of the cliffs. The one firing stopped for a second, looked at us and said, " You may wanna run, like now." He then proceeded to run in the direction of his partner. 

Looking at Morrigan, Helios said, "I wonder what that was about." 

Then right as he said that a Grimm came out of the woods running at a speed that was almost too fast to see. Its large wolf like body had dark bone plates that were glowing a purplish color. One word came to mind when Helios saw what was chasing the other two and was now chasing them, Fenris. Looking at Morrigan, they both shook there heads and had the same thought. 

" RUN!!!" They both shouted at the same time as they turned and began running in the direction of the other two guys. 

Chapter 1: Initiation part 2

Helios and the others were running for there lives. The Fenris Grimm chasing them was one of the rare A ranks that are incredibly hard to kill and would probably injure them significantly. 

" Thank god these things dont hunt in packs," Helios said to the others as they were running. 

" Wait, " said the tell one with blond hair. " Yes, they do actually, they take one mate and have one offspring. Which means that..... damn it!" 

The group stopped seeing their path blocked by another Fenris, this one female. the male one that was chasing them stopped and began a slow approach, as did the female. 

" We are so screwed right now," said the other stranger, this one had black hair. 

Suddenly, Morrigan began to laugh. " This is a perfect test to see how strong we are , why are you all so scared." She reached behind her and drew a longsword that was longer than Helios's own sword.  " Now lets get too it shall we."  

" You are crazy," Helios said as he took out Inferno and strapped on Eruption. He saw the other two guys take out weapons to. The tall blond guy had a hammer and the black haired guy had two whips with pistols for handles. " But maybe crazy is just what we need to win in a situtation like this. By the way, I'm Helios and this is Morrigan." 

The black haired guy looked at him and said " I'm Yhel and this is Thor, nice to meet you, and if we die i can say it probably would've been a pleasure."  

Despite their desperate situation Helios couldn't help but smile. " Well then lets not die, so it can be a pleasure," He said to Yhel.

Then while they were distracted the female Fenris infront of them charged for a head on assualt while the male Frenis slowly approached from behind cutting off their escape. The guy named Thor jumped in front of them and hit the Fenris with his single handed hammer knocking it back. Then Morrigan charged the Fenris behind them a wild look in her red eyes.

" Lets see what your made of Fenris." She said as she collided with the Grimm, that had begun to charge in response to her. Morrigan was pushed back by the strength of the giant wolf like Grimm. " Damn this thing is strong, some help would be nice." 

" Right," Helios said looking at the other two. " Thor you hold that one back, Yhel trap the male with those whips." Activating the dust in the crystal on Inferno Helios charged the Fenris grappling with Morrigan. The male Fenris threw Morrigan in the other direction and charged at Helios. He put forward Eruption to bash the Fenris and stagger  it but was met with a force that pushed him back. Damn it, Helios thought, this thing is strong. Then the weight of the Fenris seemed to be removed as Yhel trapped it with both of his whips. 

" Ha, take that you overgrown mutt." Yhel said with a smile on his face. A smile that soon disappeared as Thor smashed into him with a grunt. The female Fenris was charging again toward the two fallen guys. " Oh no you dont not if I can help it, " Helios said seeing Morrigan charge the male Fenris again. This time he bashed his shield against the female Fenris's head and staggering and dealing some damage as he had activated the Dust ring on Eruption encircling it in fire. The Fenris female was thrown to the ground by his strike. "Yhel trap it now " Helios said as Yhel was getting back up.

" Got it, " Yhel said trapping the female. Morrigan than came flying threw the air, thrown by the male Fenris, and was caught by Thor before she could crash into Yhel and free the female. Helios stepped in the path of the charging male so Thor could finish off the female. He took the charge head on Eruption in front of him blocking the claws and teeth from dealing any harm to his body. However, the overwhelming strength of the Fenris pushed him back as he tried to match his strength with its. Then he felt a shaking and a loud thunder like noise that threw him off his feet and seemed to stagger the male Fenris too. Getting up he saw that Thor's hammer had smashed in the female's head. "Yes, one down two to go." Helios said running over to the others. They all took up a stance facing the male Fenris. Seeing itself outnumbered and outmatched it slowly backed away growling at the four teens. 

" Morrigan de Danaan, Yhel Ravenson, Thor Odinson, and Helios Hyperion, together you four have collected the black knight pieces. Together you four are Team MYTH, your leader is Helios." Ozpin said when all four were gathered on the stage. An applause sounded when their Team name and was said. 

" MYTH huh, i like it," Helios said looking at his teammates, " Alright team MYTH sound off, Helios here." 

" Yhel here, Thor here, Morrigan here," The others said all looking straight at him. 

" Well then, lets all make this an experience we will never forget. " Helios said as the they took their seats and waited for the rest of the Teams to be named. This year is going to be amazing i can already tell, Helios thought listening to the rest of Teams get called.

And so the Story Begins

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