This mountain is the suspected location of Nachtheim

Nachtheim is an ancient, secluded village located on a mountain far to the east of Beacon academy. (Pronounced "Nah-kt-Hi-M")



Nachtheim is located in the eye of a neverending blizzard. This blizzard is so powerful that it constantly changes the environment around the village. Thus far, no explorer from the outside world has ever made it into the village. Only Bergen Blunt, now a student at Beacon, has ever made it out of Nachtheim. However, he will never find his way back, so historians tend to bother him more than explorers. Nachtheim is very advanced agriculturally, as the villagers have a limited amount of land to work with. Every villager is somewhat in tune with the earth, and can tell things about the environment from the soil. Nachtheim villagers are also very superstitious, and most have an inbred fear of Boarbatusks. The architecture found in the village is vaugely German.

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