Everyone should realize that not all beautiful songs have beautiful meanings.
— Nadéa Clara
Nadéa Clara
Age 17
Title The White Swan
Alias White Swan, Nara
Nickname Na-Na

Ugly Duckling (by Vantasia Clara)

Status Active
Color Nadeshiko Pink
Gender Female
Race Human
Born October 13
Handedness Right
Complexion Cosmic latte
Hair Nadeshiko pink
Eyes Seashell
Semblance Gentle Shout
Height 5'3"
Professional Status
Social Rank High Class
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team XANE
Partner Xantho Ricionzo
Occupation Student


Jobs Singer




Personal Status
Relatives Vantasia Clara (sister)

Alba Clara (mother)

Absalom Clara (father)

Additional Info
Likes Romance, Sampaguita, Music (Classical)
Dislikes Cold people, arguments, paparazzi
Special Skills Singing, Acting, Acrobatics
Weaknesses Large crowds (when around/near them)
Character Theme

"Elizabeth" by Gary Schyman (BioShock Infinite OST)
Battle Theme

"Heist" by Lindsey Stirling

Nadéa Clara is a first year student in Beacon Academy and a member of Team XANE. She is also one of the main protagonists of the upcoming fan-fiction novella, Team XANE: Clear Colors. Her weapons of choice are Twin Magnetic Blade Rings (TMBR) known as Bakunawa.


Default Outfit

Nadéa has fair skin of cosmic latte and seashell white eyes with dark pink eyeshadow around the far upper corners of her eyes. She wears her Nadeshiko pink hair as a curly-braid with a black bow tying it together, plus a Sampaguita flower on it. Her emblem—a white swan that forms like a letter C—is found as an earring on the left ear. Special gloves with pink linings of black and white are worn on the left and right hand, respectively.

She wears a modified white, silky ballerina outfit that is backless and with puffy shoulder sleeves. The large circular skirt is feathery and imbued with wind Dust that gave it a green sparkle when exposed to sunlight. The skirt also has her weapons hidden within them, making her combat ready in the plainest situations. Her long white socks reaches above knee length, along with a pair of ballerina shoes.

Alternate Outfit

[To be updated soon]


Nadéa is a kind young lady with a meek but brave soul, known to many as the “White Swan” in the stardom of Remnant. Despite her celebrity status, she can be shy and dislikes being around large crowds as this makes her sick. Performing in front of a live audience does not bother her though as she is apparently far from them. However, with the abilities she honed for years, Nadéa believes she can help anyone and at the same time please them without timidity. When encountering a person dissatisfied of her, she would focus on that person for a while and do her best to make him or her see how capable she can be, but also maintaining coolness to prevent her “target” and other people from thinking of Nadéa as obsessive (although the target would find out soon enough). When that person would not budge to like her at all, Nadéa would eventually give up and wallow about it privately saying she is not doing her best.

With a beautiful and divine voice, Nadéa uses this to soothe the hearts of many during stressful times. However, when an argument breaks and is unable to stop it herself, she would not hesitate to use her Semblance, "Gentle Shout". She is also intelligent than she seem to be and quite perceptive of people’s emotions, like how she was able to find where Xantho Ricionzo hid around Beacon Academy and knew he is an eccedentesiast who was very lonely within. Surprisingly, she is wiser and more mature than her team leader.

During battle, Nadéa warps into a whole different person—still elegant and graceful like being in one of her concerts, but sharper and destructive as if her opponents are pure evil. She talks little in fights and always grabs the opportunity to finish her opponents without missing a beat. However, when facing someone dear to her like a friend or family, Nadéa hesitates and goes easy on them, unless she asks for their consent—"May I go merciless on you?" she would ask. When in a tight spot, she sings as this gives her more confidence. A prodigy like her is not without weakness as being surrounded by many opponents overwhelms her to sickliness like they were the large crowd she does not want to get close to. In this case, she would panic and perform spins attacks.

The mere mention of her elder sister, Vantasia Clara the “Black Swan”, discomforts Nadéa and prolonged conversation about her only upsets the White Swan more. Being around her sister angers her to the point her kindness fades and walks away until Vantasia is gone. However, deep inside, Nadéa misses her sister that her hatred towards the Black Swan is only a façade to prove to her elder sister that she is strong. 


(Note: This whole section is best made as a short story to better understand)

Early Childhood

Little Nadéa was born into the Claras, a wealthy family famed for their artistic talents in Atlas. As a child, she was always fascinated of the amazingness her family displayed onstage that she was often inspired to be like them. She developed singing as her first talent. The moment Nadéa sang in front of her family, they were moved by such a beautiful voice that they began praising and pampering her to one day become the biggest star among them. Even her mother, Alba Clara was so proud that she placed her daughter under her wing to train her into singing.

Pleasing people, especially her family, became something Nadéa loved to do. However, there was only one of her dear family that she could never please as long as she was the star.

Acting, painting and gymnastics became an addition to her talents due to being inspired. Then one night, while attending the ballerina recital of her elder sister Vantasia, Nadéa became inspired by her that she decided to give ballet a try. This made Alba even happier to excel her daughter even more.

In the family dance studio, Nadéa was in the middle of practicing her ballet, Vantasia came in to practice as well. The little one was joyful to see her sister and asked if they could dance together. As an innocent girl, Nadéa could not read the cynical smile on her elder sister’s face. As they practiced together smoothly, Vantasia continuously tripped Nadéa on purpose, insincerely apologizing. When Nadéa began to bruise, she asked Vantasia for help and the elder sister left to get what the injured one needed. But after hours of waiting, Nadéa decided to treat herself instead.

“Why did she leave me?” Nadéa asked herself, looking for her sister throughout the mansion. When she found Vantasia outside their garden enjoying tea, Nadéa quickly went to her as she limped. Nadéa asked her sister why she left her, but did not answer and just sipped tea. Thoughts flew around the little one’s head, and finally clicked.

Nadéa asked, “Do you…hate me?”

Vantasia smiled. “Ever since you were born, mother and father made you a star. When you first sang, you were made a bigger star. Father knew why I am like this and told me I would always be loved, but how they treated you is very different. Do you know what I am feeling, you ugly duckling?”

“…No, I don’t. Please, tell me how you feel and we can work this out and—”

Suddenly, black tea was splashed on the ugly duckling, her ballet dress ruined. Nadéa was shocked, speechless of what her dear sister did.

“It’s because of you!” Vantasia exclaimed. “It’s because of you, the spotlight was taken from me. I was loved more before you came along. I gave my all to make my family proud, especially mother! I became a ballerina to be closer to her. Why must you take away not just the spotlight but mother? Answer me!”

“That’s enough!” Alba Clara intervened her daughters. “Vantasia, go to your room. Nadéa come with me.”

Vantasia stormed off. Nadéa followed her mother to the family clinic. Since the nurse was not around at the time, Alba had to treat Nadéa’s injury—by unlocking her Aura. Discovering that her daughter had lots of it and that she was a fast learner, she figured Nadéa had the potential to become more than just a star. However, she kept quiet and asked the little girl what happened.

Spreading Wings

The Clara family was invited to a party in Mistral that took place at twilight. The incident between Nadéa and Vantasia seemed to settle down, but the elder sister continued bullying the ugly duckling secretly. Alba told Nadéa to not worry and just enjoy.

Vantasia came to her mother and sister and, surprisingly, apologized. Alba was overjoyed, but Nadéa was uncertain. The elder sister invited the shy girl to watch the moon “shatter”. Sounding as delightful, Alba convinced Nadéa to follow Vantasia.

Nadéa was led away from the party where nobody could see her and Vantasia. They stopped at a cold marsh below the moon. Nadéa was fascinated to see the sky slowly shining with stars as night began to fall.

“I hope you love the moon,” Vantasia said. “Because it will be the last thing you would ever see here on earth, ugly duckling.”

The little girl did not know what Vantasia meant, until the jealous sister floated out a large black magnetic ring from her skirt, controlled by only her hand with a glove. Nadéa pleaded for mercy but to no avail. The moment Vantasia was about to strike her own sister down, a Grimm came out of nowhere and rammed the elder sister, injuring her left leg. Two Huntsmen came along and cornered the monster as Nadéa went to her sister. The Grimm’s wailing in pain from one of the Huntmen’s attack alarmed the people from the party, including Alba.

The mother and father raced for their children and then confronted the Grimm, who knocked out the two Huntsmen and now after Vantasia and Nadéa. Alba told her husband to call for help while she protected their daughters. Alba conjured a pair of magnetic rings from her skirt, the same kinds Vantasia wielded, and proceeded to battling the Grimm. Nadéa was awed by how her mother remained elegant during what seemed to be a furious fight. Yet again, the ugly duckling was inspired.

Alas, the Grimm swung its head onto Alba, sending the mother flying to Nadéa with both hitting a tree. Vantasia was left unguarded and Alba unconscious. Nadéa wanted to help. She wanted to save her sister. She wanted to prove that she can face reality not as a weakling.

Vantasia’s demise was cut short from a cry: “LEAVE MY SISTER ALONE!!!”

Nadéa wielded her mother’s weapons, gloves worn and rings floating. The Grimm was distracted, and rammed towards the ugly duckling. Even if it were her first time, Nadéa used the weapons as if it was hers in the first place. Absalom arrived with his men, only to find his daughter battling the Grimm with such skill that he was breathless. 

As the Grimm retreated, Absalom ordered some of his men to go after it as he and the rest helped his wife and two daughters. It dawned on Nadéa that her mother was a Huntress and that Vantasia was not cool with her yet…

Trial of the Two Sisters

In his study room, Absalom expressed great disappointment to Vantasia for attempting to kill Nadéa. He was impressed of her youngest daughter’s skills that he decided that she should become a Huntress. Despite Nadéa’s protest, Absalom’s mind was set.

“And another thing, my two daughters,” Absalom said. “The eldest would always be next in line to carry the whole Clara name, training new performers and inspiring others to reach the stars, the one holding the very foundation of our family agency. However, after what happened back in Mistral, I’m uncertain whether you're still capable as the heiress or not, Vantasia. Girls, your mother and I have decided…that we are putting you both in a trial. Train yourselves.”

“What?” the sisters asked in unison.

“Yes, once you both are 17, return to home, and both of you will face each other in a duel for the title of heiress. Vantasia, if you want to keep the title, redeem yourself not just in skill, but with heart. And Nadéa, you are a bright child. I hope you won’t let the family down. I know this may all be so sudden, but that incident back in Mistral was unacceptable! It was scornful to us Claras! The Clara heiress must be a good reflection of the family as a whole. People in Mistral are now even spreading gossip about the current heiress. This is hurting our noble image. I hope that by the time both of you turn 17, we might be able to seal this up for good."

Preparations were made for Vantasia to leave for Mistral once again to train in Sanctum Academy. Before Vantasia with her butlers left, Nadéa went to her to say her goodbye. The elder sister did not say anything else and kept her had low, then slapped Nadéa on the face.

Vantasia’s last words were: “You cannot please everyone.”

As the elder sister finally left, Nadéa was confused. Somehow, she was determined to one day show to Vantasia how strong she could be. Alba came to Nadéa and gave her the two weapons she wielded against the Grimm, seeing that her daughter was ready and deserve to use them.

Nadéa felt like everything about the family was on her shoulders. She would become a Huntress to try and please Absalom and make Alba proud, but thought it wouldn’t be the same as the way she pleased everyone else. Vantasia certainly left the ugly duckling with questions. 

The White Swan

While training in a combat school in Atlas, Nadéa became a celebrity as an actress, ballerina, gymnast, and singer, at the young age of 16. She was dubbed the “White Swan”. This made her a potential candidate to become heiress to the Claras’ talent agency. As years passed, the star now thought of her elder sister Vantasia as an enemy, reminiscing how she tried to kill her before and regret even saving her. These negative thoughts had always been washed away by Alba, who reminded her young daughter that Vantasia might change after all these years.

Putting that to thought, Nadéa became doubtful of herself. All she wanted to do now was to prove Vantasia her worth in the trial. But after that, what could she do now?

Nadéa was scheduled to have a concert in Vale. After the performance, a celebration was thrown for the White Swan. In her awarding ceremony in commemoration for visiting the kingdom, she was almost shot by an assassin somewhere in the crowd. Panic spread. Nadéa was safe and quickly spotted the assassin in black. Immediately, she wielded her weapons from her skirt, floating them around and shutting the exit to disable the assassin’s escape. He had no choice but to fight, but was easily overpowered by the celebrity’s graceful fighting even without using her weapons (due to them still shutting the door). The assassin was apprehended, and Nadéa announced that the celebration must go on. Everyone was delighted.

She wanted to be alone for a while in a balcony when she was suddenly approached by a man.

“Excuse me,” Nadéa said. “But, if you want an autograph, wait until I leave. Thank you.”

“An autograph is not why I am here,” the man said. “I am here for you, Ms. Clara.”

The man revealed himself to be Ozpin, the headmaster of Beacon Academy. He expressed his admiration for Nadéa’s prowess and invited her to attend his school. She already graduated from a combat school in Atlas and planned on enrolling in Atlas Academy. Ozpin was able to convince her to attend his when he noticed what was amiss with the White Swan. He guaranteed that by becoming a Huntress, Nadéa would be able to find herself more. She thought entering Beacon as the answer to her problems as a person who pleases people, the whole Clara name on her shoulders, and her dilemma with Vantasia.

“Alright,” Nadéa said. “Sign me up, sir.”

Abilities and Powers

Nadéa’s signature stance before battle is standing on her feet tiptoed, while her palms are open with the left hand near her stomach and the right held forward as if she were offering something.

Her fighting prowess is graceful yet effective, thanks to her skills as a ballerina and gymnast. She primarily uses her hands to attack, such as striking with the back of them, thrusting her palms, and slapping swiftly. She can chain her hand attacks with kicks, cartwheels, handstands and spins to make a versatile combo chain. As for defense, she has this covered by sweeping her opponents’ hits with mostly her hands.


Nadéa wields Bakunawa, a pair of large bladed rings originally owned by her mother who was a Huntress. One ring is colored white while the other is black. The weapons are hidden within the outer rims of her skirt, making her combat ready. Equipped with special fingerless gloves, Nadéa can activate Bakunawa by placing her left hand on her chest and snapping her right fingers (often high up), extracting the twin metal rings from her skirt and floating them around using magnetism exclusively from the gloves. The left glove controls the black ring whilst the other controls the white one.

With the gloves on, Nadéa can make arm and hand movements to coordinate Bakunawa to perform tricks in the battlefield. To make Bakunawa spin like sawblades, she can turn her hands as if she were turning a knob. 

Bakunawa has a second function that requires Nadéa to wear her mini mic attached to her ear. She can take advantage of her Semblance by shouting at the mic, causing Bakunawa’s hidden speakers to emit the same Semblance via signal.


Nadéa possesses the Semblance called “Gentle Shout”, which allows her to emit a hyper voice that ranges from singing to shouting. Excessive use would lose her voice, preventing her from using her Semblance.


Xantho Ricionzo

During the Beacon Academy Initiation, she was bewildered and panicky until she met a wandering Xantho. Despite being turned down multiple times, she was continuously begged to partner with him. In hopes she would change her mind, Xantho gave critical comments of her behavior. This only made the White Swan more determined to not just be with Xantho but also please him in any way possible. After meeting up with Mavin Emmerich and Amara Ricionzo, Nadéa overheard the trio that they would be forming up as a team, as it turned out they had planned it from the start. Nadéa yet again begged to be part of the team, much to Xantho’s disapproval. However, his friend and sister both approved of her, therefore she joined via unanimous voting.

For the next few weeks in Beacon, Xantho expressed disgust towards Nadéa, cold and unforgiving to the kind ballerina. Despite this, she was very patient and tried everything to not only please him but also understand his character. She finally snapped during a “sparring” match with him when he called her “ugly duckling”—a nickname Vantasia Clara once called her. After that, her leader ran away in shame, and Nadéa followed him somewhere in the school where she heard him singing sorrowfully. Both were able to console with each other by singing together, bridging their actual friendship for the very first time.

After getting to know Xantho more and eventually making him opening up to a warmer person, Nadéa fell in love with him to the point she became jealous of him and her Vanta together.

Vantasia Clara

When they were both children, Nadéa also looked up to the family as her inspirations, including Vantasia, who was an elegant ballerina. She was unaware of Vanta’s animosity towards her after a few hints. Their bond as sisters was apparently broken when Vanta slapped Nadéa before both would not see each other again until the age of 17.

Years later, Vanta transferred to Beacon, much to Xantho and Nadéa’s surprise. Despite the elder sister’s complete change of heart, Nadéa showed distrust and hatred towards Vanta. This was revealed to be a façade to prove Vanta that her young sister could be strong and able to please anyone.

Amara Ricionzo

Nadéa treats Amara as if she were the little sister she never had. Both immediately got along during the Beacon Academy Initiation as Amara voted Nadéa to join the team. Besides being sisterly together, Amara provides personal information about Xantho to the White Swan since the leader does not talk much about himself.

Mavin Emmerich

Nadéa treats Mavin as a brother. She is sometimes annoyed of his mischievous behavior, especially when he teases that she likes Xantho. Nonetheless, the two are great friends. Moreover, they both are often the ones stopping Xantho and Amara’s quarrels.


  • Nadéa alludes to Odette of Swan Lake and María Clara from José Rizal’s novel Noli Me Tangere.
    • Nadéa’s Trailer (coming soon) displayed a duel between Nadéa and her older sister Vantasia Clara, both in which allude to Odette and Odile, respectively.
    • Nadéa and Vantasia’s rivalry is mostly referencing to the 2002 anime Princess Tutu, with the characters Duck (Princess Tutu) and Rue (Princess Kraehe) yet again alluding to the two, respectively.
    • The default outfit of Nadéa by the upper part is designed to look like the terno, a modernized version of the María Clara gown.
    • She was pictured to be as feeble but spirited as María Clara from the novel, but I decided that she should also be very potential in terms of fighting and intelligence.
  • Her first name is from the color Nadeshiko pink, while the surname is from the Latin name Clarus meaning “clear, bright, famous”, although “Clara” is also a traditional Filipino name. “Nadéa” also rhymes with the name Nadia, which means both in Slavic and Russian as “hope”.
  • She is also based off of my crushes back in elementary and high school (a total of 3) with some of their traits. Moreover, Nadéa represents my feminine side.
    • Nadéa’s design is an inspiration from my first crush, along with her talented singing and dancing.
    • Pleasing people is a personality both my second crush and I have.
    • Her emotional perceptiveness is what my third and last crush possessed.
  • Nadéa’s fighting style is meant to reflect that of Lili Rochefort’s fighting style, nicknamed by Tekken fans as the “Monegasque-style Gymnastic Street Fighting”, except with combinations of ballet.
  • The names of the weapons Nadéa wields are named after a dragon from Philippine mythology. It is said to be the cause of eclipses by eating the moon.
  • Her original name was Nade Clara, but I thought it was not creative enough.
  • In a way, Nadéa and Blake Belladonna can be good rivals in battle. Plus, it pulls off another Swan Lake reference with the colors.

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