"Every human is equal. We may have different blood, but they're all the same shitbags they were born as. A man can be born either rich or poor or neither, but the one thing those men have in common are that they are born out of dirt like every shitbag in Remnant."
— Sanders Younger to Nadeshiko before his death
Nadeshiko Yamato
Age 17
Alias Dirty Rose

Vile Flower

Nickname Nade
Status Unknown
Color Pink
Gender Female
Race Human
Born July 7
Handedness Left
Complexion Lightly tanned
Hair Pink
Eyes Red
Semblance Life-Giver
Height 5'8"
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team BNDS
Partner Subasa Garuda
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Sanders Younger (adoptive father)
Additional Info
Likes Bikes, people in pain, loud noises
Dislikes authority, promises, rich or royal people
Special Skills motorcycle skills, superb mechanic, plant and insect biology
Weaknesses Weak overall damage, lack of raw power

Nadeshiko Yamato is an original character made by Jester Mad and a member of Team BNDS. A mobile and adept marksman with a penchant for dirty tricks and Dust experiments, she fires into battle with her chained revolvers: Blooming Dead.

Nadeshiko has been Declared Dead according to her team's report as she was left behind. Her actual status is unknown.


A hardened criminal. Nadeshiko Yamato is a lithe and toned woman with many tattoos splattered on her torso and arms; her notable one is her symbol on her left cheek: a skull with flowers by its head. Her hair is pink and spiky, with the right side of her head shaved. She has sharp slanted red eyes, commonly seen scowling or angry. She wears a white longcoat with many pockets holding bullets. Pink thorny vine prints rest on the corners of her coat. She wears a dark pink tank top with bandoliers lined around her hips. She wears blue jeans torn from combat and dark black boots with iron studs. Her most notable accessory is her handcuff-like bracelets, which connect the chain that links both of her revolvers. The chain on both cuffs link to two cannisters resting behind her waist, holding the rest of the chains.


Nadeshiko Yamato was born in Atlas to a rich father and mother. While they loved her very much, her dad made her do various things, wanting her to be a potential successor to his company. Nadeshiko's resent began at this day. Despite her resent, she enjoyed the physical training she had to do like gymnastics and acrobatics.

At school, she was usually ridiculed for being a daughter of such a rich family. They complain how she's so pampered without her deserving it. She disliked them for stating that and she obviously knew about this life. She absorbed their hatred, increasing her resentment to rich lifestyles. She probably knew about how hard her dad worked, but all that hard work ethic would diminish with hubris and hedonism.

During a trip in the city, the young Nadeshiko saw a homeless man, shivering and weak. In her eyes, she saw a man who had experienced great pain and struggle, earning her respect and pity. She asked her mom to give the poor man some money, but her dad intervened and told her that the man is trash. This increased her resentment to her father and rich people as a whole.

At the age of 8, she encountered a gang member, dying in the street. She was away from her mom and dad, so, she wandered off a bit. A group of gang members asked her if he saw a dying man, but she lied, sparing the dying gangster's life. The gangster revealed himself to be Sanders Younger, a leader of a small biker gang. He invited her to her gang, but she declined. Since that day, whenever they were out, Nadeshiko visited this man frequently, interested in the life of a criminal. She was more interested in this lifestyle due to having struggle without wealth and high status holding her back.

Sanders Younger was her only true friend. At school, the kids were silenced due to Sanders threatening them (and their parents). While it seemed rather luxurious to have such hate filtered out, she believed that saving a life is worth that service. She'd talk to Sanders every day after school. She taught her more of the rough life of a criminal; something she found herself absorbed in. Her father had started to get more distant and more focused on Nadeshiko on being her successor, while her mother, who genuinely loved and cared for her, was ordered not to interfere with Nadeshiko much to her displeasure. It was at this point, Nadeshiko realized that Sanders Younger was now the only one who treated her well and seemed to care for her. This inspired her to pursue the gang life as well. She then started to plot her escape...

Half a year later, her father had discovered one of Sanders's men. Disgusted by his mere presence, he attempted to execute him right in front of her own daughter only for young Nade to shoot his dad. She wanted to kill him for his haughtiness, but he couldn't bring herself to kill her dad. She simply shot his legs constantly and left with the man.

Nadeshiko would spend her next years training and learning under Sanders Younger, who taught her more on the art of the gun. While she despised her father, she appreciated her mother making her learn gymnastics, making her develop a unique fighting style with her guns throughout the years. With a help from one of Sanders's friends, they developed Blooming Dead, Dual Chain Bladed Revolvers (DCBR). She discovered her Semblance as soon as her Aura was unlocked and spent many years under Sanders's wing studying biology and various subjects to strengthen her Semblance mastery.

Despite her proficiency in academics, she preferred the struggle of criminal life. She relished in fighting to survive, driving motorcycles, and full-blown gang wars. While their gang were fearsome, they were also indirect peacekeepers, using fear and their power to deal with murderers, rapists, and drug dealers.

The Younger Gang travelled all around Atlas on their motorcycles, though while fearsome, they have shown an altruistic and protective side, protecting a poor village from an incoming Grimm invasion free of charge. Nade relished in showing the rich and wealthy true pain, as well as helping those who went through great pain such as homeless people, poor citizens, and Faunus. Some say she was prejudiced, while others liked her ideal of desiring the posh rich people to be in pain.

When Nade turned 17, Sanders had now gained a large bounty from his crimes. Nade loved and respected her adoptive dad and suspected someone in the gang to betray him to gain the bounty. Her suspicions were correct, but it was already too late. His younger brother had poisoned him and killed him. Enraged by his treachery, Nade challenged the traitor. Nade nearly lost, but she had caused heavy damage to him. Before the final blow was struck, the traitor was shot by Sanders himself. Sanders was near his death. He looked at Nade and gave her his final words. Her told her that every man, woman, or Faunus may be born rich or poor, but they're the same shitbags like every living thing in the world. Nade knew of this, but appreciated and treasured his last words. Sanders allowed her to take his bounty. After many years of watching her, she saw a great potential Huntress. He requested her to be a Huntress so that she can influence both poor and rich people to be inspired by her; the rich will understand pain, and the poor will continue to continue to never give up on their dreams.

Nade took the entrance exam, passing it by the minimum. She made some considerations on whether to enter or not. While Ozpin was famous, she wanted to see if he's worthy of her respect.

Ozpin met her personally after a few days. Angered by the superior's talk, she challenged him to a fight in order to see how strong he was. Ozpin declined the challenge, but instead, with a stoic and fearless approach, continued talked to her. Despite her saying that talk is cheap, she didn't seem to want to bring herself to try and harm her; it would do more harm. Ozpin told him the story of Younger's time at Beacon. She was similar to him in the past, but he only saw him for his genuine good heart for the people; something crucial to becoming a Huntsman. He saw that same heart in her. Her self-depreciation didn't alter Ozpin's choices. With a mix of reluctance and encouragement, she accepted her studentship at Beacon.


Nadeshiko is far from the ideal woman. She's rude, inconsiderate, and brutally honest. While having a sense of justice, she prefers to deliver it in a brutal way. She dislikes rich people or those of royalty, wanting them to know true pain. She dislikes politicians or leaders who promise certain things, which usually lead to them being unfulfilled. She's commonly uninterested in lectures or official education due to a normal dislike for authority. She also has a tendency to shout loudly due to her nature as a biker.

Despite her bad attitudes, she's not fully non-affable. She's a loyal friend, and respects those who prove their power. She's humble in her own way, preferring not to pursue a spotlight. She's caring to those who have went through great pain and can emphasize with them. While having a disdain for authority and leaders, she trusts her leader as well as having great faith in him.

Overall, she's not the friendliest person at first glance, but she's not inherently evil.

In battle, she can be very cruel. She's cunning, deceptive, and vile. She's great at dodging, reading people, and will fire or kick a person while they're down.

Abilities and Weapons

Blooming Dead

A pair of chained revolvers with petal shaped bayonets. The revolvers are chained to her wrist, which also connects to the cannister behind her waist, holding all the chains. The cylinders can hold 10 bullets. While powerful, they don't have as much stopping power as normal high caliber revolvers. Despite the latter, the bullets still hold a powerful caliber and can faze a small-sized Ursa.


She's incredibly strong for a marksman. She's not as immensely strong as those who focus on power, but she's strong enough to pull a medium Beowulf with her revolver chains around their neck. She's strong enough to carry a normal human with one hand, but not as effortlessly as Berde.


She's a quick shooter and incredibly precise. She's also proficient in common Western revolver techniques like revolver fanning or quick drawing. Her precision and quick fingers go well with her combat skills and Semblance.

Chain-blade mastery

Due to the chains on her bladed revolvers, she has close to mid-range options with her chains and blades on her revolvers. Not only can she do effective slashes and whips, but she's also skilled in hooking people's limbs or simply tying their limbs up with the chains. Not only is she a dirty fighter with it, but she's also an effective support, using the chains to swing her allies to greater heights, or farther distances.

Acrobatics and Agility

She can fire while walking or running, and she's also incredibly acrobatic, able to do graceful jumps and flips while simultaneously attacking. She specializes in sustained damage with great mobility.


Her strongest weapon is her mind. She's very cunning, and has great memory of where she can or has set up her bullets. While commonly having low grades, she hides a hidden genius in biology, using the knowledge of certain insects or plants to create said things from her bullets.

Semblance: Life-Giver

Her Semblance allows anything she puts her Aura into to transform into small bugs or plants. She can form bees, mosquitoes, flies, centipedes, or beetles, as well as various plants like flowers, tree roots, and thorny vines. She commonly uses this with her bullets, which make her have great set-up options. Life-Giver however, gets weaker the more life there is out there i.e If a tree root is snaring a person and they can't get out, and she snares another person, both of them can most likely get out at the same time based on their strength due to the withered plants. Life-Giver will not revert the bug or plant to its previous state and will simply wither away. Life-Giver can also be used with in conjunction with Dust, allowing explosive bugs or plants, bees with paralysing stings, or even ants that could freeze blood.


A mobile marksman can't take that much damage.

While powerful in her own right, her raw offensive damage isn't consistent and powerful. Her bullets and blades don't do as much damage as her teammates. Since she's mostly focused on moving around, her shooting range isn't that good, making her have to go from medium-far to close.

Other Abilities

She's a well-versed mechanic and a monster in riding motorcycles. Due to her time at a biker gang, she's very in touch with motorcycle mechanics and tricks. Due to her Bosouzoku-esque style, she's artistic in both bike modifications and decorations.
Nadeshiko Yamato's Stats :

Primary Role Marksman
Secondary Role Mage
Weapon Attack
Dust Attack
Critical Rate
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
       ~Inspired from Jollyjo


  • Nadeshiko's full name if said in Japanese would be Yamato Nadeshiko, a name usually referring to an ideal woman: kind, calm, serene, polite, and a faithful wife. Jester Mad initially wanted to make her a more traditional fighter to keep up with the theme, but had thoughts of a Japanese biker and guns while thinking of her weapons. He decided to make her whole personality and design completely ironic to her namesake.
    • Nadeshiko is a pink flower in Japan.
  • Team BNDS's members each represent a mythical beast/creature. Nadeshiko's is the dryad. To fit with her Japanese theme, the Furutsubaki-no-rei can also be one.
  • The James Gang mixes bikers and cowboys. The gang is based on the Wild West gang, The James-Younger Gang.
  • Jester Mad had already made ship names for the team. Hers can be Water Lily, Dragon flower, and Petal Wind.
  • Yamato is her true family name. Unlike Berde, she kept it, having great pride in her family name, though not their tradition.
  • Nadeshiko's backstory and Semblance is inspired by Giorno Giovanna from JoJo's Bizzare Adventure.
  • She actually inherited her mother's Semblance. Her mother was a previous Huntress, but is now retired.

Comic Relief

  • Nadeshiko, despite having an opportunity to join the Biker's Club, joined the Gardening Club instead. While she loves her hobby, she's utterly embarrassed with topics related to it.
  • Whenever her partner, Subasa goes into "Yandere" mode, she usually spends the whole day around Beacon, with a shovel, looking for corpses.
  • While Nadeshiko is bisexual, she's utterly smitten with shotas in short shorts.
    When there comes a day I teach young children, all boys are required to wear MINUSCULE SHORT SHORTS!
    — Nadeshiko Yamato

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