Nana "Ghost" Heishi
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Full Name                   Nana Gwen Heishi
Alias                           Agent Blackburn
Nickname                   Ghost
Date of Birth               December 7, 19:07
Gender                       Female
Age                            16
Race                           Human

Hair Color                  White with a blue streak

Eye Color                  Purple
Complexion              Fair

Handedness              Ambidextrous, uses

                   right hand often

Height                       5'1" (155 cm)
Weight                      128 lb.
Professional Status
Affilliation Signal Academy (five years), Mirror Thieves Guild (nine years), Beacon Academy (will attend)
Team                       Solo for now
Occupation Student (future, Beacon Academy), Contractor & Apprentice (Mirror Thieves)


Work in progress. Please do not delete or steal character.


Nana has fair skintone and appears as a young girl with waist-length, straight, white hair tied into a pony-tail. With purple eyes, once stated by her Mother "extraordinarily beautiful". Her daily attire consists of a vest in black, with coattails which are more on her sides. She wears a sleeveless, white tank top exposing part of her midriff. She has a brown, belt with two pouches on her left side which is also in a slanted position. A detatched, purple hood is held by a total of four pins which two form the letter X, and is clipped to her vest. She wears silver shorts with grey folds and a pair of black sneakers slightly below her mid-calf, similar to Converse, with no laces and in a grey color at the upper part of her shoe. Nana also wears identical, blue, leather cuffs which have a charm of their own. On her right cuff, is a arrowhead charm and on her left cuff is a charm of the number seven. Nana also has a dogtag which on one side says '0007', and on the other says 'GHOST'. She received this dogtag from a member in the Mirror Thieves guild.

Being a part of the Mirror Thieves, Nana was given the chance to have her own uniform for the guild. Her uniform is simply a black vest outlined with white thread and buttons with black, shorts tighted by a purple belt and a purple pouch on the back. She wears knee-length, folded, black boots outlined with purple and baggy (?) socks in a darker shade of purple. A violet, messy scarf can be founed around her neck.


Nana has a very quiet and tranquil nature at first, explaining why she doesn't have much friends. However, she is humane and very serious with her tasks and such. (WIP)


Nana Gwen Heishi didn't exist until she allied herself with the Mirror Thieves: she was known as Nana Snow from the beginning. Nana was born as the only child, living in a very small village. Due to this, it was heavily guarded both day and night. Her father, Krieger Snow, was one of those who guarded almost the entire day: promising to protect the village, daughter and wife. Her mother, Jangmi Snow, was one of those few women in the village who were skilled with weaponry relying on Dust, her mother being very skilled with her Dust-powered whip. Nana lived a life of safety and love, having friends and family around her all the time.

However, life does not stay safe forever.

It was an invasion of hungry Grimm creatures, lead by a Nevermore who had taken down the Toíchoses, walls that surrounded the village to prevent being an open target. However, this cause made it an open target: threatening the village greatly. Krieger, Nana's father, was fending of the Grimm as Nana, her mother, and a couple of villagers (mostly childern and elderly) were lead to safety. But the Grimm had trapped the villagers, nowhere left to go. Most of the villagers died, so did some of the warriors. They were outnumbered, and Grimm had gained the upper hand.

Then they came.

First, it was a shower of icicles from the sky, then flashes of warriors appeared from the shadows. They worked in pairs of two, battling the Grimm impressively swift and very deadly. The remaining warriors of the village, had joined them and sent the Grimm running with tails between their legs. The survivors were taken by the warriors to a small campsite, not so far away. Krieger was not to be found, and after two days, the warriors who had aided the village reported that most of the villagers had died, her mother and Nana learning Krieger being one of them. The village turned their ruined home into a place of honor who had fought in the battle, leaving houses and stores as they were and buried those in the center of the village. It was decided that the village move somewhere safer, but near their ruined home.

However, Jangmi feared that it wouldn't be safe for Nana, so she had left them with the warriors. Her mother had given her the whip, as a gift and her own weapon, and told Nana to promise she would become like her father. Nana promised, and her mother had decided to change her name, not wanting her seven-year old, daughter to remember the horrible event.

That was when Nana Snow, became Nana Gwen Heishi.

After the village and her mother's departure for a safer place to settle, the warriors returned to their own place called the Mirror Thieves, with Nana. Being very young, most of the warriors being very kind to her, and Nana even made a couple friends with those who were still young. One of them was an eighteen year-old girl, known as Little Hearts, a weapon-forging specialist who favored throwing knives as her weapon. She and Nana became very close, Nana often calling Little Hearts as 'big sister'. Another was a thirteen-year old, apprentice calling herself Rosettia, recently started training, but was the first person to teach Nana the basics of the Dust-powered whip. It wasn't long until one of the high-ranked members decided to mentor Nana, seeing her capabilities with the whip one afternoon.

Two years of training with Rosettia made Nana very skilled with the weapon. At the age of nine, one of the Mirror Thieves members assigned Mokotto, the high-ranked member, as Nana's mentor. This made Little Hearts very proud of her 'younger sister', but very concerned about Mokotto, while Rosettia was slightly jealous but still happy for the younger girl. The rest of the members weren't so sure about the idea: one was that Mokotto was overall a dangerous and unpredictable woman, who knew what she would teach the younger girl. Two was that most of the members found Nana still young and naive, and too little to understand anything. However, Nana remembered her promise to her mother, and worked hard to complete it.

Due to this, Nana was given the opportunity to attend Signal Academy and had some training sessions with Mokotto at night near Signal. It wasn't long until Nana became a very brillant fighter, and the youngest in Mirror Thieves at the age of twelve. But as the years passed by, she grew better and better. However, a small incident occured that disturbed Nana greatly, her fifteen-year old friend, Rosettia, had gone missing.

Whenever Nana had free time, she would always look around for Rosettia, however, she was nowhere to be found. Feeling lonely, Nana became very quiet, distancing herself from her friends in Signal and in Mirror Thieves. She became a ghost, unnoticed by nearly everyone as she quietly walked through hallways or lurked the shadows. Rosettia was not found after two years, when Nana had turned fourteen. She dropped out of Signal very early, and trained at Mirror Thieves grounds a lot.

Members are the Mirror Thieves were upset about this, a young, great fighter now gone. However, Mokotto decided to bring Nana along as she completed her assignments, deciding it would be best to spend time with her apprentice running errands. Mokotto working as a Contractor which was a role in the Mirror Thieves guild that ran tasks in different places earning rewards, decided it would work. And it worked, but Nana's quietness did not slip away. Though, it did turn out Nana had an interest of completing assignments like Mokotto, therefore earning the role as a Contractor and a partner: Hoesaeg Markus.

Things, well, did not go very well after having Hoesaeg as her partner. He was older than her by two years, and bragged that he was the better than her. Whenever that occured, it left Nana very tempered, but she didn't speak of it. After being with Hoesaeg for a long time, Nana had gotten used to the remarks and ignored it by focusing on the tasks she was given and made sure she completed it.

Though, things tend to change in life.

Nana received a task from Mokotto of slaying Boarbatusks which had stayed near the areas of a wealthy town (with unskilled and lousy guards, Mokotto had added) and threatened the unarmed travelers who passed by that area. Slaying the Boarbatusks would earn some Lien for Nana, and Nana accepted the task. She was busy preparing for the trip when Hoesaeg came in, who had been told about the task as well. He blabbered on that he would be the one to slay the Boarbatusks, not her, since he was more experienced and had a better weapon, a Double-Bladed Shotgun, than a lousy whip.

As they reached the town, what Mokotto had said was true, two things. One was that Nana saw most of the town guards sleeping or playing cards, and two that there were Boarbatusks nearby, a lot. Hoesaeg stated that he could slay twenty Boarbatusks with his eyes closed, which left Nana annoyed and dared him too. The older boy hesistated, then drew out his weapon as they headed towards the area the Boarbatusks stayed. When they reached their destination, Nana took her place in the shadows and watched Hoesaeg approach a Boarbatusk, with careful eyes she observed his movements and the Grimm creature's. As Hoesaeg fired his weapon in shotgun form, aiming at the eye, the Boarbatusk he aimed at fell over and yelped. This caused the other Boarbatusks run straight for Hoesaeg, and with a simple flick of the hand the barrel it switched to a blade...


Hoesaeg grins wolfish, flicking his left hand as it causes his shotgun's barrel to switch to a blade. His feet move back a bit, then sends him running straight for the first Boarbatusk. The creature roared and rammed its tusks at Hoesaeg, but swiftly Hoesaeg had sidestepped its attack and kicked it to the side, toppling it over. It made a yelping sound as he thrust his weapon at it's belly: the weak spot of Boatbatusks. The Boarbatusk squeaked, squirmed, then lay still. Dead. Gone. Adios amigo. Well, not amigo. Enemigo.

Quickly, Hoesaeg pulled his weapon out from the belly of the creature, whirling around for his next opponent. A small figure stepped out from the shadows, then poked it's head around Hoesaeg to look at the Boarbatusk to see if it was long gone. Hoesaeg rolled his eyes, the figure looking back at Hoesaeg. "You see that!?" He yelled at the figure, then turned away. [ Pfft, as if she thinks she's better than me. ] Hoesaeg thought, looking at the Boarbatusks. "Alright, who's next!" A Boarbatusk from his left side growled, then charged at Hoesaeg with tusks swinging wildly. The boy simply spun around, and made a move to swing his weapon at the creature but something had slammed into him before he got the chance.

Knocking the breath of out his lungs, Hoesaeg gasped for air and felt a cool touch of metal leave his grasp. "Nn-oof!" Falling flat on his back, he quickly sat up as he franticly looked for his weapon. However, Boarbatusks surrounded him, blocking his view of where he thought he dropped it. They shifted their hooves, a Boarbatusk growled, then one shoved it's way into the circle as it looked at the boy. It reared up, then charged at Hoesaeg with all it's strength, eyes glowing, Hoesaeg not knowing what else to do, held up his arms in front of his face, knowing that blocking it could work. Hopefully. He closed his eyes and waited for tusks to pierce his skin. Instead, he heard a noise that sounded like...

a whip wrapping itself around something.

Hoesaeg looked up to see the figure in front of him, Nana, with her whip out, which wrapped around one of the Grimm creature's tusks. She swung her arm out, causing the Boarbatusk to yelp as it slammed into other Boarbatusks nearby. Nana quickly swung her whip again to the left, which glowed a blue color as it made contact with the ground. Ice seemed to magically pop up form the ground, heading straight for a pair of Boarbatusks on the other side. They jerked back in surprise, and they almost looked like panicing idiots as they fell over.

The younger girl looks over her shoulder, purple eyes glowing mischieviously. "So a guy says he can slay twenty Boarbatusks, but ends up getting..." She notices his expression, "...nearly beated up by them. What? I said nearly and not completely." As she finished, Nana's gaze shifts to her right side as she notices a few Boarbatusks getting up. Swiftly, she swings her right hand, holding the whip as it still glowed blue, creating the same ice spikes heading for the Boarbatusks. The Grimm creatures are flung back farther in surprise, struggling to get up. The younger girl looks back at Hoesaeg, with an obvious expression of surprise.

Then a small smile appears on Nana's face as she laughs a little. "Your bravery amuses me very much. Run for president will you?"

(Flashback End)

Hoesaeg retrieved his weapon from Nana and the pair had dispatched the Boarbatusks quickly. However, Nana's whip ended up getting torn in half after a Boarbatusk managed to use it's tusks to tear it in half. Because of this, Nana ended up feeling as if she broke her promise and failed her mother, but Hoesaeg comforts her and later apologized for being rude to her for the past years. Shrugging the thought off, Nana and Hoesaeg return to the town and receive their reward: gifts and Lien from the wealthy townspeople. And as fast as they came, they left very quickly and headed back home to Mirror Thieves.

As they reaching the guild, Nana quickly met up with Mokotto and Little Hearts. Informing her mentor of the incident with her weapon, she expected an "I'm sorry" from either of the two, older women. But Mokotto and Little Hearts don't seem not worried at all. Little Hears then led Nana, along with Mokotto, to her workplace. She then opened a large case revealing Nana's weapon: a Bladed Crossbow Boomerang Shield, which Little Hearts worked on for her fifteenth birthday. Mokotto had also been figuring out some strategies Nana would use in battle, leaving Nana grinning from ear to ear as Little Hearts handed her the large weapon.



Family Relationships

  • Krieger Snow: Father: Her father, Krieger Snow, also known to the village as 'Akane's Eyes', was the one of the Village's watchmen and warriors, whom promised to protect his wife, daughter, and village from the Grimm. He takes the appearance of a man with white hair and red eyes, with a courageous and protective personality. Krieger's real name was Walter Lightwood.
  • Jangmi Snow: Mother: Her Mother, Jangmi Snow, was one of those few women who possessed simple weapons to defend themselves: mostly whips and rapiers loaded with a specific Dust property. Jangmi's was a Dust-powered whip, which was given to Nana who keeps it safely tucked away in a chest. While the village was still bright with life, Nana would overhear her fellow villagers describing her Mother has a "elegant, red rose". Nana concluded that it was because of her Mother's red hair, and beauty.

Mirror Thieves Relationships

  • Little Hearts: Big sister, Close friend: Little Hearts, an dark-haired athletic with amber eyes, is allied with the Mirror Thieves, serving as a weapon-forging specialist. She was one of the warriors who fought in the Grimm invasion and forged Nana's weapon. Nana considers Little Hearts as her big sister, because of her outgoing and sweet personality.
  • Mokotto: Mentor: Mokotto is not this woman's real name, and Nana has no clue of what her full name is. Most of the Mirror Thieves members call her Mokotto, recognizing her as a deadly warrior. She takes the appearance of a tall, strawberry blonde woman with green eyes. A scar can be found crossing diagonally, starting from the upper left side of her face to the lower right. Like Little Hearts, she was one of the warriors who fought in the invasion.
  • Hoesaeg Markus: Big brother, Partner: When Hoesaeg and Nana first met, they rarely spoke to each other. However, when Hoesaeg was assigned as Nana's contractor partner and well, things didn't turn out very well. Hoesaeg, being older than Nana, tended to boss the younger girl around and remark on Nana's skills as poor. But this changed after Nana saved his life from Boarbatusks, which had knocked Hoesaeg's weapon from his hand and Nana slaying the . Hoesaeg now acts as Nana's big brother, and still works with her. His appearance is a boy with brown hair and dark eyes, he is mostly recognized with a wolfish grin. His choice of weapon is a Double-Bladed Shotgun loaded with bullets of Dust, the barrel able to switch to a blade of a sword by a simple flick of a hand.
  • Gen Flame: Close friend, Partner (sometimes): Mostly recognized by his leadership skills, Nana considers him as a great team leader. However, Gen's flaw is that he refuses to be in a team, permanently, and runs errands solo most of the time. However, if the task requires a group of people, Nana and Hoesaeg are his choice. Them three combined would be noted as very dangerous to deal with. Gen takes the appearance of a shaggy, orange-haired male with a green and yellow eye. Gen was the one who had given Nana the dogtag.
  • In general, Nana's relationships with the rest of the Mirror Thieves members are mostly known as allies and partners.

Beacon Academy

  • None yet.


She previously had a Dust-powered whip, used by her mother and given to Nana as a gift. Nana used to battle with it, however it was torn into half in battle with the Boarbatusks.





  • Nana Gwen Heishi can be translated to Nana (Seven), Gwen (White), and Heishi (Soldier).
  • Krieger is a German word for 'soldier'.
  • Krieger Snow's physical appearance is based of White Rock Shooter's.
  • Jangmi is a Korean word for 'rose'.
  • Nana's relationships of the four members of the Mirror Thieves are based of anime characters and story book characters. Little Hearts is based of Lisbeth in Sword Art Online, Mokotto is based of Sesshomaru from InuYasha, Hoesaeg Markus is based of Luke (Lucian Graymark) in The Mortal Instruments, and Gen Flame is based of Firestar from the Warrior Cats series.
  • Hoesaeg is a Korean word for the color grey.
  • [Spoiler (?)] Ghost's weapon is a fusion of Sango's Hikaikotsu, InuYasha's Tessaiga, a scythe, and a longbow.
    • I decided to keep it simplier, because it'd be hard to draw and explain for me. Nana's weapon is still based of Sango and InuYasha's weapons and is also a crossbow fused with a shield.
  • Ghost is slightly based off Kanade 'Angel' Tachibana from Angel Beats!.

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