"Heh, you're funny. Keep making me laugh, Comrade. Wait, you're not all that funny."
— Napoleon
Napoleon Rizik
Age 17
Nickname Nappy
Status Active
Gender Male
Species Human
Handedness Left-Handed
Hair Light Brown
Eyes Steel Grey
Height 6' 2"
Weight 160 lbs
Professional Status
Partner Blue Carlo
Napoleon 1

Napoleon in his normal attire.


Napoleon is 6' 2" in height, and 160 lbs in weight. He has a long face with a nicely chiseled chin. He has steel grey eyes that give off a cold stare. He has long light brown hair, tied back in a ponytail. He wears a pirate-like coat that is red with gold trim. He wears black pantaloons and brown boots. He has bullets in a belt tied around his waist. He also wears a red hat with gold lace, and a white feather.


Napoleon has a stern attitude, but he can be somewhat awkward to new people. He can be rude and mean when he wants to, and can be brutal and cruel. He enjoys killing Grimm, as it gives him a sense of satisfaction. However, he does have a soft side and loves to hug others, however, he will never admit this. He is very serious and sarcastic. He hates hurting the ones he loves, but he will do it anyway. However, if he hurts someone he doesn't like, or if he doesn't know them, he will not feeling sympathy. Napoleon will try to get everything he wants, no matter how foolish his goals.


Napoleon was born to his two hunter parents. One day, in his early teens, Napoleon ran away from his parents after a long fight. He resented them after this, and then a criminal found him and took him under his wing. Napoleon was trained to fight, and fight well. He commited many crimes with his mentor.

After a while, his mentor enrolled Napoleon at Beacon, so that way he could "fit in". He told Napoleon to train to be the best at fighting, and Napoleon agreed. He wanted to be the best, although he was not the best.

After Napoleon enrolled at Beacon, he met Blue Carlo. They became quick friends and he soon developed romantic feelings towards her, but their relationship grew akward much to his dismay. They remained close, however, but Napoleon became a bit of a show off to impress her.



  • Blue Carlo - Napoleon and Blue became fast friends. Despite not knowing anything of his past, Blue continued to accept him. She became a bit wary of him, though, and continued to wonder what his past was about. Napoleon grew one-sided romantic feelings for her, but he vows to never admit them. She is also Napoleon's other teammate.
  • Zao Charles - Zao and Napoleon are very close. Napoleon views Zao like a father/older brother. Zao continues to teach him everything he knows. Napoleon respects Zao greatly. Although he doesn't know too much about Zao, he still respects him and looks at him like a family member.
  • Linda Faren - One of Napoleon's teammates. He is extremely bitter towards them, and places some ill will towards them. Although he considers her a "friend", he dislikes her a bit. 
  • Alex Raven - Napoleon's other teammate. He also considers Alex a "friend" despite his dislike and jealousy towards him due to how much Blue trusts him. 



  • Lisa Rizik- Napoleon's mother. Napoleon hates and resents his mother, like his father. Napoleon vows to never return to his mother and father. Lisa let George overwork Napoleon, which made Napoleon resent her as well.
  • George Rizik- Napoleon's father. He was the cause of many of his troubles, going so far as to push him in housework as to make him faint from fatigue. Napoleon resents him more than he resents his mother. They argued a lot, and one final argument made Napoleon run away.


Napoleon is a talented speaker. He is very good at making sure people believe him, and he is very persuasive.


Napoleon is a good combatist. He has a weapon, a musket that has a retractable sword, called Revolution. Napoleon is generally a good shot, but he isn't the best at hand-to-hand combat, despite Revolution having a retractable sword.


  • Napoleon is loosely based off of Captain Hook. His name is a reference to the fable, Animal Farm, and is somewhat based off of the main character Napoleon as well.
  • His emblem is a circle with a bar horizontally across of it, and a bar vertically, along with two diagonal bars, representing the symbols of war and peace.

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