Narelle Nenette
Age 17
Status Active
Color Blue
Gender Female
Species Human
Handedness Right
Complexion Fair
Hair Blue
Eyes Green
Height 5'8
Weight 126 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon
Partner Sunil Raama
Occupation Student, Huntress-In Training, Undercover Mole, Mercenary
Additional Info
Likes Her Team, Her "family"
Dislikes Pet Peeves: Having to choose between friends and family
Special Skills CQC, Mid-range combat
Weaknesses Long range attacks
Character Theme

Evanescence - Everybody's Fool
File:Evanescence - Everybody's Fool

Narelle Nenette is a student of Beacon Academy, and a member of Team CMSN, secretly operating as a mole in Beacon for the Fallen Angels. She specializes in melee and mid-range combat, and is a heroic interpretation of the Three Musketeers villain Milady, Countess De Winter.


Narelle has long, light blue hair that leans onto her right side, with light green eyes.  She has a fair complexion, and is fairly tall. She also has a sizable bust, and wears a midriff-revealing black and blue leather outfit that has belts and straps that carry her weapons on her hips, legs, and shoulders. She also wears armor plating on her forearms. 


At first glance, Narelle is a quiet, but friendly person, willing to offer you help, and smile. But this is actually part of an elaborate scheme, as her backstory dictates that she was loyally indebted to the Fallen Angels after they helped her in her childhood. Despite this, she still loves her team deeply, and is loyally torn between following her mission for her "family", and enjoying the life of a Huntress with her friends, deeply in guilt for having maintain a lie to the team and in conflict to pick sides between her "family" and her friends.

When it comes to executing targets (i.e. on orders of the Fallen Angels), she shows no anger nor remorse or indeed, any other emotion for her actions, simply on the basis of professionalism.



Narelle has average strength, defense, and Aura levels (doing double duty as blocking and healing), yet compensates for it with above-average speed and a slightly decreased response time for increased reflexes. This makes her a competent opponent. However, her marksmanship skills at medium to long ranges are poor, so the only competent areas she can fight in is close range, limiting her shots at close to medium range.

Her fighting style is a mix of several styles, most notably Chinese swordsmanship, fencing, and some knife throwing, along with plenty of kicks and graceful arm movements. All of these are incorporated with tango, waltz and ballroom dancing, making her a dangerous opponent at close range. But she mostly dodges, deflects, parries, and counterattacks, and has very few options for absorbing/blocking a direct blow.

Her semblance is called Conviction. Narelle, using two fingers (index and middle) to draw a glyph out of a circular finger motion, can aim said glyph at said opponent, then fire it by using the two fingers to imitate a gunshot. If the glyph makes contact with a target a 9 meter radius, then it will stay on until she either withdraws the glyph, the opponent is defeated, or when she runs out of Aura. Then 50 percent extra damage will be dealt to opponents every time Narelle makes contact with them in attacks (i.e. shooting, kicking, slashing at them and they receive damage).

The semblance is dependent on the 9 meter radius. Narelle can only focus on two opponents at a time. Faster opponents can dodge the glyph, and any attack even if they are marked. Stronger opponents will still take a longer time to defeat by absorbing their blows, reducing its effectiveness. If the glyph makes contact with a shield or a weapon, then they will only be the ones that get damaged, making it incredibly useless against direct opponents in these situations, as the equipment takes the damage instead of the fighter. Most importantly, this Semblance is most useful when its user is very accurate. While Narelle has decent aim, she has difficulty tracking targets moving at fast speeds and clever opponents, who dodge and maneuver with feints.

Her weapon is called Sheffield. Sheffield takes the form of a Dust-firing broadsword rifle. This weapon shoots Dust rounds that deliver a force similar to a 6.8x30 mm round at 700 RPM. The weapon can carry a Dust supply equivalent of 25 rounds, and can charge shots that consumes 20 percent of the magazine. The weapon also has a retractable shaft that can extend the blade forward with the flip of a switch, enabling a longer thrusting range at quick speed. The weapon's hilt is decorated with a Schiavona-style guard, and the blade is tougher to crack thanks to integrated Dust, requiring concentrated fire, high-level Dust and ballistic attacks, and explosives. The blade rotates 90 degrees to change modes, and the handguard can rotate 360 degrees for convenience.

While Sheffield delivers decent damage at a quick firing rate, the magazine will run out quickly, and has moderate recoil. The thrusting action of the shaft may be rendered useless if the enemy closes fast. Also, the weapon is hampered by Narelle's shoddy aim, and so it cannot be used at its full potential, despite being equipped with a red dot sight to mitigate this deficiency.

Her other set of weapons is called Buckingham. Buckingham take the form of several throwing knives in various pouches and straps on her body. The knife set operates as a hybrid between throwing knife and grenade. The knives have several payloads, including standard fragments, thermite, smoke, chaff, and Dust charges. Each of these types have slightly distinguishable features, but they all perform the same essential functions.

The strengths of these weapons lie in their numbers, versatility, and disposability. Not only can the Buckingham knives be used as bladed weapons, they can also be used as sidearms, throwing knives, and various grenades, depending on the payload used. They are small enough to be concealed in numbers, they are quite lightweight, and they suit Narelle's CQC style.

However, they are rarely used at long range, because Narelle is quite a lousy shot. This makes it a double edged sword, as she must avoid being too close to the grenade part of the weapons, yet she has limited marksmanship, restricting them to close-medium range. Additionally, Narelle can only carry a limited amount of knives on her person per mission, lest she slow herself down with a pack of some kind. And they offer limited passive defense against enemy projectiles.



  • Narelle means either light, or "woman of the sea" in Austrailian. Nenette means "born by the sea" in Egyptian. ( Section: Names)
  • She is based off of Milady, Countess de Winter, a prime antagonist in The Three Musketeers. She is a heroic interpretation.
  • Consequently, her weapons are named Athos (After the Musketeer Athos, Milady's husband), and Mordant (Milady's vengeful son).
  • Her backstory is based off of the character Lau Kin-ming in the Hong Kong movie Infernal Affairs (Colin Sullivan in the Hollywood remake The Departed), where a mobster with no prior criminal record infiltrates the police ranks.

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