Rwby nera by irawred-d6l69gs

Narla (Nera was her prototype name)

Character and art by me, don't steal. 


Name: Narla Schwarz

Age: 17

Sex: Female

Color: Black

Weapon: Dust Empowered Bladed Rifles (DEBR) called Calcitra Machina.

Team: None as of yet.


Narla wears simple black leather pants with many metallic pieces for kicking emphasis, a black tank top and leather fingerless gloves. She has short, dark brown hair. Her weapon, Calcitra Machina, is also black-themed. 


Narla is... Neutral. She's generally not very sociable as she didn't interact alot with other children, instead trying to be more like her parents. It might make her seem asocial but in reality, all you need is to talk to her. She won't strike up a conversation, ever, unless there is danger.



Calcatre Machina in it's base form.

Narla weilds a pair of DEBR attached to her calves/boots, Calcitra Machina.  They are primarly rifles with a revolvin

g mechanism, limiting shooting to six bullets before the need to reload. A secondary form, however, is that of two blades. Narla only weilds them when kicking or airborne, as standing with them is impossible. They extend and retract really quickly, allowing for fast-paced kicking and transitioning from gun to blade. The recoil is very strong, allowing for fast traveling. A dust compartment is at the butt of the weapon, infusing the blade with an element.

She fights using primarly kicks in a Taekwondoesque fashion combined with parkour-like acrobations.

Bullets used are custom sniper piercing dust rounds, which are Sniper piercing bullets tipped with a Dust crystal.

Narla's Aura is blue-colored and serves as a shield and a physical enhancer.

Calcitra Machina animated.


Narla's parents were two great hunters in their time. She, constantly looking up to them, wanted also to become one. This led to her own personal intensive training, leaving almost no time to bond with children. To this day she doesn't get attached to people much. She excelled in Signal, by the time already being an almost accomplished huntress, and passed to Beacon with no problems at all.

Her childhood was different than most children's, but other than that, her life is pretty normal.

She has a younger brother which is less passionate about being a Hunter and still studies at Signal.


  • Narla Schwars means, literally, "Black Black".
  • "To calcitrate" is a synonym to "to kick", thus giving the name to this weapon.