— Natalia Aurelius

Natalia Aurelius
Age 18
Title Headhunter
Nickname Natalie
Status Active
Color Silver
Gender Female
Handedness Right-handed
Hair Blonde
Eyes Green
Height 183.7 cm
Weight 70.7 kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Arya
Partner Alizarin Zarruq
Occupation Student/Spy
Personal Status
Relatives Parents
  • Father (Unnamed, imprisoned)
  • Mother (Unnamed)


  • Arya (Employer)
Additional Info
Emblem Natalia Symbol
Special Skills
  • Great Eyesight
  • Knowledge in military combat
Weaknesses Mute
Character Theme

The Lonely Young Knight (Atelier Iris: Grand Fantasm)
Battle Theme

Assault (Phantom the Animation)
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Natalia Aurelius is a student of Beacon Academy. She's the third member of Team MANA. A former young mercenary, she has knowledge in basic military combat and incredible accuracy. She lost her voice after an injury in her throat rendered her mute. Though skilled in basic weaponry, her true weapon of choice is a sniper rifle called Onyx Headhunter J27.

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Natalia is quite tall, reaching her growth spurt quite late. She has a very strong build owing to her days with helping her father in his work. Her right eye has an eye patch.

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It's difficult to determine her personality, since she can't speak. However, based on her behavior, she can be rather snobbish, since she never pays attention to a person she doesn't want to talk to.

She mainly communicates via sending text messages using her scroll.

Being a former mercenary, she's not hesitant to kill others. If it's kill or be killed, then she will kill, by any means necessary.

In battle, she's notably hard to work with, since she doesn't listen to orders, always handling her own situation. This hasn't screwed over her teammates yet, fortunately.

One of her notable traits is her total disregard for her own safety, putting herself in front of danger and taking incredibly dangerous risks without the consent of her teammates. Though this makes her look like a loose cannon, she actually devotes a lot of her efforts in making sure her teammates stay safe, unlike herself.

Weapons and Abilities

Natalia has basic military training, being well-versed in small firearms and knives.

However, her true worth lies in her sniping capabilities.

She carries a Focus-Fire Sniper Mace (FFSM) called Onyx Headhunter J27. Custom-made from an ordinary sniper rifle, it's designed to be used in case an enemy gets close and a knife won't cut it. It also comes with an explosive ammo to break Grimm exoskeleton, though it's not powerful enough to destroy Grimm bone armor.

In close range, Natalia uses slow but deadly swings, being able to break through most defenses with ease. Normally, she only uses the mace to create distance between her and her opponent.

Due to losing her right eye, her blindside is larger, making her very vulnerable on her right side.


Natalia was the product of rape via her father, a Huntsman turned mercenary for hire. Her mother was a prostitute, who disowned her. Her father took her in, and she was raised in harsh conditions, always beside the field of battle.

She was trained in the most basic methods of combat in order to assist her father in his work. However, she lost one of her eye after a training accident resulted in her gun misfiring when she was aiming.

Thanks to her upbringing, Natalia matured very quickly, losing her opportunity to experience childhood. She rapidly became cynical and jaded, being exposed to death in a very early age. Though her innocence was stolen, a small portion remained... They traveled across Remnant, finding work from anyone as long as they paid.

She specialized in stealth, since she had a rather short height when she was younger.

At some point, she would create her own weapon, the Onyx Headhunter J27, based on the same weapon her father used.

Time passes and they eventually reach Vale, where they settle down, as there was a lot of 'job opportunity' in the more darker streets.

Now age 14, Natalia was tasked by her father to kill a prominent employee of the Schnee Dust Company, who was staying in a well-guarded hotel. Due to her small size, she managed to sneak through and find the employee, but failed to kill him, due to her small shred of innocence making her hesitate at the final moment.

She escaped, but was tracked down, with her father being arrested after she returned home.

Taking the risk, she attempted to break out her father in prison. Stealing a map of the complex, she managed to reach the more deeper parts of the prison where her father was imprisoned. At the last moment, she accidentally alerted the guards and was shot multiple times. In the process, her larnyx was wrecked, rendering her mute.

To be revised

Additional Information

Weapon: Onyx Headhunter J27 (Focus-Fire Sniper Mace), Pistol & Knife

  • Her weapon of choice. She created it to support her father from long distances if he's in close-range combat. Though an effective weapon, it's not very useful on the Grimm without usage of the explosive rounds. A mace component is located near the barrel in case things get too close for comfort. She keeps it in a case tied on her back.
  • A set of weapon she's always seen with in her combat attire. It's mostly for self-defense.

Accessories: Eyepatch

  • She doesn't like seeing the scar of her left eye, so she conceals it with an eye patch.

Alignment: True Neutral

  • She can't be considered good due to her pragmatic approach in things, she can't be considered bad either since her goals are noble. Though she follows the rules, she'll stretch it if necessary to succeed. End result is that she's morally gray.

Likes: Her father, Cooking, Cats

  • She loves her father, because though he can be quite harsh, he did raise her to be the badass she is now. This can be attributed to Electra's Complex.
  • Her father doesn't know how to cook, so at an early age, she developed a liking for cooking and uses any opportunity to cook something up.
  • She's notably a cat person and is really friendly to cat Faunus.

Dislikes: Her mother, Arya, Schnee Dust Company

  • She despises her mother, not knowing the full story of her birth.
  • Arya is pretty high on her hit list for blackmailing her family.
  • The SDC is rather high as well, since they are partially responsible for her separation from her father.
Natalia Chart

Credit goes to Jollyjo.

RPG Stats:

  • Class: Gunner
  • Strength: C
  • Defense: C
  • Dust Usage: C
  • Aura Usage: S
  • Semblance Usage: C+
  • Dust Resistance: C
  • Speed: C
  • Evasion: C
  • Luck: A+


  • Natalia Aurelius is half-named after Aurelius and Natalia, a husband and wife Christian Martyr who were executed alongside Aurelius' brother, Felix and his wife, Liliosa. It's also the reason her main motif is 'headhunting'.
  • She's also half-named after Natalia Kaminski from Fate/Zero, sharing alot of similarities with her, starting with her knowledge in combat.

Name Applicable in Remnant?

  • Natalia is a name originating in Late Latin that means Christmas Day (natale domini), which usually has the colors of red, green and gold.
  • Aurelius is also derived from Latin meaning Golden, or Gilded (aureus).

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