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Y'know, I think your friends would like it better with your head intact. Don't fuck with me.
— Natsu threatening an aggressor
I deal with my problems by literally shooting at them. But there's one predicament that I can never kill - the monsters eating away at my soul...
— Natsu to Reiku

This OC profile contains profane language. If you are a person who is easily offended by informal lexicons, you have been warned.


Click click click click click click...



"You got her profile, yet?"

"I got Flame's yeah."


"No. Her profile...goddamn..."


"I severely underestimated the Phantom Tactics outer security core..."

"Yeah, I kinda figured. Fucking "packet responders" always DDoS my PC whenever I try to initiate even the brute-force TuringX2 decryption procedure onto their servers."

"You too?"


"'s getting late, Marc. You, my friend, need some sleep."

"First of all, Vin, I prefer being called 'Marcus', not 'Marc'. And second, sleep is for the weak."

"Okay, then. Suit yourself."


Click click click click click click...

Computer Log

NOTE: This is a log of terminal command inputs. User inputs are indicated with a ">" followed by the input. This log is entirely fictional and has been created to make this profile as unique as possible. If you want a summary to make this less confusing, the Hacker retrieves Natsu's profile from the White Fang Personnel Database and its contents are what can be seen below the log (excluding the "Trivia" section and any content below it). Also note that anything in this section that is bold and italics [which indicates the Hacker's spoken words] are not part of this section.


  • localhost> run kA_n9ne
  • Running...
  • Booting filesystem...
  • Loading sys_files...
  • Initiating security protocol phase one:
  • -Firewall: Active
  • -GhostSurveillance: Active
  • -Aegis: Active
  • Initiating security protocol phase two:
  • -Generating Level 12 encryption code
  • -512-bit encryption code implemented
  • Welcome to kA_n9ne v.7.92.1093. A submission of a user confirmation verification form is required. 
  • Please enter the correct information in the following fields:
  • >User:vinturingackinnon
  • >Pass:**********************
  • Retrieving root_sys info...
  • Searching kA_n9ne database...
  • LoginRep:
  • -IntLogin: Match found
  • -Root_code: Match found
  • -Root_properties: Match found
  • CertRep:
  • -TuringOS 8 Certificates: Approved
  • -kA_n9ne OP_TOR Certificates: Approved
  • -DNS SysTickets status: Approved
  • Initiating MimiSCAN...
  • PC Confirm: Yes
  • Login Successful
  • Welcome, Vin.
  • kA_n9ne> co-ordinate apparatus data_rtrvl
  • Enter database co-ordinates:
  • >Lat: -12.88516
  • >Long: 35.43558
  • Searching…
  • Database found:
  • - ID#1332436482
  • kA_n9ne> info
  • Return:
  • - White Fang Database
  • kA_n9ne> infil
  • Checking HK_Tickets…
  • Confirmed. Initiating brute-force infiltration procedure…
  • Success.
  • Welcome to the White Fang Personnel Database. Please log in to proceed.
  • (Ghost> AI_hk: login=user+pass)
  • Logging in…
  • Welcome back, Denver Pertrich.
  • WFPD> searchID
  • Enter White Fang personnel ID#:
  • >ID#1046638472
  • Searching…
  • Match found.
  • - ID: Natsu Furlong "Ness" Hayha
  • - Profile last edited on: (DATE UNKNOWN) by (S1L3nT_L1ghtN1ng [???])


  • (Ghost> int8_rtrvl/direct_doc)
  • Entering Ghost Mode...
  • Checking HK_Tickets…
  • Confirmed. Commencing file duplication process…
  • Choose save destination(s):
  • kA_n9ne> User/Vin/Documents/FireDOCS
  • kA_n9ne> (2nd=Computer/Drive:E/FireDOCSm)
  • kA_n9ne> FINISH
  • Saving…
  • Document(s) saved.
  • kA_n9ne> END_process
  • Checking HK_Tickets…
  • Confirmed. Logging out of WFPD…
  • Removing fingerprints…
  • Logging out of kA_n9ne..
  • Success.
  • localhost> rtrv_file=mostrecent+open
  • Retrieving most recently saved file...
  • Opening...

Now, let's see what we have here...


Natsu Furlong Hayha
Age 18 (???)
Title "The Lone Flame"
Nickname Ness, Nessie, Nat
Status Active
Gender Female
Race Faunus
Species Tiger Faunus
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Slight Tan
Hair Velvet Red
Eyes Orange
Semblance None
Height 6'1
Weight 152 lbs
Professional Status
Team None
Partner None
Occupation Markswoman, Sniper
Job Types Mercenary, Intermediate Hacker
Jobs Hired Gun, Hitwoman, Hacker, Mercenary, Contractor
Personal Status
Additional Info
Character Theme

EarlyRise - Old Friend
Battle Theme

Avenged Sevenfold - Gunsligner

Description Summary

Natsu Furlong Hayha, sometimes addressed as "Ness", is a fairly tall red-haired sniper who owns her own custom built Electromagnetic Accelerated Reconnaissance Sniper (EARS). Her exposure to weapons and strategic tactics has resulted in a deadly combination of combat versatility, accuracy, precision, and unpredictability. As with most mercenaries nowadays, Natsu prefers to work and perform tasks alone. And although she would prefer to not have anyone by her side, if need be, she will (reluctantly) allow a person to watch her back for a bit.

Her overall personality has fluctuated greatly between opposite ends of the proverbial spectrum due to her past, ultimately resulting in a cold-hearted person that would initially treat almost any person with some degree of negativity and even hostility. Even so, what lies within reveals a completely different side of her...

N-Emblem v2

Natsu's Emblem, Pierce.

Additional Info

Aura Colour: Crimson

Pronounciation: NAHT-sue FERR-long HYE-hah

Combat Discipline: Various

Combat Style: Very balanced, mainly utilises strategy and logic.


Natsu is a fairly tall woman with an athletic build, a trait that is utilised by her speed and flexibility as well as her fair share acrobatics training. Her piercing, bright orange eyes and small tiger ears are complimented by velvet red hair that tumbles down in very loose curls usually done up in a fairly high ponytail drawn close to her head, similar to Pyrrha Nikos' hairstyle.

An active, almost always moving sniper like Natsu would prefer to wear fairly modest clothing that would allow the absolute freedom of movement. The outerwear must also allow her to blend in with the crowd should any member of the White Fang manage to find her. So, she opted for something simple: a plain black hoodie with detachable sleeves (she prefers to keep them off) decorated with scarcely placed scarlike streaks of red scattered throughout, along with a plain white tank top underneath and gloves with detachable fingers. Her matching, form fitting pants with equal decals have removable leggings that convert them into short shorts (again, Natsu prefers to keep the leggings detached). Her only pieces of outerwear that would stand out from the crowd would be her utility belt and her shoulder holster for her sniper rifle. And like the hoodie and the pants, they retain the same design.


Natsu's personality has fluctuated over the years. Before she joined the White Fang, she had been the quiet, frail type who would prefer to keep her distance around most people. Never feeling like she had belonged anywhere, Natsu would be the one person in the village that would live life without any social contact other than her few close friends and her master.

During her time in the White Fang, however, Natsu had become, cocky, impulsive, talkative, and very outgoing - the result of feeling like a necessity. She'd also become somewhat of a rebel, and her proverbial fuse shortened during her time in the White Fang. Natsu had become obedient and loyal to her unit and the organization as a whole, vowing to never turn her back on what had allowed her to feel alive.

However, when she left the criminal organization, Natsu had grown into what she'd been when she started off as a young villager in the Flotilla: a quiet woman who would prefer solitude and isolation. Only this time, she had turned into a cold and calculating person. Very paranoid and cautious, Natsu would refuse to trust almost anyone she met. This would include either treating them with disrespect or intentionally failing to acknowledge their existnce, regardless of the positivity or negativity the person emanated towards her. During combat, Natsu is quite militaristic, and is determined to keep her reputation as a formidable fighter alive, as well as making sure that her morals stay intact. This means doing whatever it takes to ensure she walks home with another victory to add to her mental collection.

Despite her overall negative personality, she still retains her evanescing yet existent brighter side, but it remains trapped deep inside of her...


Primary Weapon Type
Sairento Kira (Nakuna's Sniper Rifle)

Natsu's Sairento Kira (Click to zoom)

Electromagnetic Accelerated Reconaissance Sniper

Primary Weapon Name

Sairento Kasai

Primary Weapon Description

NOTE: A basic description of the weapon can be found here.

A technologically advanced, high-powered, bolt-action bullpup sniper rifle built from the ground up. Uses a unique yet highly advanced Electromagnetic Acceleration System (EAS) to propel bullets at 918-987 m/s. It holds fifteen 0.50 BMG calibre cartridges per magazine. Each round is packed with a simple yet deadly compound containing Burn, Impact, and Gravity Dust in order to achieve the maximum possible velocity when using Combat Mode. 

Even though the bullets contain Dust in them, the EAS is effective enough at firing that it doesn't need it. However, the gun does incorporate a Dust Ignition Mechanism (DIM) whenever the Dust actually needs to be used. Also included is a simple Recoil-Mitigation System (RMS) that uses a number of springs to reduce kick when firing. A couple of examples of this include: a barrel itself reciprocates when fired to absorb the energy of the recoil and the stock having a spring system similar to a real life AA-12 Assault Shotgun.

The rifle has two firing modes:

  1. Recon Mode: Only the EAS is used. Virtually no sound is produced when firing. Muzzle velocity when using this mode at 918 m/s with an effective range of 1,750 meters.
  2. Combat Mode: The EAS and the DIM are used in tandem to fire the bullet further than in Recon Mode. Muzzle velocity clocks in at 987 m/s with an effective range of 2,500 meters. Not used during stealth missions as it produces a loud noise when fired.

The batteries that power the EAS and the DIM are rechgargeable and, on a full charge, can last for approximately 650-825 shots before needing a recharge.

The stock of the gun also contains enough room to conceal a small weapon (particularly a handgun) and some spare magazines for it inside - in Natsu's case, she prefers to store a custom-made CTP-R just in case.

Abilities/Combat Style

Please note that the "Dust" stat does not take into account bullet damage.

Natsu Furlong "Ness" Hayha's Stats :

Weapon Attack
Dust Attack
Critical Rate
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
       ~Inspired from Jollyjo

Other than her exceptional hearing ability and her natural night-vision capabilities, Natsu posesses no real abilities at all. She lacks skill in manipulating Dust as well as her own Aura. Her combat skills, however, may make up for it. She is well trained at close-quarters combat, and is a capable fighter when encountering an armed enemy. On top of that, Natsu is well regarded by others as a diverse specialist in weaponry, allowing her to utilise just about any firearm as well as a few medium and light melee weapons with an exceptionally high degree of effectiveness. The only problem would be that due to her lack of experience with Dust and Aura, she would struggle a bit when pitted against fighters who are highly skilled users of either of those elements.

Natsu's sniping ability is her most prominent characteristic during battle, as she is quite the shot at a great distance. This would pair well with her "think-before-you-leap" mentality and an excellent sense of logical tactics and strategies during battle, which can effectively make her a rather unpredictable and surprising opponent during combat.

Natsu posesses an extensive knowledge in improvised camouflaging, effectively using the environment to make her as invisible as possible. Her overall combat mindset is well balanced, favouring neither offense or defense, but rather choosing which option would offer the best possible outcome.

Journal Log (Backstory)

  • April 24, Year: -6

I was told to make a log of my time here, though I don't really know why.  They don't expect me to actually write out a paragraph everyday - just every once in a while - but I have to make sure that my words here stand true. They also told me to include my past life here too. But the thing is, I do not remember my history very well. I know I don't have isomnia - I sometimes have brief yet vague visions of things that I know I should recall perfectly. But I don't remember my parents, I don't remember where I was born, or when - they told me I was a twelve-year old. I barely remember my time at The Flotilla, where I got my training. The one thing I do remember clearly from that time was my increasing sense of insecurity and loneliness. I was a tiger-faunus living in a village of water, a fact that everyone thought of as rather strange. I felt like the odd person out.

I remember my master, and how he told me that I was only an average student, and how I've always strived yet failed to strike at least one spark of pride in him. I tried my absolute best to impress my mentor, but to no avail. The next thing I can recall is the time where the leader of the White Fang saw my potential while hunting Grimm, and so they approached me and eventually struck a deal with me so I can join their ranks.

The initiation wasn't as bad as I thought of it to be; it was all just a test that tested your simple mental and physical health. I managed to somewhat amaze them with my shooting skills; the first time I had ever felt that I belonged somewhere. This is going to be great!

And I hope they don't expect me to write out logs this long...


  • August 31, Year: -6

My training is finally over. After months of rigorous exercise, strategy and tactics training, assembling guns, and countless bullets, I am now able to finally consider myself as a proud member of the White Fang! For the first time that I can remember, I felt like I was needed, that I was an absolute necessity. And it felt amazing!

Hopefully, I'll receive my first mission soon...


  • September 25, Year: -6

I was assigned a unit just a couple of weeks ago: Blackhawk. The people there came from all walks of life, both Faunus and humans alike, which, I'll admit, surprised me a little. They were all extremely talented at utilizing their abilities to the maximum extent, yet as a whole they were a diverse bunch in terms of overall skill. As a sniper, they welcomed me with open arms as they had never had a marksman (or in my case, markswoman) of my skill level within their ranks before.

The fourteen short days I've been part of the group was unlike anything I have ever experienced previously: there wasn't a time when I've had so much fun before. From the perfect success rate we've managed to sustain since I was assigned to Blackhawk, to the exchanging of hilarious stories at the cabin, to very competitive unit-wide target shooting competitions...while parachuting at 15,000 feet. Man, life's been good to me so far, and I'm really looking forward to whatever's in store in the future.


  • November 10, Year: -6

It's been almost three months since my assigning to Blackhawk and we're still hanging on to the perfect success rate I mentioned earlier, though we've had one mishap so far. Well, it's not that bad, however. But get this: I managed to get my hands on a contact, a contact who apparently happens to be the Chairman of the Product Design Department at Phantom Tactics! Of course, I befriended her and asked her to help supply weapons to my unit (the White Fang already had a supplier, but getting our own means shorter waiting times for new "toys" and supplies). She went with it and agreed to try and convince the CEO to give us weapons at regular intervals and in return we'd pay the company, obviously. And, as always, the CEO agreed to go and accept our offer. The kicker? PT only considers myself as their partner, and no one else. This means more work for me, managing and distributing weapons to my unit. Luckily, it's not as hard as I thought, and besides, we're the only ones in the White Fang to be affected by this deal - think of it as a VIP service.

Hell yeah.

Anyway, everyone got to submit a weapon design that fits their personal preferences. Of course, being a markswoman I really wanted my own sniper rifle - I only used a White Fang issued one that I couldn't modify - so I gave Phantom Tactics the design and, soon enough, everyone else did too. Just be patient, Nessie. A month doesn't seem that bad...


  • December 25, Year: -6

Well, it came in about ten days late, but I guess it was understandable - the whole thing was one hell of a high tech rifle. I became impatient, so I asked the guys at PT to just simply send me the parts and I'll build the gun myself. And sure enough, I got the package a few days later and right on the dot to make it to Christmas, I managed to assemble my new toy!

Even better: my holiday gifts included a load of awesome and rather useful stuff. From an ammunition making kit to sniper scopes to new threads and even a neat little pistol that morphs into a baton and - wait for it - a lighter! Nowhere else will you find any more badassery! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to test out my baby today, but at least the dinner with the Blackhawk made my day.


  • January 14, Year: -5



Yeah, yeah. I know. I'm two weeks late. But I had so much fun I actually forgot I had a log to write. I am, typing away at the keyboard.

Anyway, I finally found the time I was searching for to try out my new sniper rifle, and I'll tell you straight up, the thing is AMAZING! It is scarily accurate, doesn't kick quite a lot, it's very lightweight for a sniper rifle, and it came with a multi-purpose military grade sniper scope and an adjustable bipod. The best part: it is absolutely silent! Well, okay, not completely silent; you hear a muffled hiss when the bullet exits the barrel but the Electromagnetic Acceleration System does an excellent job at firing at breakneck velocities while still keeping the noise produced to the lowest possible minimum. To be honest, this is the firearm that is in every stealthy marksman's wet dream. Well, in my opinion, anyway.


It's 4 AM at the moment, the Commander will probably kill me for staying up so late...

Gah, go to sleep already!


  • March 22, Year: -5



Things have been rather...hostile, lately.

We now have a new leader, and he's proposing that we protest with violence and blood. Honestly, I'm on neither side; I'll just simply let the chips fall where they may. Anyway, I overheard that I might be assigned some sort of reconnaissance mission, and frankly, I'm a little nervous yet excited at the same time. Because if I mess this one up, there's no way IN HELL I'll survive. But it sounds pretty damn awesome to go undercover like in the movies. Only this time, it's all improv. If my words stand true, then either I will come out a hero or die in absolute humiliation by both the White Fang and by the anonymous group/organization in question.

The end result of this better not be the latter...


  • June 2, Year: -5

So it seems that my words did stand true.

Apparently, the Blackhawk Commander gave me orders to spy on a rival rougue group similar to ours called the "Blackthorn Mercenaries " for at least four years. They told me that they were a criminal organization, but the information on the Internet says otherwise...

To me, it was a little strange, considering that I have only been part of the White Fang for several months now. But then he told me that I would have to train and continue performing tasks for a year or two before he'd consider me ready.

Also odd. Why can't he ask me when he thought I was prepared instead of now?

Ahhh, better not question the Commander. He always has his reasons. Anyway, I guess my training


  • May 12, Year: -4

Crap, I forgot that I still had to write these...

At least I didn't get into trouble because of my lack of logging.

Anyway, the Blackhawk Commander told me I was ready for the mission I had mentioned in an earlier log. Hanging on to life for fourteen years and counting...I guess I should consider myself one hell of a lucky person - I've had my share of super-close shaves and messy encounters.

It's been one big ride for me, now it's time step off and board another one. And this time, the coaster's held together by only a few nuts and bolts, so I can't afford to let it all crumble. I'll also be logging from the Blackthorn base as well, though not as often, of course; I'm already in too much risk.


Wish me luck...


  • May 21, Year: -4

Huh. Well...never expected to be THIS easy...

I formulated a plan to capture the Blackthorns' attention, and I admit that it was overly complex. But it was sure to work. However, I've done some research on these guys and fortunately, I managed to get myself on their radar via an easier method: I saved one of them.

I've found a cave to call my temporary hideout around three miles north of the Blackthorn Main Headquarters so that I may study their patterns and actions, as well as their main goals and morales. Because of this, I knew their trademark: some strange-looking body armour.

Anyway, I was walking back through the Emerald Forest from a local spare parts shop when I saw a boy around my age struggling against a Major Ursa. When I saw the armour he had on, I knew this was a rare chance to get up close and personal with our main rivals. So, long story short, I saved his ass, and in return, I asked him to introduce me to his gang leader so that I may join them.

Surprisingly enough, the boy didn't suspect a hint of White Fang from me, and sure enough, the leader believed the backstory I fabricated a few days earlier. So here I am, typing out this log in a new and unfamiliar living space from within Blackthorn's HQ. I got myself some new Blackthorn threads as well as my own custom made ones, and hell, they look mighty badass.

Anyway, it's best that I go to sleep now - my initiation starts tomorrow.

And goddamn, that boy was cute to look at...


  • October 3, Year: -4

Blackthorn initiation and training took a little longer than the White Fang's, but it didn't take as long as I initially thought. But at least I'm part of them now...and I got that body armour I was talking about earlier; and the thing can survive heavy LMG rounds! Holy hell, now that's real protection right there.

Anyway, I finally got to make good use of my phone, slowly but surely hacking away at the first firewall that will reveal some of the outer layers of this organization. The best part is, the thing is untraceble, so they won't know what I'm doing on my phone - especially writing out my logs. Badass tech geeks, gotta love 'em. On the downside, the hacking system drains the battery a lot faster than normal. Buzzkill, yes indeed.

Moving away from that subject and back into my reconnaissance mission, I've identified their leader: Yggdrasil Blackthorn. The kicker: not much is known about him, so I'll have to do some manual digging. I've also dug some some info on the boy who's ass I've saved, but it's getting late and I'll have to sleep so I can be refreshed and fully focused for my first mission tommorow. But what I can say is that he is a mule-faunus named Cam Wells.

I personally don't like mules, but this one...I might make him an exception.

Anyway, I'm off to sleep. I hope I'll get to be partners with that boy...


  • January 20, Year: -3

After several tedious months of further training, I finally got to go on my first mission as a Blackthorn Mercenary. And guess who I got partnered with? That's right, Cam Wells, baby! The dude is a friggen monster. Trust me, he lifts, and he lifts a lot. On top of that, Cam challenged me to punch him in the stomach one time. I initially didn't want to do such a thing, but he encouraged me to do so, as if he actually wanted me to do it. So I did, and he didn't feel a thing! I tried hitting him a few more times, but either I'm weak, or he's just a literal definition of a tank, because after those attempts, he still didn't feel even the slightest sting of pain. Even better: Cam' weapon of choice is a - wait for it - MINIGUN/AXE.


Holy hell, if I could carry that thing, I would definitely steal that from him...provided that I have the strength to do so. I'll probably never match his physical power, though.

Anyway, the mission turned out to be a flying success, and I'm very pleased by the outcome. But that's not all. I got some new information about these guys, and it just happens to turn out that Phantom Tactics is supplying these guys like crazy, arming them to the teeth with weapons from all different shapes, sizes, and forms - my kind of heaven. But it still irks me a little that PT is giving the White Fang's rivals the very best of weaponry around Remnant. Eh, then again, they do have a lot of lucrative contracts, or so I've heard. So I really shouldn't be complaining. And besides, I still got Sairento Kasai by my side.

Yeah, I really shouldn't be complaining.


  • February 23, Year: -2


Here we are again.

Back at the old WF log...

Anyway, I've started to relay all the info my phone has retrieved about BM back to the WF Headquarters. From there, they will coordinate carefully executed attacks onto several of the BM's mines. In the meanwhile, I hear that the Schnee Dust Company has a contract deal with these guys, so the White Fang will get a kick out of that once they're done. In other news, I befriended Cam over the months in between logs, and he's turning out to be a real good friend. He's a little shy, but overall, he's quite the nice guy. He's also the only person I've ever met so far that I can relate with, and I'm very relieved to have met a person with this trait. At least I can release the proverbial weight of my past off my shoulders; obviously, I lie about my teenage years to hide the fact that I'm spying for the White Fang.

It was only about a couple of months ago when I finally reveal my inner feelings to him. A little flustered at first, but fast-forward to now and you have a pair of lovers watching each other's six while we go off into the forest killing Grimm together. This all sounds a little corny, I know. But it's the truth.

It would've been better if a few plot twists were thrown in, but I like how my story goes so far. Again, like in the previous log, I have no complaints.


  • June 4, Year: -2

I don't really have a lot of time but I'll make this quick.

I'm having a blast here at BM. I know I know, it seems obvious, assuming you've read my previous logs. But today was hilarious!

Okay, so me and my boyfriend, Cam, came back from another successful mission-


Actually, I recorded the conversation for memory's sake. I didn't catch all of it but here's what I got:

  • "Hey guys! Guess who got twenty-two kills? This guy!"
  • "Whatever, Cam. You keep stealing my kills."
  • "Yeah, sorry about that. How many did you pick off?"
  • "I think it was five...with one bullet off a couple of walls while in mid-air. Suck it."

I admit, I was hella proud of that. I wish I had captured that moment with a camcorder...

Anyway, there was a little bit of a rivalry going down between me and Cam, but things got better real fast afterwards. But not quite as soon as I would've liked, because the people who heard the conversation had a full keg of beer waiting for us upon return. And guess who got drenched in alcohol? Yep. That's right. Me. Guess who did it? That's right. Cam.

That damn sonofabitch. This is why I love him. He's nice until you get up into his face, and then he suddenly gets all competitive.

Well, at least the toy on my back didn't get damaged, but I literally had to shower for hours just to get the stench off. Ugh.

Anyway, something else happened to me today, and it's something that I've been waiting for quite a while. Like I said, I don't have a lot of time, but I'll leave you with this:

A kiss. <3

Hehe. About time.


  • March 12, Year: -1

Today was a little bit of an off day for me.

I thought I could convince Yggdrasil to consider joining with the White Fang, but he quickly shot down my suggestion, saying that there would be no way in hell that he would even consider partnering with the WF. It sucked, really. The two organizations would surely form a group that would possess unstoppable momentum in my opinion. It's a good thing he didn't catch me, but it was one hell of a close call.

I only did it when I realized that I was starting to rethink about spying on BM. These guys actually turned out to be like the same people from WF: welcoming, kind to their own members, makes you feel a necessity...


Anyway, it's too late to turn back now - my phone has already relayed every byte of information about BM to my guys back at the WF Blackhawk unit, and now the defense strategists are working out a plan to take out the Blackthorn Mercenaries. I'm starting to regret it; I really think the two gangs could work together if they just got along somehow...

And Cam...he dislikes WF. Not like hate hate but just a plain "I don't really like them" kind of mindset toward them. I wasn't even the slightest bit offended - I understand his reasons - but I don't think he'll take my secret too lightly.

Anyway, I really don't know what to do now - stay here with the one person I would spend the rest of my life with, or go back to the group that made me feel as if I was a vital piece to their proverbial puzzle. It's a tough decision, I know. But...

I know there is a way...somehow...


  • October 19, Year: -1


I'll just make this short.

I'm worried now.

The White Fang...they'll be here soon.

And Cam...

Cam...I'm sorry for this...


The White Fang...they mean the world to me...

I don't want to be an altered puzzle piece; I want to fit in...

And their power...the Blackthorn Mercenaries don't stand a chance.

It's too late to find a possible way to merge the two groups together.

Again, I'm sorry for this, Cam. But I've made up my mind...

The love between you and me intertwines us tight.


My loyalty stays with the White Fang.


  • April 7, Year: 0

The raid begins today.


Well, it's been a fun ride, but now's the time to step back into the first rollercoaster. This time, however, I plan to take someone along with me.

I would go mental if I saw my Faunus boyfriend sprawled across the forest floor with no heartbeat, and I really don't want that. So I wanted to lure him away so that at least he would survive the attack.

So I fabricated an elaborate report about a Grimm hotspot just a few miles to the north and showed Yggdrasil. I then requested him to send me and Cam to that particular place to get rid of the (non-existent) Grimm. Fortunately, he agreed, so Cam and I were off. Only, I didn't think ahead far enough to know what to do once we got there.

But as if the powers if luck and coincidence struck me, I saw several Ursae and Major Ursae fighting off a group of familiar faces.


Cam wanted to report them, but that would mean that he'd be drawn into the cross fire. And again, I'd really hate to go mental when the WF puts a few rounds into him. So my impulses made the choice for me: I started fighting alongside my crew.

To my surprise, Cam came in to help, but the look on his face...he didn't seem at all happy to do such a thing.

The attack began back at the BM HQ when more Grimm arrived at our position. There was no way I could've survived with such a large number of giant monsters, and so my impulses has sent me running away from the Grimm, leaving Cam to fend for himself. He's a strong and capable fighter, so I trust that he'll survive on his own. But...I wish I could've taken him with me...

The attack turned out to be a success, which was a win-loss situation for me. I can't believe I just abandoned him like that. But WF would not accept him into their ranks. No way will they allow a member of their rivals inside...


I'm so sorry...


  • June 23, Year: 0


Things have been rather shaky here at Blackhawk.

Our success rate has fallen slightly, probably due to my performance. I'm still thinking about what I could've done instead of leaving Cam behind...and it's bringing me down...

Damnit, Ness...FOCUS!

Anyway, the team knows about my relationship with Cam after the incident a few months back. Every now and then they would poke fun at me for being an intimate lover, but I really don't mind. Some of these guys are in relationships too, some with other members of the White Fang. And besides, it's good to know that the team hasn't changed its bright side.

Getting into more serious matters, the feds are getting close to locating our base, so we'll have to take more precautions during missions now. But that's not what I'm talking about. We've located an old weapons R&D center just a few miles east from here. It's in an ancient building (not really ancient - just about 75-or-so years old), but a rival criminal gang who they call themselves "Akuma" occupy that space. The Commander wishes to invade and secure the facility for the WF to use, but some people label the place as a deathtrap - I hear that the Akuma are just as ruthless as we are, and the fact that they gave one of Vale's secret services a lot of shit over a hostage situation tells me that these guys are not to be messed with.

And now, we're about to mess with them.


  • September 10, Year: 0

Well...about that mission...

Yeah, it didn't go according to plan. Apparently, the building was only a decoy, and so it drew their rival in right into the crossfire.

Of course, it wouldn't bother me if something like that would happen, but...

Actually, I'll back it up a bit.

Okay, so we were storming the facility, thinking that we had this one in the bag. To our surprise, however, we found out that it was a trap only when the explosions went off. We knew that the mission was a failure, so we all had to get out.

Only they forgot someone...

Someone had hit me hard in the back, and no one from Blackhawk bothered to save me from the steadily growing inferno. Why the team would leave me is beyond my knowledge; I thought my story would end there. But the Vale Fire Department came just in time to haul my unconsious body out of there...only to wake up in their police station.

They were wondering what had happaned, and why would someone my age be inside a building labeled as "decommissioned". I told them that I didn't know that the building was in a state of abandonment, which was the truth. But the rest of the words that come out of my mouth were obviously lies, lies that would cover the tracks of the White Fang's presence - I almost never wore their uniform after making my current clothing, the Commander didn't really mind. So, they let me leave without any charges against me. The only thing I have to worry now is explaining why and how the mission was a failure...


  • September 11, Year 0


I cannot fucking believe it.

My own team...they used me to divert the cops!

What the hell!?

Really? I can't believe this bullshit.

Okay, let me explain with a little bit of the conversation I managed to discreetly record earlier:

  • "Remind me again: why the hell did we leave our only good sniper in the hellhole?"
  • "Because more than one of us could've died if we tried to save her."
  • "Bullshit."
  • "Hey, you were the one who hit her."
  • "For the last fucking time, I did not hit her!"
  • "Well, the person who did had the same clothing as yours and had the same figure as you."
  • "Says the person who was planning to use Natsu as a diversion for the cops!"
  • "It makes sense, actually, being that she wears her own clothing, is barely seen by anyone outside of the White Fang due to her being a sniper, and that she could lie pretty damn well - well enough to send the cops into a wild goose chase should she be taken in. But, despite this, I did not hit her. I swear to God I didn't..."

Yeah, go ahead and say that to yourself. Go ahead and do that. Because you're not going to see me in my bed the next day. Seriously, I've been through enough shit, and I don't need anymore.

I'm sorry to say this, but I have to. The experiences I've had with the White Fang...I now look at them and label them as a huge fucking lie. They used me only to obtain whatever the hell they want and to augument their successes. This is serious bullshit.

Fuck you, guys. I'm done.



  • "Natsu" means "Summer" in Japanese (Me: stares at Ray).
    • "Furlong" derives from the former world record holder for longest confirmed sniper kill in history (1.51 miles, or 2,430 meters), Rob Furlong.
    • "Hayha" comes from the world record holder for most confirmed kills in history (705 kills, 505 with rifle, 200 with a submachine gun), Simo Hayha.
  • She is based off of Wren Connolly (Wren 178) from Amy Tintera's young-adult novel, Reboot.
    • Her design is based off of Yoko Littner from "Gurren Lagann" as well as "Black Rock Shooter" from..."Black Rock Shooter".
  • Natsu's weapon, "Sairento Kasai", translates to "Silent Fire" in Japanese.
  • She suffers from a very slight case of bipolar disorder.
  • Apparently, she is quite skilled at singing and playing a guitar.
    • Though, no one who has visited her hideout has ever seen a guitar anywhere...
  • Her affiliation to Reiku and his team and how their relationship formed is currently unknown.
  • Credit goes to Sam and Jollyjo for the awesome stats template and the equally awesome emblem!
  • Please note that all dates use the Sparky's Fanon Timeline system.



"Huh? What the hell is this?"


"That son of a bitch!"

Clop clop clop clop!


"WHAT THE HELL, MARCUS!? Didn't I tell you to not retrieve Flame's profile?"

"I-I know I know but-"

"But WHAT!?"

"I-I just had some suspicion that she'll rat us out. I-I'm sorr-"


"Are you fucking serious right now!? Flame told us to not leave a paper trail behind her, and in return, she'd use her skills to help us. You do realize that your kA_n9ne safeguard is no longer active once you kill it from the process, and that you're operating in a wireless frequency that's easily hackable, right? By retrieving her WFPD profile, you've not only gave her a fucking trace but us as well! WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING!?"

"I-I don't really know...but-"

"Just...just forget it. Screw it. We need to move, now."

"Y-yes, Alice..."

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