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Don't mind him. He can be a bit stiff, even without the armor.
— Nauta, teasing about her friend Echion to her teammates
Nauta Azzurra
Age 17
Alias The Sky Rider
Nickname Nata, Nau, Nazza
Color Sky Blue
Gender Female
Race Faunus
Species Tiger
Born Unknown
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Tan
Hair Tan
Eyes Amber
Height 5"8"
Weight 125 lbs.
Professional Status
Affiliation N/A
Partner Echion Tyrian
Occupation Student/Huntress-in Training
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown
Additional Info
Likes Reading, Training, good friends, people she can trust
Dislikes Humans (Echion being an exception), Stalkers, Racists, perverts
Special Skills Marksmanship, Semblance handling, Night Vision, Agility
Weaknesses Somewhat impulsive, temper issues, not good with leadership



Nauta in casual dress

In armor, Nauta tends to draw her share of stares, a fact that her friend Echion teases her about. But the other thing that makes her stick out is the ears on her head and the scars that mar her heavly tanned face, back and stomach. The ears do contrast with her light brown, shoulder length hair and her amber colored eyes. Other than those two things, many would consider her quite attractive to look at. 

Her navy blue armor covers what little cloth she has on under it. She wears a pair of arm length fingerless gloves in blue and gold, that are covered by the armor's shoulder pauldrons. She wears a sky blue, gold trimmed pleated skirt --under the metal plate above it--that almost goes down to her knees, exposing her lithe yet muscular legs. On her feet, she wears a pair of white ankle length socks that are covered by a pair of black trimmed tan leather boots. On her head, she often wears a modified Corinthian helmet that allows her ears to poke out, exposing only her eyes and mouth. 

Her casual dress is markedly different, which often provokes Echion's teasing about her armored appearance. She wears a blue and white long-sleeved shirt, exposing a little bit of her shoulders and her midriff. She wears a sky blue and gold trimmed skirt that is held up by a belt the same color as the skirt. She wears the same type of socks in and out of her armor. However, instead of a pair of boots, she wears a pair of tan soled, navy blue tennis shoes. 

But either way, she's a warrior of tremendous skill that you don't want to mess with. 


If anything could be said about her personality, one could say that it's a lively one. Around peole she trusts, she's talkative, sociable, and even charming. Of course...there's very few people that she trusts (she hates humans for good reason), her friend Echion being one of those people in her close circle of friends that she likes and trusts. Other than that, she's quite intelligent, and can sometimes be seen reading a book. Of course, that's often mixed with some teasing about Echion.

However, she's somewhat prone to impulsive behavior both on and off of the battlefield, but is often kept grounded by Echion; something that she is often grateful for. And she also has a bit of a temper problem, but through time has learned to keep that anger under control when restraint is called for. 

Even with some of the negatives, she's one person that you would want to have beside you on the field of battle. 


Her tactics and style revolve around her weapons. The uniqueness of her armament is purely out of the large variance in size:

  • Neptune's Fury: A lance that stands 6 feet tall, and some would think it would dwarf the 5' 8" Nauta.. She carries the weapon in a holster slinged across her back. It also proves a valuable aid to her semblance
  • Shield of the Tiger: A decent sized parma shield, it lends her an extra line of defense to help conserve her Aura. It has a sharpened round edge that allows her to use it as a weapon. It can take a tremendous beating. 

Her Aura allows her a bit of defense to make up for the lack of coverage provided by her armor. It also helps her out whenever she can't get to her shield. Her Semblance, 'Fulgur Hasta', allows her to use her lance as a lighting conduit, each swipe with the blade end sending a bundled electric charge at an opponent. Her eyes turn a bright blue whenever her Aura or Semblance is active. 

Battle Style

Where her friend Echion's style is defensive, she prefers to go on the attack. Often in conjunction with his defensive style, she'll use the range of her lance to keep her opponents at a distance, often hitting them with a sharp and fast series of slashes and stabs before finishing them off. 

However, if need arises, she can fight well (But with some difficult due to the weapons strapped to her armor) against an opponent when she is unarmed. She uses a brutal and dirty fighting style equivalent to MMA, her opponents surprised at her strength. She can use Shield of the Tiger to augment her unarmed style, using it's sharpened edge to deliver the coup de gras. 


Nauta had a normal childhood for the first few years of her life, albeit with the constant racism that was directed at her being a faunus. Her parents worked for a large corporation, but their wages were small, the company seeing faunus labor as 'expendable'. By the age of six, her parents fell upon hard times and illness, her parents passing away at the age of 6. 

At age six, Nauta was placed in the care of an orphanage, finding out that the discrimination continued even withing the confines of its walls. And for years, endured constant physical and verbal abuse because of what she was. However, a year in at the age of 7, she befriended a boy in the orphanage who was more than willing to help her out. 

The boy- who she learned was named Echion Tyrian- helped to divert most of the abuse she took. She, in turn, helped to get him more food while the were there. This was a routine they developed for a few years, until they were the age of nine. At the age of nine, a huntress came into the orphanage, looking for the unusual pair. She came up to them and told them what was to happen to them.

The woman was taking custody of the two, seeing as they had no official transcripts or documents except from the orphanage. She told them that they would live with her and provide company, and in turn, she would care for them and act like a mother. Just...not a usual one. The two agreed, and so began the next step of their lives beyond the walls of the orphanage.

They trained with her and developed their individual fighting styles, ate, and cared for each other as the years passed. A family, what the two wanted. Nauta also wanted to be like her, stating her as her role model. She laughed when she told her this, and asked Echion what he thought privately. He must have agreed, for their Adopted Mother signed them up for Signal Academy the next day. And the rest is easy to figure out.

They attended the school, never straying far from each other. He would keep her anger inn check, and in turn, she would help Echion relax, and liven up. During this time, she developed her study habits and her views and ethics on helping others. She also picked up on blacksmithing much like Echion did. When the time for building their own weapons came around, she built her lance Neptune's Fury and Shield of the Tiger, along with a set of armor for herself. She styled it after a book that she had read, a fantasy novel about an ancient empire that spanned a massive area at one point in history, albeit making the armor more to her liking. A few alterations were made, and when the time came to test her weapon, she stepped out with both the lance  and shield in hand, and armor (what passed for her armor) strapped to her body.

She finished Signal alongside her only friend, and applied to Beacon, where she was accepted. 

Author's Notes

  • Her first name comes from the Latin word for sailor, Nauta
  • Her last name comes from the Italian word for sky blue, Azzurra
  • The name of her Semblance means 'lighting lance' in Latin
  • I thank Robby (Noctum Caeruleus) for helping me in the creation of both his OC and my own
  • Relationship between the two will develop as time goes on, so pay attention

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