Navarette Deupour (Nava-ret De-you-pour) is a member of Team NAZL, alongside Lilly Maurice, Iri Kurosaki, and Zaeulu CIERRA.  Navarette prefers the nickname "Navi" and is know by the school as the "only Faunnus that will never hide who she is and was."

Before Beacon Academy

One night, while out on a tavern run with his men on the hunt for a large sea Grimm, the young Peter Port came across a beautiful mouse Faunnus named Pix DuBuis who was quick with her wit and with a knife.  Quickly enamoured, he joined the young pirate woman on her many advetures along the shores of Rembrant.  He hunted Grimm, she hunted traitors.

The young couple, umarried, conceived a beautiful baby girl, Navarette. 

Peter stayed with them until the authorities began looking for pirates. Navi stayed with Peter until she was 5, when her mother returned and took her to sea and let Peter live his life. On the shores of Vale, her mother Pix taught her to spar and shoot and survive. Navi looked just like her mother, with her father's white hair.

This idea changed, however, after a rogue Beowolf snuck onto the Daragon one night, threatening the lives of every member of the ship.  Terrified for his children's safety, Davies began teaching Oscar and Navi how to fight.  Oscar, though skilled with his father's sword, had no hopes for becoming the ship's Hunter.  Navarette, on the other hand, excelled in hand-to-hand combat and could shoot a gull from a quarter mile away.  

Proud of his daughter's love for fighting, he took her to a weilding shop and helped her design a weapon worthy of her talent, dual handheld sickle scythes equiped with dust rockets held in wrist gauntlets that she always wore.  She appropriately named her weapons The Sea Dragons.  With pride, Davies offered to send Navi to a school for Huntresses in order to hone her ability.

All hope was lost as her lack of schooling has kept her out of all the schools she applied to.  While taking out her anger in the forest outside of Vale, she encountered an Ursa.  Too angry to care, she used the Sea Dragons to shred the Ursa down, annoyed at the noise it make, yelling back, "Can't you see I DON'T WANT TO TALK!"

Goodwich, who was on patrol, saw the Faunnus take down the Ursa and offered to take her into Ozpin's care at Beacon Academy, where she eagarly accepted.

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  • Navarette was named after the  color of the ocean, "Navi" from "Navy Blue"
  • She was created in spite of Cardin Winchester's bullying past, and probable present.
  • Navi was created by VinPro Olive, who's occasional nickname is Navi.
  • Originally, Navi wasn't a Faunnus but the story was altered in response to the reveal of Blake Belladonna.
  • Though she seems to hate Cardin, she does begin to reciprocate feelings.

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