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It may be true that having strength is good...but what is the point of having that strength if you don't have something or someone to protect? Without a'll always be weak, no matter how strong you become..
— Nero Zelená

Nero Zelená
Age 18
Status Active
Color Green
Gender Male
Race Human
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Slight tan
Hair Dark green with black and white streaks
Eyes Black
Height 5'7"
Weight 110lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team None so far
Occupation Student
Jobs None
Additional Info
Likes Reading, training
Dislikes Ignorant people, deserters.
Nero's theme song:


Nero wears a long, black and red coat with The Order of the Sword's insignia sewn into both shoulders in dark green as well as two crossing dragons in black and white on the back. He also wears a dark green muscle-shirt beneath that, and a pair of dark blue pants. He also has a dark green version of his coat and a black muscle shirt but sometimes will go without the shirt.

He wears an onyx black ring on his left ring finger with an orange gem and on his right index finger, a gold ring with a curled serpent on it. His hair is also swept backward. Beneath the heavy clothing lies a physique that allows swift movement but also allows him to land powerful blows.

He bears a large scar running down his stomach diagonally. He also bears a tattoo of The Order of the Sword's symbol on his back as a reminder to himself about what he stands for.

(Note: While the symbol used is indeed from Devil May Cry 4, I only use it as a symbol for the jacket and the tattoo on his back. I have yet to decide on a symbol to use for him at Beacon and any help would be appreciated).


Outside of battle, Nero is a calm individual with a warm and accepting personality. He is always around for emotional support when needed and always knows how to put a smile on everyone's face. He used to have trouble making friends and at first was socially awkward around large groups, but he soon learned to make friends. He also used to give people nicknames to tease them.

However, when in battle with his opponent(s) he is cold and calculating. He strikes with precise movements and never wastes his attacks. He is also capable of working well in teams, not just on his own.

While he has warmed up to people, he still sometimes says the wrong thing and is usually quick to apologise, but if the person in question turns on him, he reverts to his buried "cold" attitude.


Not much is known about Nero, which suggests that he had a tragic past. What is known is that he was taken in by someone who simply called themself The Collector, someone who collected Dust for his collection (although never used for evil purposes), as well as weapons for his displays.

He took Nero in from a young age as his own surviving parent, his mother, had suffered from blood loss due to an attack by the Grimm. In exchange for helping him carry out tasks, The Collector taught young Nero everything he knew about fighting, cooking etc and also gave him a home. He became somewhat of a father to Nero, however he was slightly insane.

While he is not friends with them, he knows of team RWBY and team JNPR.

Weapons and Abilities:


Nero has several weapons that he has crafted during his time staying with The Collector.

Black Wyrms: These SMGs are designed to resemble that of Lie Ren's "Jade Dragons" in terms of shape and functionality. The only difference is that the weapons are jet black and the barrels resemble a dragon's mouth. They bare the same blades as the Jade Dragons, however they have a design that resembles a dragon's scales. These SMGs give off red flashes instead of green.

Emerald Queen: This weapon was designed by Nero himself. The blade is jet black with the kanji for Emerald Queen (エメラルドの女王) engraved on the blade. While not as sharp as a regular katana, this special weapon has a Dust-injection system to increase the power of his swings. Red Dust adds flames while Yellow adds Lightning.


While he has mastered the use of weapons, he is not without martial arts. While not as adept at using his hands as someone like Yang, he prefers to use his legs as they pack more of a punch.

He has also been showing as capable of using Dust to attack his enemies with. While he lacks variety, he prefers his Fire and Lightning spells to cover his allies. The main downside is that his spells can tire him out as he is suited to weapon-orientated combat, as well as his lack of experience in using the glyphs.

He possesses power that can rival that of Yang or Pyrrha and while he possesses a strategic mind in combat, he sometimes tends to overthink things, causing injury that could've been avoided through a clear mindset.

Author Note:

Nero - Italian for the color black

Zelená - Czech for the color green.

This is my first attempt at a RWBY character. While it's far from amazing (this I know), any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated. Also any ideas for a symbol for Nero would be appreciated as well.

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