New York Minute is a weapon that is used by Scarlet Johnson.

New York Minute

Scarlet Johnson


High velocity Pistol


Ranged, melee

Weapon Derivation

Pistol, Rifle, Nightstick

The weapon is a semi automatic high velocity Pistol.

MOR-94 Hammer image resized


New York minute has a simple grey colour scheme and chrome finish. A rail on both the underbarrel and the top of the slide allow a lasersight/scope to be attached (lasersight at the bottom, scope at the top). 


As a pistol, the weapon is decently compact, allowing to be stored in Scarlet's suit sleeve. It loads and fires like any other pistol, with the benefit of the ability to have a scope for longer range firing.


At the press of a button, New York Minute extends out from the barrel to become a high velocity rifle. At the back of the pistol, the butt folds out to allow for stability while aiming. The difference between this rifle mode and other rifles is that it still loads and fires like a pistol, with the magazine inside the handle. 


Like many other guns, the ammuniton types can vary, With High Explosove and Armour Piercing rounds using Dust to add firepower, and custom made rounds with sleeping gas or shock bolts for a non-lethal variety.

Armor Piercing (AP) - Uses special design/materials to add extra velocity to penetrate thick armor.

High Explosive (HE) - Uses Dust in a non-crystal form to create a small explosion on impact.

Sleeping Gas - Self explanatory. Particularly designed for use on Faunus/ Grimm due to their hightened senses, useless against humans.

Shock Bolt - Sends electrical currents through target's body, causing nervous system to tighten up and shut down. Due to high voltage, bolts are to only to be used if target is unaware or weakened, to avoid damage to nervous system.


As well as being a pistol/rifle hybrid, New York Minute also has several attachments to increase its fighting capacity. A scope/lasersight can be attached to either the slide on top of the gun or on the underbarrel rail. The scope has a variable zoom to help zero in for the best possible accuracy at long ranges. The lasersight allows for better accuracy while firing on the move, however the weapon is at its most accurate (and deadliest) while in a stable fring position.

A bipod can also be attached when the scope is being used, to allow for better stability when sniping. The only drawback with the scope/lasersight attachment is that they are both one in the same, so the lasersight must be swapped over to the top rail on the slide to use the scope, and vice-versa. The weapon is also compatible with a skyhook kit, which allows for quick extraction from dangerous situations.

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