This is not what you want, If you step up you will get beat down
— Nigel explaining what will happen if anyone fights him

Nigel Coeur is The Leader of Team NILA, a man that only ever wants to fight and have a good time.

Nigel Coeur
Age 17
Title The Apathetic Challenger
Status Active
Gender Male
Race Human
Born April 2nd
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Pale
Hair Blonde
Eyes Electric Blue
Height 6'11"
Weight 230 Lbs.
Professional Status
Affiliation Team NILA
Partner "Azure"
Occupation Leader
Additional Info
Likes Bragging, Dragon kicking people to the milky way, and mouthing off to people he doesn't like, Apple Cider, Playing Guitar (Although he isn't good at it)
Dislikes People that as he described as "All talk, no walk", losing friends
Special Skills Boxing, Strength, Fighting, Speed
Weaknesses Can be angered, can be tricked


Nigel is a tall, muscled, and very strong man, often noticed for his tall size.

He has shaggy spiked dirty blonde hair and electric blue eyes and he has a small scar on his forehead.

Black jacket with the sleeves rolled up and gold trenched dragon on the back, gray A-Shirt, black pants and black boots


Incredibly flippant, casually mouthing off to anyone even powerful opponents. He enjoys fighting, and it shows when he sometimes choses not to fight at his full potential so he can toy with his opponent or make a fight last longer.

He often carries himself with a slick, confident manner but with a keen sense of justice and a kind nature. Despite all of that he often has a disinterest in anything outside of fighting.

Surprisingly has a very morbid outlook on his worth in the big picture of it all, he sees himself as expendable and doesn't really have ambition because of it.


Nigel is not a very ambitious man, for a long time he only ever worried about fighting the Grim like everyone else. This led him to finding his future teammate known simple as "Azure" when at near the end of his training, Nigel found him in a forest injured and near death.

After helping him get back to good health, he and Azure have worked together to advance in their academy to further their training.

This is where he met Lloyd Lupino, loud mouth as he was and together they were suddenly caught in a situation where Nigel had to fight another huntsman by the name Irving Huile.

This fight was something that was both difficult, lasting for days and in a way forged a powerful friendship between them and allowed them to form Team NILA.

He then was convinced by Lupino to work missions designated by his father Lionel in order to help Lloyd create a good public image for both Bad Wolf and ELVID.

Every since then he has been able to enjoy days of great and strange journeys through Remnant or bored with easy cake walk missions. Well until recently with The Ladon Mob.

Weapons & Combat

He fights with Gauntlets "The Ebony Typhoon" Specially made gauntlets made to take in amounts of air and dust and its techniques can be powered up by engaging the thrusters on the gauntlets and can vent jets of air for increased maneuverability and striking power. This makes him maintain a fist fighting, boxer style


When he gets up close he can do real damage, often using the vents in his weapon to create stronger punches. He can also dust to let him power up the speed of his gauntlets to punch incredibly fast, what he calls "Typhoon Ebony Overdrive"


The problem is often that his weapon is only truly useful up close meaning that he can be picked off from far away. Also over use of Ebony Overdrive creates pressure on his arms giving a real danger of breaking them in the process.


Nigel comes from the Latin Word Niel which means Black, Coeur Is French for color.