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Grimm Classification: Centipede Grimm.

Grimm Title: Night runner.

Threat Ranking: A.


This Grimm has the appearence of a giant spiked centipede. It measures at around 16 meters, has large mandibles covered with its saliva and long antennas on its head to sense its prey. It has a hundred legs that are about half a meter long that help it to burry itself underground and move at quick speeds. Its black armour plated exo-skeleton is very hard but it has soft skin in the joints of the armour. These joints allow it to preform quick strikes and the ability to roll into a ball. The strikes however powerful, have a one second opening.


Like the Boarbatusk a Night runner has the ability to spin forward allong its spine. It also can move as fast as the average junior hunter. It can burry itself in a instant allowing it to preform stricks from underground.

Its antennas allow it to sense the enviorment around it by picking up vibrations.

What the Night runner is most known for is its ability to have its body cut off and yet live. The only maway to kill it is to go for its armour covered head. You break through its shell and strick once on its head, it's as good as dead.

Additional notes

  • The Night runner is a species of Grimm that comes out mostly at night.
  • One of the most famous stories about this Grimm is the time when a small town was building railway tracks and two Night runners appeared and attacked the workers. Two profesional hunters were called in to eliminate this threat. The head of one of the two Grimms now hang in a museum in Mistral.

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