It can turn invisible?! What kind of creature turns invisible?! That's just... that's not fair!
— Pierce Kreeyt
Nightmare Maw
Title Nightmare Maw
Classification Panther
Ranking D (when alone)

C (when in a pack)

Abilities Invisibility

Piercing eyesight Call for allies

Strength Sharp claws

Sharp teeth Deafening roar

Weakness When moving while invisible, it's cloak shimmers.


The Nightmare Maw, renowned for it's ability to turn invisible, is a creature that is not to be underestimated.  The creature is jet-black with a patterned carapace, bone-white spines emerging from it's back and legs, long sharp claws and a tail covered in red-patterned scales. This Grimm is often mistaken for a Beowolf, which can possibly be a lethal mistake to an uninformed combatant.

Additional Information

Nightmare Maws, unlike most Grimm, do not purposefully attack unarmed humans. If it senses them as not being capable of fighting, the creature will merely intimidate them and pass them by. This has granted the Nightmare Maw some renown as a creature of honor, and they were seen, in ancient times, as a 'final test', of sorts. Combatants were thrown into an arena, along with a Nightmare Maw. If the creature did not attack with the intent to kill, then the warrior would be exiled from a life of duty.

Recommended Tactics

  • By an unknown method, it can secrete a fluid which renders it invisible to the naked eye. However, oral anomalies, such as loud noises, and noticable body movement will disrupt the fluid and cause the Nightmare Maw to become temporarilary visible.
  • Be mindful of your surroundings. The Nightmare Maw is quite agile, and it can easily slip behind you and climb a tree to get the drop on you.
  • The Nightmare Maw has a powerful bite, which can shatter bone in a matter of seconds.
  • The spines, despite their intimidating appearance, are quite brittle. If one is broken off, attempt to kill the creature with it, as it will likely be covered in the "invisibility fluid" which functions as a lethal toxin when injected into a Grimm.

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