Nightshade is a Private Military Company operating out of Vale.


As a private military company, Nightshade contains many powerful mercenaries. They most commonly take contracts from those with power and influence, and their area of expertise is stealth.

They first gained renown six years ago, where several prominent criminals were found dead, behind locked doors. Since then, they have gained a reputation for clean, effective murder. They have made multiple enemies, but said enemies are often quite reluctant to assault the well-fortified Nightshade compound.

At the present time, Nightshade appears to be supporting a mafia group, The Nine Dragons of Vale. The Stranger and his Onyx Trio are known to be working directly with them.


Nightshade operatives are trained with an emphasis on stealth. Lockpicking, sneaking, moving silently - all are areas that Nightshade operatives excell in.  Their usual contracts entail breaking and entering, and, their forté, assassination of targets.

Notable Members

  • The Stranger - Rumored to be the head of the organization, he is the one who distributes contracts to individual operatives.
  • Onyx Trio - A group of three operatives working directly with the stranger, they are hand-picked for their abilities.

Former Members

  • Crimal Mison - Was a member for a short period of time before leaving the organization due to the scarcity of open combat, which he prefers over covert affairs.


Author's Notes

I finally got around to it when, in The Enchanter Heira new book by one of my favorite authors, contained a group known as Nightshade.

The Onyx Trio were partly inspired in part by the Onyx Guards in GoW, an elite group of special forces working directly for the Chairman.

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