"I could help you with that if you'd like."

Nile Kistsane
Age 17
Title Beacon Student
Color Azure
Race Fox Faunus
Hair Orange, Dark-Brown Tips
Eyes Hazel Brown
Height 5'5"
Professional Status
Team H.E.R.N

Nile's Emblem


Nile is a Fox Faunus. This being so, he has black tipped fox ears on his head. His hair is partially wavy so it flips out in the back. He typically has a soft kind expression on his face, which compliment his hazel brown eyes. He wears a thin light blue sweater, sleeves rolled up, and an armless dress coat over the sweater hiding the hood. Around his neck is a checkered scarf. He wears two big belts at his waist to keep his coat tight on, and a single shoulder guard on his left shoulder thats strapped across his chest and under his left armpit. He wears a third big belt loosely across his hip that holds his quiver in the back. He wears a strap at his left thigh that carries additional fire dust. He has a hole in the back of his coat to let his fox tail out. He wears orange pants and armored knee/shin guards. He wears long brown boots with straps at the bottom. On his left hand he wears a fingerless glove, and on his right a metal gauntlet.


Nile is a mellow guy, but he has his "intense" moments. He'll call everyone and anyone his friend, until proven otherwise. Although he does come off as a shady person with hidden intentions, he's truly faithful to all his friends. His charm is to blame for his shadyness. He enjoys being liked and sometimes comes off too fresh that people assume hes up to something. Hes often very caring for others and will drop what hes doing if he sees others in trouble and will go to great lengthd for friends. This often causes him to neglect himself, such as eating, sleeping properly, or doing his assignments, although certain day he'll try and hide from others so he can catch up. When serious about combat his attiude change dramatically, he's very quiet and focused toward his enemies and surroundings. He strives to always have a cool and calm head during comebat. Over all he prefers to be an easy going, likable, and helpful young man. He can be seen panicking now and again though over doing last minute assignments and stressing over doing his own obligations.


Nile grew up without a father, though this didnt bother him because he was perfectly happy with his mother and younger brother. She raised them to be a perfect gentleman, speak properly, respect others, and be kind to everyone who deserved it. In turn Nile became fond of helping others and taking care of his mother even at a young age. Later in life at the age of 13 Nile's house was attacked by a group of delinquents. Not everyone was happy with faunus living in their neighborhood so this group decided to trash Nile's home and hurt him and his family. That night his mother wasn't feeling well, so he decided to make his mother some soup. Unfortunately they did not have the necessary ingredients and he had to go get them at the store. He was gone maybe 15 minutes and when he returns he could see the smoke coming from the house. When he got closer he saw his mother and brother run out from the house and soon after the delinquents followed. He sprinted over and got ther attention just before one was about to grab them. He tried to fight them off but was soon overwhelmed. They most likely would have beaten him to death if it wasn't for a huntsman that came to his aid. He passes out from the fight and when he woke up he was in the huntsman's house. After finding out how the huntsman had saved them, he decided that becoming a huntsman would be the best way to do the most good in his life. He enrolled in to a combat school where he met a odd boy with a funny hat. They became good friends and the boy even helped him make ---------------. He spent the rest of his school days training and honing his skills, though often distracted trying to help other he was still able to get the grades required to be accepted into Beacon Academy.

Weapons & Abilities

Nile has a sword and bow called Nelrag.

Nile is moderately fast, very powerful and, rather durable. He is a closer/midrange fighter. He's a very skilled Swordsman and Archer. Nile has always had a national connection to fire dust which allows him to use it quite well without his weapon.


  • The name Nile means blue in the Egyptian culture.
  • The word kistsane means fox in Japanese.

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