The road ahead is long and shrouded in darkness, but I'll travel it none the less.
Noire Blaidd
Age 17
Nickname Nor,Wolf, Little Wolf, Marksman
Status Alive
Color Black
Gender Male
Race Faunus
Species Wolf
Born June 26th
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Fair
Hair Black
Eyes Cool Gray
Height 6’1”
Weight 177 lb
Professional Status
Affiliation Sanctum Academy (graduated), Beacon Academy, Nightblades (honorary)
Partner Rain Rook
Occupation Student/Huntsman in training
Personal Status
Relatives Talvi Blaidd (father/deceased), Aamulla Blaidd (mother/deceased), Leon Nagant (uncle/family friend)

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Noire is rather tall young male wolf faunus with lean muscle build. He has cool gray eyes, wiry-shoulder length black hair that tied back into a ponytail, a bit of facial scrub, missing the top half of his right wolf ear, and fair skin. His attire is black, gray and white leather outfit with a hooded shoulder length cape, which also bear his emblem, that detectable from the outfit.

School uniform

Noire wears beacon's standard uniform with the notable exception of wearing a dark gray vest instead of blue.


Noire personality can best describe as harden, stoic, and dour like. a reflective person to some degree. He rarely talks unless spoken to or when he has something to say, mainly letting his body language speak for him by giving off an air of discipline, conviction, and focus. He's not one to joke but when he does, it often too dry to pick up on. Though this was not always the case. When he was younger he was brash and charismatic. Interiorly the young man has a strong sense of justice and right any wrongs. though he comes off as firm or tireless in his attempts to do so. Cares deeply about those closest to him. Sometimes to point to push said individuals out of his life in order to protect them.


Noire was born in the small farming town of Circumstances in Mistral region. His father, Talvi, was a farm hand at the largest farm in the town. At the age of thirteen, Noire began working at the farm alongside his father. A month later, he started a romance with the farm owner’s daughter.

The father soon found out about this relationship a month later. He was outrage mainly because he served in the Faunus War and thought of faunus dating his daughter filled him with disgust. He eventually organizes a “citizen council”. Three months later, the group attacked the Blaidd house. They burn it to the ground and killed Noire mother in her sleep. Noire was saved by his father who fought and died while Noire, who lost the top half of his right wolf ear during the event, made his escape.

Noire manage to make his way to his uncle ( in reality a family friend of his father) house. At the age of fourteen, he applied and entered Sanctum. he want revenge for his parents and need combat training. His uncle realized Noire intent and inform Noire something that his father kept a secret. His uncle revealed that Talvi was a mercenary in the past, founded a group once known as the Nightblades, during a past conflict. After this revelation that Noire ask his uncle to train him to which his uncle agreed. Over the course of three years, Noire began hunting down those responsible for his parents death. He pushed his old life aside adopting a new persona and become the person he is now.

By the time he was in his fourth year at Sanctum, Noire had mortally wound most of the associates. Once he graduated he felt his job was done and had nothing left. His uncle advised him to apply to Beacon and how maybe becoming a Hunter he’ll find new meaning in his life. Noire took his uncle advice, applied, and was accepted into Beacon.

Sometime before the Vytal Festival, an old enemy of his father past crept into Noire life. Worrying about the safety of his teammates lives, Noire fled back to home in Mistral and meet with his uncle on how to deal with this old enemy. As of post-Battle/Fall of Beacon, Noire and his uncle continue a game of cat and mouse against this long forgotten foe.


Noire’s weapon of choice is a designated marksman sword rifle (DMSR) name the Vigilant Wolf. It’s gray rifle with adjustable stock that roughly 35 inches in overall length. Instead of using a traditional rifle sight, it uses a 3x  magnification holographic “flip” sight. It has a bayonet attach to the barrel and fires dusted 7.62 X 54mmR cartridge that also have various effects (ref: Ade) in 15 round box magazine. In sword form, the bayonet extends, the grip folds into the stock and a handle is form.


Noire is a natural sniper and fills in a long range support role for the team. He prefers to keep his distant between himself and any target. He also a capable contestant when using his weapon in its sword form. He does to a certain degree- have some free-running and stealth skills. His aura appears taupe in color. His semblance, known as Wolf's Cry, which Noire able to “throw” his voice within a 10 or 15 feet direction, confusing any opponents and cause them to search for its origins. He can only use this without being seen or detected and must be within hearing range for it to work. Ironically, if he overuses his semblance, he will be unable to speak for a short time.


  • Noire known how to play acoustic guitar.
  • He wakes up the earliest on the team (normally around at 4 to 5 am).
  • He only wears his hood up in combat.


  • ABRN stands for Auburn, a reddish-brown color.
  • Noire is the French word for black.
  • His surname, blaidd, is the Welsh word for wolf.
  • Noire is allure to Connor Kenway from Assassin’s Creed 3.


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