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This character from Team RAVN was made using Chibimaker.
The idea is there, and of my creation so please do not use him without my permission. Thank you!
Name: Noire Lansroh

Age: 19

Gender: male

Race: human

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 150 lbs

Hair color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Team: RAVN

Team Color: Black 


Noire's outfit is a semi-formal attire suitable for casual meetings, formal functions, and even battle. He wears a black dress shirt and over that, Noire sports a black and gray coat. He also wears a black pair of slacks and dress shoes. His accessories are his pair of glasses, white tie, and a belt with a white buckle.


Noire is quite the sarcastic member of Team RAVN. Whenever the chance shows itself, he presents it well with a vocabulary of harsh words; nothing at all like complete swears, he thinks he's far too sophisticated and intelligent to curse like a sailor. He has a superiority complex and believes that he is the smartest person alive, which is not fact. Noire always has a response ready for any situation; sometimes it's hard to tell whether he's joking around or not. Usually in the case of his teammate Raven Crim , Noire is 100% serious. When his strategy is set into motion, Noire enjoys watching his opponents struggle and likes watching them give him a challenge.

Weapons & Abilities

C.S.D. (Combat Surveillance Device)

Noire specializes in weaponry such as laser and smoke technology and is also a big fan of traps. All of the traps he uses are controlled with a remote device shaped like a PSP (gives him a mini-map display of an area to keep track of his traps as well as enemies and allies. Works like a Scroll, but only used for combat purposes). He hasn't named the remote because he doesn't believe in the saying, "Naming an object gives it power," but refers to it as his personal C.S.D.

As a Trap Master

On His Own Terms: In most cases when he has the chance to prepare, Noire likes to set up plenty of counter measures before a fight in an area he picked out himself. He's more into stealthy long ranged combat, and cannot handle being very close to the action. Noire's favorite thing to use in battle is a laser grid system, mostly when he's in his own territory. They can either be like a standard defense system blocking enemy advances in his area (normally a closed indoor space). The lasers burn to the 3rd degree when touched, so avoiding them is crucial. He'll also plan out any and all escape routes in case the battle isn't in his favor.

In Unknown Territory: When fighting on his opponents terms, Noire usually stays at a distance and uses an offensive method by using lasers, fighting with around 5-7 floating sphere drones, controlled by his remote. These drones of his can't stray too far from him since they have a range of about 10 yards(??? unsure about a distance). These drones can also synchronise their lasers to create a shield to protect against attacks (mostly distanced onces), and by doing so they cannot attack while the shield is still up. They can easily break however, if sliced or smashed to bits.

When times get rough, Noire might have to make a strategic retreat and apply a smoke screen to the area.


Noire's Aura is a light gray color that gives him a defense boost. His Semblance is the reason why he can set up so many traps for a single mission in the first place. With it, he is able to build things faster than normal humans, but it wears him out a lot physycally.

Basic Abilities: Like Blaine Azuria , Noire also has a love for technology. He uses his intellect to create all of his defenses for any plan he uses. This brain of his helps him plan out a lot of strategies for battle, and he includes every minor detail into it to assure that everything is sufficient.

Breaking through his plans: One of the weaknesses Noire has is his lack of athleticism, which is why he prefers to trap his opponents or let his teammates do all the fighting. He also gets angry when someone sees through his traps and avoids/terminates them which ruins his fun. He says his traps are a form of art and should be respected as such; this anger of his can lead to Noire setting off all of his traps at once, throwing strategy completely out the window.

Most importantly, if you can get to him and steal or break his remote, you'll win your fight against him instantly. He doesn't really keep a spare on him and that remote is what controls every piece of tech he uses.


As a young boy, Noire has lived a sheltered life. At age 10 he was kidnapped by a group of thugs and that moment in time scarred him for life. As he grew up, Noire made sure that he would never be taken away again by creating his own little defense system of simple traps (pretty much like the ones used in the Home Alone movies). Behind all of his creations was a safe zone, and Noire would only let one person in besides his mom, Verona Lyr , a childhood friend.  One day his mother saw the talent of his when she got caught in one of his traps and enrolled him into a trade school for technology at age 15. There Noire learned all sorts of things, and his intelligence on the subject grew greatly. Because of his achievements, Noire was accepted into Beacon 3 years later. Noire still lives a sheltered life even at his current age. He cannot go to sleep without setting some sort of trap at his bedside.

Extra Tidbits

  • Noire might seem like a tough cookie, but he's only textbook smart. He can't handle himself in combat when an enemy is infront of him.
  • Not to give away all his secrets, but Noire's arsenal is manufactured all by himself. He purposely makes his projects weak in quality only as a means to mass produce their quantity.
  • Noire has found a close friend in Verona Lyr at a young age. He also found a friend and future rival at his trade school in Blaine Azuria .
  • Noire's personality came from both characters Jade Curtiss and Dist from Tales of the Abyss.
  • The main target of Noire's sarcastic comments are directed towards Raven Crim .
  • When he first encountered Altross Royale , Noire felt that it was best not to get on his bad-side, and he never has.

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