The night is my shelter. The darkness has provided me refuge. Under the moon, I will be your demise.
— Noptii Normiez

NOTE: This will be in the form of a diary entry, and entries in italics are not considered part of the entry


Name: Noptii Normiez

Age: 18 

Gender: Female

Race: Mixed-Blood Human (I deal with it)

Birthplace: Red Forest

Midnight cloud

Noptii's Picture. All credit for picture goes to Flora (ThanuFia)

Nickname(s): NoNo, Mie (I don't mine either), Nightshade, Maiden of Death

Height: 5' 10" (180 cm)

Weight: 140 lbs. (63.5 kg) (Don't you dare say I'm fat...)

Character Theme: (My World by Florian Bur)
World 39 s Most Emotional Music Ever My World
Entrance Theme: (Dark Shadows from "The Hunger Games")
World 39 s Greatest Battle OSTs Ever Dark Shadows
Battle Theme: (Fade to Black)
Most Wondrous OSTs Ever Fade To Black


I try to dress somewhat conservatively, but I still get stared at by boys when I pass by them. My long violet hair--I'm not exaggerating, it's long-- I have in pigtail held in two gold clips and surrounded by a gold wire headband. My red eyes are a result of my mixed blood heratige, and I'm not afraid to show them off. I wear a custom pair of midnight blue boots with gold trim, and they really don't hinder me in combat. I also wear a violet trimmed, gothic style open backed white vest Under that, I have a gold trimmed light blue dress with a skirt--the dress is also open backed. I have a dark blue, gold trimmed belt that helps hold up my skirt I also wear a necklace from my friend (hey, I'm a bit with it). The blue skirt has my family symbol on it, and I'm not afraid to show it off. 

As far as weapons are concerned, I like to keep it to a minimum.  On my back, I wear a light weigh medium length dual stage bo staff-- 'Semiluna' and 'Matraguna'. My main weapon is a folding crossbow pistol--'Secera Lunii'-- in a dark blue holster on the left side of my belt. I also have a pouch on right side of my belt, to the right of the sheathe, for my smaller gear that I rarely use. I have an arm mounted dark blue leatherpouch that holds the bolts for my crossbow.


As you can probably tell, I wasn't raised in the lower classes, so I don't have a high opinion of the poor and downtrodden--although I'll help one out anyone (I'm not hearless, you pricks). I can be flirty--and am gentle when appropriate-- when I want to, but I get angry when boys try to  take a peek up my skirt (Yes, you pervs, that means YOU). I'm also quite strong willed and independent, and that makes me very hard to get along with. 

I'm quite intelligent, and I blame it on how I was raised, and I'm somewhat curious as well. People have seen me play the heartless act, and I'm sometimes arrogant as well. I sometimes get nightmares about some unpleasant parts of my  past, and I really don't want to talk about it...because they bring up memories that I desperately want to forget. Otherwise...I'm nice when you really get to know me.  


My weapons selection fits how I want to fight in a certain situation. What weapon I use depends on how my opponent wants to fight. So, without further ado:

  • Matraguna (Dual Bladed Scythe Staff): My medium range close quarters weapon. It has two different modes that give me more options in a fight. It's secondary mode turns it into a dual bladed scythe that detatches at the middle. Both blades are quite sharp, so I wouldn't advise touching it the wrong way. 
  • Secera Lunii: My crossbow pistol that I've had for the longest time. I keep my bolts separate from the crossbow, but it is the lone long range weapon that I carry. And I'm deadly accurate with it.

My semblance gives me a great advatange when in a fight. Called "Nightmare Cloud", I shroud the area around me in total darkness, lashing out at my opponents with both my scythe and my crossbow. Even though it is a short lived five second effect, its quite devastating when its used. And when I do use my semblance, my Aura glows a blue-black color when active. 

Battle Style

I fight in an unconventional style. Being trained first as a dancer, my movements when I fight are very much dance like in their motions. However, if I can, I'll use my crossbow to keep my opponents at a distance, hoping that I kill with the first shot. If not, the crossbow does prove useful in keeping human opponents pinned down long enough for anyone teamed up with me to make the killing blow. 

But I'm not entirely defenseless, using Matraguna to take on my opponents. Its length gives me tremendous range in a close-in fight, and when I use its scythe blades, smarter opponents know to keep their distance. However, going up against smart opponents tends to be a rarity for me. And if it does come to a fist-fight...I have plenty of strength in my punches and kicks to hang with the best of them. 


My life has been like a mountain range: it has had its peaks, and its had its low points. Most people are surprised at the fact that I've only had my weapons for four years. I was, from an early age, trained to be the heir of the family name, not to wield a weapon. I was taught all of the basics of being a good upper class girl, and that routine didn't change till I was about nine. At that time, they discovered my mixed blood heratige, and they questioned my lineage and legitimacy as the heir. I felt as if I was being hunted.

For a couple of years, until I was about 11,  I was placed in hiding-- my parents fearing for my safety--with my aunt and uncle; I was then taught how to dance--I still have the moves to show for it--and with it I was also given basic martial arts training. At twelve, I was sent back home to discover that--in my absence--my mother had fallen ill, and my father was letting her slowly die in front of me, calling it a 'benefit for the family...a small mercy that would have stained our family name' (his words, not mine). I pleaded with him to help her...and was beaten and abused by him for two years--the first year being the worst of it--for disobeying him, still having the mental and physical scars of said abuse to this day. 

This abuse and treatment at the hands of my own father left me in a depression for a year and a half, my caretaker grew concerned at my increasingly despondent state and stopped me when I nearly took my own life at the lowest point of my depression. My father, seeing me in this state, had mother taken care of before I slipped even further into depression; she eventually got better, but I've never forgiven him for what he did. At fifteen, I went to Sanctum Academy and was taught archery, and advanced unarmed martial arts techniques. At sixteen, my instructors gave me the weapons I now carried,  this was after telling my parents at fifteen that I wished to leave the home--and all its unpleasant memories--behind.

My parents regretfully bade me farewell as I left all the memories behind, as I left with little regret for leaving my abusive father. Before I left, a friend of mine gave me a necklace--I still wear it to this day--and then wished me good luck for the rest of my life. At eighteen--I got in a bit of trouble at Sanctum, so what-- I was sent to Beacon and got the chance to prove my worth to the world. I accepted both the opportunities, and I haven't looked back ever since.

Author's Notes

  • Name of the character is derived from Miez Noptii Nor,  Romanian for 'Midnight Cloud'
  •  Crossbow name Secera Lunii comes from the Romanian word for 'Crescent Moon'
  • Bo staff variation names Semiluna and Matraguna come from the Romanian words for 'crescent' and 'nightshade' respectively.

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