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Morality is the crutch the weak use to justify their inaction.

Noctum Ambrosious Caeruleus Original name: Tyrecious
Nox Commission
Age 18
Title Winter Wolf
Alias Winter
Nickname Nox

Noxy (Only one person calls him this)

Status Active
Color Midnight Blue
Gender Male
Species Faunus, looks human
Handedness Right
Complexion Slightly Tanned
Hair Black with dark blue tips
Eyes Midnight blue, ring of amber around the pupil
Semblance Chill
Height 1.80 Meters (6ft even)
Weight 68 kilograms (150 lbs)
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon
Partner Victoria Von Adalbert
Occupation Mercenary, Student
Personal Status
Relatives Umbra Silvae

Diana Tenebris Nero Caeruleus

Additional Info
Likes Getting paid, silence, contracts,

cooking, music.

Dislikes People, loud noises, idiots, academics, rape.
Special Skills CQC specialist: Hand to hand combat, stealth, lethal combat.
Weaknesses No prior schooling, long ranged combat,

locked Aura (No longer locked), cold outlook on life.

Posted By Noctum Caeruleus


A drawing of a younger Nox, before the incident. Drawn by DustpeltX. Thanks bro!


Noctum has a tendency to be distant at the best of times, and more or less a total sociopath at the worst. Severe emotional trauma tends to do that to a person: He eyes the general populace with mistrust, has an almost pathological dislike of anything non-sensical, and tends to go with the 'brevity is the better part of valor' response.

That isn't to say that Noctum is total hardass: there are times when even a workaholic knows that it's time to relax. He generally likes music and gentle sounds, which contrasts greatly with what he hears during his occupation. He drinks as well, though it's generally excessive. Family is important to him; growing up with a single brother, and having most of the adult figures in his life picked off leads him to cherish what he has. He is extremely frugal, only splurging on two separate occasions. For a man who pulls in hundreds of thousands of lien every few months, that's a very good thing.

At least, that's when he's off the job. When he's on it, things get much, much worse. He becomes more machine than man: morality is shoved aside for practicality and cold, emotionless logic. Each and every move made has some thought behind it; there's always a purpose. Almost nothing is inexcusable for the completion of the mission. Arson, murder, intimidation, vandalism, if it gets the job done, it works: the ends justify the means. In most scenarios, as anything involving forced sexual acts by either gender is...frowned upon heavily. To even mention any desire to do so can and will result in an assault by the Winter Wolf. He cites it as 'being a complete and total offense to nature'. Very few had ever accused him of being soft in this manner, though his dislike of sexuality in its own right might lead to some interesting events...

All in all, Nox is a very complex individual.


He has a moderate tan skin tone, with the build of a runner. Slight fat, and more corded muscle then anything. Getting shot at, stabbed, or otherwise almost killed for a living tends to do that to a person. His body is compromised of muscle and 5% scar tissue. (I know it doesn't seem like that much scarring, but 5% is actually quite a bit.) Runic, Grimm like tattoo's are etched into his upper body, along with some Dust infused scars.
Nox Commission

Nox as he is now. Thanks to IsaiahJordan for the drawing, and TorrentAB for the commission. You guys rock!

The tattoos look almost like black or blue fire, and extend down from his shoulders to his upper arms, chest, and back. You can see it barely poking out above a shirt he wears, as one of the flames reach up to his neck. The tattoos are a mark of shame of a time when he was unable to fight back.</p>

Nox looks like a young adult male, around twenty. The seventeen year old stands at 1.8 meters (six foot even), and weighs about 68 kilograms (150 lbs). He has a strong jawline, and regal facial features. Not breathtakingly handsome, but not ugly either. A rougish prince, in a form. His eyes are the color of blackened sapphire with a small ring of amber around the pupil. The hair atop his head is black, with streaks of midnight blue throughout. It's cut short, and styled messily (Or rather, not styled at all). All in all, quite a noticable person. But, quite possible the most noticable thing about him, is the scar across his face. A six inch slash going above and through his left eye, and ending at the lower portion of his right cheek. The wound missed the eye itself, the bone stopping it.

Dressing in what he calls "Casual but conservative", Nox is rarely seen without a hoody or some type of long sleeve(mostly a dark blue). Underneath that, he usually wears some type of t-shirt(darker colors, usually v-neck) and pants(jeans, or black/dark-blue slacks). Though he always has combat boots on, generally with some kind of knife in a sheath. The only accesories he has is a blue wolf-pendant necklace, given to him by his mother figure (The neckpiece is slightly feminine, but he treasures it like nothing else.), and a pair of metal bracers. The way he dresses, even casually, is used for combat: the hood helps disguise his face, the bracers add extra uses for close combat, and the combat boots allow him to deliver brutal kicks and stomps.

Nox stores his main weapon in an X across his back due to a harness, or magnetic straps when wearing his combat outfit. The Techknife is stored on the right hip in a sheathe.


Noctum was born Tyrecious Caeruleus to two hunters: Diana Tenebris, a wolf-Faunus who excelled at close quarters and stealth; and Nero Caeruleus, a tactical and mid-ranged based Huntsmen. The two's union caught many an eye, but not all was good.

Two and a half years after his birth, he was taken from his parents by a Faunus hating terrorist. The criminal had hoped to ruin the hopes of those who would mix Faunus and Human blood. The two parents, enraged upon finding the missing crib, tracked him down and killed him. But by that time, the criminal already hidden the child. The trauma caused repressed memories within Nox.

He was found soon after by a nice women, with unusual green hair and chrome eyes. She had a seven month old child, who would soon become Nox's brother. She had given him his name, Noctum Ambrosius Caeruleus, because he reminded her of two former friends (Who, Ironically, were his parents). They lived together for years, stealing what they couldn't buy to survive. And then she died during a mugging. He was six at the time, and that hardened him. He already was a jaded child, unusual for most, but that extended it. He was still childlike in most aspects, except when it came to other people. He was immediately distrusting.

The two continued to steal, with Nox taking a protective role. He would take care of the assailents, the hard thefts, things of that nature. When it came down to fights, he was brutal and decisive. He'd gotten his first kill at age nine, and puked his guts out afterwards. But, then he'd gotten up, and took a step towards the rest of the group attacking him. They fled, and his reputation began to grow. 

They once came across a group from Beacon, begging for food. The Hunters turned them away scornfully. This repeated several times, until Nox stopped asking. He began to hate the "Saviors of the World", seeing them as self rightious hypocrites not worth the hype that came with the name. Whenever he'd see one, his posture would stiffen, and the male would guide his younger brother away from what he perceived as a threat. 

They lived like this for four years, until an Old Man beat up a gang that was threatening the two. Realizing the street cred he would get, Nox set out on stealing something from him.

He snuck into the man's house, avoiding all the traps, and stole a wristwatch. It was an expensive black and green timepiece, and he almost made it out with it. Until the old man, Borealis, turned on the lights. He was caught, but his victim recognize the talent shown. So, he told the kid to get out.

Not even a day later, he showed up in the run down shack the two lived in. He basically told them to pack their stuff, and come live with him. So started their training into the mercenary world. Nox was ten at the time.

It was brutal. From the start, it was combat, tactics, anatomy, and learning how to protect his brother, who was learning negotiating and ranged combat. Borealis embellished on Nox's natural talent at close quarters, turning him into what he is today. Six months after the tutelege began, he took the older boy out on a contract. It was a simple job; find and retrieve the money from a debter, and kill him if necessary. He went in, found the package, but the man blocked his path. There was no way around it: Nox killed him. Murdered him. And it changed his outlook on how to work his way out of conflicts. Usually, he would give them several chances to leave, but at that moment, it became something darker. Something some would consider evil, cruel, and heartless.

"Let me go about my business, or I remove you and do it anyways."

A couple months later, Umbra began to join in on the non-lethal contracts. The two steadily worked their way up, becoming well reknown. Life was good, then tragedy struck. A burgler came in to rob Borealis while the two were on a contract. The old man was shot, right as they entered the apartment. Enraged, the brother's tore into the thief.

There wasn't even a body left.

Grief-stricken, they threw themselves into their work. Nox was actually the happier of the two, until Umbra made a couple friends. Life brightened up, and the two became some of the most famous mercenaries: Going by the Moniker "The Brothers", though each assumed a name for solo operations. Nox took 'Winter Wolf', or just 'Winter'. Umbra took another, rather lengthy, name.

Things continued as such for a time. There was even a moment Nox was captured by some small Grimm Cult, who enscribed the flame-esque tattoes on him, thinking they'd be a medium to house the soul of a Fenris. It didn't (of course it didn't, they were delusional morons. Delusional morons with the equivalent of chloroform, but morons) and as they attempting to figure out what went wrong, Nox broke free of his cell and killed them all. Not with his bare hands, but with whatever he could get ahold of. The carnage was complete after he found his weapons. The entire Cult, their captive Grimm, everything was slaughtered. This incident caught the eye of a Huntsman who was in the area, who reported it. Frankly, it was quite scarring on his mental state. 

He had gained the interest of the Huntsman, who began to track the movements of the mercenary. The man didn't like what he saw: Nox was fifteen by then, and the capture hardened him further. It left him with nightmares, and several emotional scars, and quite a good amount of physical ones - some of which were not inflicted by others. He tried to keep these under wraps, taking more and more contracts over the years. The male took to completing high risk contracts; some being absolutely horrifying, others not so much. He made many enemies, but a few friends along the way. One of which was Kasumi Gallota, the actress. He was hired to guard her for several sets outside of Vale a year after being taken. He tried to remain professional, but ended up talking and befriending the girl after a few attempts on her life. She was almost a kindred spirit. Afterwards, the two kept in touch as he continued his work. They saw each other at several high end events, and more often than not the two would talk. 

This trend continued for two years, and then Beacon Academy for Huntsmen and Huntresses managed to track down their location (He thought it was 'funny' - read: amusing - that they couldn't find him when he lived practically on their doorstep). Eventually, they managed to drag Nox out into a conversation with Professor Ozpin. It was...frigid, to say the least.

"You're not normally what we look for in Huntsmen."

"You aim for moral compass and skill. The latter I have, the former I care not for. Frankly, sir, I don't want to be here. I don't want to be a part of your world. But I was offered a deal I could not refuse."

"We are not a mercenary company, Mr. Caeruleus. We aren't sellswords. We have morality, standards when dealing with criminals and the darker aspects of society. You do not."

"Then let me go about my business."

"The only reason I haven't is the fact that you came highly recommended. I don't like this, but I will let you in. But rest assured, we will be watching."

"....I accept." 


  • Umbra Silvae; Adopted younger brother, also a mercenary. Polar opposite of Nox in terms of personality, and combat preferences. Talkative, friendly, and uses a bow in combat. Nox is protective of him, to a point where it is a liability in some cases.
  • Borealis; Father figure for three years. Trained the Brothers and introduced them to the mercenary world. Former Huntsmen-turned-mercenary. Currently deceased.
  • Cobalt; 28 year old bartender. Ex military, with a skill at Dust manipulation. Designed and had the Brothers make their weapons. Also has knowledge of medicinal herbs, and prepares remedies for Nox. Currently Alive.
  • Tianee Musk: His girlfriend in the DATN RP series. He respects the girl greatly, but finds her a bit naive. He has learned to relax and be affectionate around her, teasing and making jokes, having sarcasm with no bite. Though sometimes he falls into old habits, of which he is always regretful of. If someone hurts her, he will go out of his way to harm them. 
  • Messer Danem: His team leader. Nox shares a closer relationship with Messer than anyone else on his team. He's earned his respect, in more ways than one.
  • Junior Azulon: Team member. Nearly no more, no less. Has grown on Nox slightly, enough that Nox will help him out in a tight spot, but otherwise, little interaction.
  • Crimal Mason: Team member. Shares a luke-warm aquaintence relationship, at most. Nox doesn't care for nor dislike Crimal. He's just someone he has to work with.



  • Nightfall: Honor Class weapon platform, custom materials and design. Two combat modes:
    • Nightfall V2

      Nightfall, Nox's Primary weapon.

      An Assault Rifle, using high caliber "Piercing Rounds".
    • They're designed to punch through the plating of both Grimm and Humans to very grisly effects.
    • It shifts into a sword and sheath combo, the main body of the rifle and stock turning into a three and a half foot long sheath, with the handle becoming the hilt of the sword. The blade is a dark, shining black with dark blue runes along the center on either side. Single edged, honed to a razor edge with a hook towards the tip to increase the cutting potential.
  • Techknife: Straight, 12" double edged dagger with serrations along the back side for six inches. A small hook towards the tip allows for more severe lacerations. A small, sonic emitter creates vibrations down the blade, further increasing the damage. Essentially what happens is that the vibrations are insanely fast, allowing for the cut to widen. The blade is in three portions: two outer edges coming in at an angle, and then a central just between them. The central blade vibrates to increase cutting. Also is balanced for throwing. Very proficient with this weapon. 


  • Rune enscribed bracers: Made from a high grade metal, with soft leather underneath to prevent chafing.
  • Night Armor (Secondary Outfit) The pieces are as follows: Mask, chest plate, shoulder guard, gauntlets, armored leggings, and boots. Used on what he calls "Shock"(After the description of a Shock trooper) Jobs---tough, bloody contracts that involve heavy fighting against well armed and armored opponents. Usually assaulting a large fortress, or annihilating any enemy force approaching the size of an army with other mercenaries. Also uses the armor for airdrops. Unused to that though, so he doesn't land gracefully.  


  • A black, white and blue backpack, which stores his laptop, survival gear, and a wooden flute of a Celtic-esque design his brother gave him. The backpack is durable, though it will not survive a serious combat situation.
  • The laptop is just that, a laptop. Nox uses it to receive contracts, study sheet music, and play simple games. He is a fan of chess, oddly enough.
  • The flute is made of white wood, inscribed with forest green symbols. A quote is written on the side, enscribed by Umbra; "Brothers in arms, Brothers in life." It is a simple thing, made to remind the Merc of his younger brother.
  • Nox has a heavily modified car. It's a dark blue with a black-green sheen to it. It's reinforced to be bulletproof up to the standard military grade assault rifle, with extreme weather conditioned materials. It has a DNA thumbprint unlock and startup sequence, more than enough trunk space, and the tires have some serious grip. All in all, it ran him the equivalent of $400,000, a significant dent in his savings. Note: Not really used in combat sequences, just to get around.


Overview: A combination of wanting to protect his brother, and Borealis forcing him to study anatomy ensured Nox practiced how to disable an opponent quickly and decisively. When armed or unarmed, his blows are always aimed to cripple or kill. Any method of fighting is practically acceptable, ranging from standard fight regulations to street level brawls. Groin shots and slamming opponents into scenery are commonly used, leaving him in a slight handicap during any type of regulated duel. A lifetime of fighting without Aura has honed his reflexes to where he normally walks from fights without a scratch.

The style is very rapid and flowing, a flurry of dangerous moves with impeccable footwork. He simply does not stop moving. There is no large summation or the like: fights aren't meant to be grandiose to him. They're conflicts to be ended quickly.


Melee: Nightfall: Nox will mainly use this with one or two hands. Almost all of his style is used with avoiding any attack. So he steps in first. One hand is normally slashes or stabs from some sort of mobile or standing position, aimed for vitals or crippling areas

Nightfall + Techknife: Dual weilding. Here, he normally parries with one and strikes with the other, or goes in with a horizontal slash from both sides. It's an offensive/defensive style, relying on the opponent slipping up and then capitolizing on it, either with them attacking him, or Nox attacking them. A single misstep could spell the end of your life.

Techknife: A grappling style, combined with reflexes. An attack, grab the limb, pull forward and slice, stab, eviscerate, whatever he needs to do to get the job done. He will also throw the knife. 

Range: Nightfall (Rifle form): He has a couple of attatchments: A range extender/silencer, and a scope. Otherwise, firing high caliber ammo with a fast rate of fire, Nightfall's ranged form is hyperlethal. Unfortunately, large caliber + high ROF does tend to give out kickback, but he negates with by burst fire or single shot. All together, his style is cover and shoot, relying on misdirection and confusion. 

Aura: He also had no usable Aura: meaning, no regeneration or protection (hence the scars). So wounds that a regular Huntsmen would have shaken off, did damage to him. Which means he had to be better than the opposition, and some Huntsmen at least in reaction times, and develop his style around a 'Don't let them hit you mentality'. In truth, it was just locked down. He knew about it, but never had a chance or the information on how to unlock it. When he entered Beacon, though, Nox did unlock it (Which he hated trying to do). So, he does use it. He just doesn't have a very durable Aura.

Semblance: Chill: Nox's semblance allows him to manipulate the speed at which specific molecules vibrate in a negative way: heat is simply energy generated from moving particles, and thus when he slows them down, generates an absence of heat. Using Aura, Nox can condense water molecules down into ice, the Aura itself strengthening it as long as it's attached to him. Using more manipulation, Noctum can shape the ice; gauntlets, blades, so on, so forth. Once again, as long as he is holding them, they have the same durability as his weapons: the trade off being, of course, the less Aura Nox has for himself. Also, he can use this to shape the environment: once suitably energized, he could potentially create a small blizzard within an area, or freeze a significant amount of water. Allows for some creative uses of ice.

It can also manifest in his glare and presence: A chilling aura or a frozen glare are no longer hyperboles, but fact. 

Once he unlocks his semblance, he will only be able to hold it for a few seconds. The longer he practices, the longer he can hold it. 

  • Note: The more training he has in this area once he unlocks his Aura, the greater the affects of his Semblance are. 
  • Note: He does not use this as armor. That is quite simply not his stype.


  • Nox can actually dance, and has more musical talent than most would give him credit for. 
  • I know the Mercenary thing is overdone, but, well. Freedom, man. Freedom.
  • And I've noticed something: People always go for the shotgun, sniper rifle, pistol or rocket launcher. I have yet to see anyone do anything with an assault rifle. Ergo, Nox has an assault rifle.
  • He can also cook, though it's only enough to survive. Desserts, on the other hand, he's good at.
  • His name is 'Night' and 'Of the Sky' in Latin, respectively. 
  • Nox is based off of the character Artemis Entriri from the Drizzt Do'Urden series. 


Nox Commission

Nox as he is now. Thanks to IsaiahJordan for the drawing, and TorrentAB for the commission. You guys rock!

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