Power is useless without knowledge. Wisdom is worthless without strength. I have both.
— Nuss Kracher

Nuss Kracher
Age 18
Title Seeker of Knowledge
Nickname Elk, Nose Scratcher
Status Active
Color Chestnut
Gender Male
Race Faunus
Species Moose
Handedness Left-handed
Hair Black
Eyes Silver (Unseen)
Semblance Doppelganger
Height 202.6 cm
Weight 94.5 kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Partner Mint Sparrow
Occupation Stuent
Personal Status
Relatives Others
  • Foster Father (Unnamed)
Additional Info
Special Skills
  • Powerful
  • Skilled Cook
  • Large Size
Character Theme

Dream of the Shore Bordering Another World
Battle Theme

Breath of Beast (Atelier Iris 3: Grand Phantasm)
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Nuss Kracher is a student of Beacon Academy. He's the fourth member and leader of Team SLMN. A formidable fighter and a knowledgeable individual, he shares a rivalry with members of his team, Suika Natsuko and Lime Prime.

Current Revision: Alpha


Nuss notably dwarfs his teammates, being rather tall. His shoulder-length hair is long enough that it covers it's eyes. His faunus traits, moose horns, are seen above his head.

He wears bronze armor that covers his entire torso. He wears a bronze shoulder pad on his right arm. One of his notable traits is that is left arm is tied in a sling even though it's not broken. He wears a pair of hakama that reaches up to his feet, nearly covering it. A set of knee pads cover his... knees. He finishes by wearing a pair of sandals.


Nuss is friendly despite his rather brooding looks. Though he's a man of a few words, he appreciates company and likes befriending human and faunus alike.

Thing is, he's shy. He won't start up conversations on his own. In particular, he has shown issues talking to girls.

He's all about logic and reason. He dislikes reckless behavior and values strategy above all else.

Another of his notable trait is that he won't fight unnecessary battles. If a situation can be resolved with words, he will do so.

Weapons and Abilities

Having been trained in various weapons, he can improvise secondary weapons if he ever gains one in heated combat.

Nuss' weapon of choice is the Wide-Revolver Axe Blade (WRAB) called Seiben Schuss. It's a revolver with a hatchet-sized barrel where an axe is attached. The axe part can be detached, allowing it to be wielded alongside the much smaller revolver.

The revolver is loaded with blue Dust which he uses to shoot ice elemental projectiles.

His general fighting style is to keep his weapon into one form, closing in and breaking through enemy defenses with his powerful swings. It's only when he fights Grimm that he gets serious.

Against Grimm, he keeps his weapon separate, aiming with the revolver his right hand, while cleaving through them with the axe with his left hand.

Though left handed, he prefers to carry his melee weapon with his right hand against human foes.

His Aura is colored bronze. His semblance is Doppelganger, where he can summon a mirror image of himself for a split second to distract his enemies. It's main use is to perform fake-outs where it'll appear he'll split in two and attack at the same time. The fake one is harmless.

A non-combat capability he has is his cooking skills that rivals restaurants.


From as far as Nuss knows, he was a faunus orphan who was raised by his human father to be a man of valor. He grew up in the mountains near Vale.

In his youth, he was a hard worker who tended to the farm that his father owned. This contributed to his impressive strength later on. Sometimes, he goes to Vale alongside his father to buy supplies. He sates his academic curiosity by staying in a library until his father finishes his shopping.

He honed his cooking skills this way.

He was often the talk of a particular gang of rebellious youth led by a large, imposing boy nearly his age. Though they meant no harm, they often like teasing him for his horns. After several days, Nuss eventually picked a fight and was beaten up by their leader.

Returning home with a bruised face, he informed his father about the incident, expecting a punishment of some sort.

Instead, his father told him what would become his vow in life.

"Power is useless without knowledge. Wisdom is worthless without strength."

With these words taken in heart, Nuss considered that he was took weak and too dim, that's why he lost. Starting from age 12 onward, he dedicated most of his time learning how to fight, training and becoming smarter. Though this impacted most of his social life.

He honed himself by training in multiple kinds of melee weapons. He didn't know what to specialize in, experimenting with the pros and cons of each weapon, ranging from a sword, to a spear to a hammer and even claws.

A year later, he would apply for Signal Academy, where he forged his weapon, having tried multiple kinds based on his training. He settled for his current one after almost 25 weapon combinations.

In his class, he's known as Elk to some of his friends. He doesn't really mind the nickname, since it's better than his name, which sounds more like noose.

Those that sorta don't like him prefer to call him Nose Scratcher.

After graduating Signal, he attempted to apply scholarship for Beacon, but was declined due to his low grades in history class.

He lacked the funds to apply for Beacon and had to work part-time until then. During one of his part time jobs, he eventually worked under Melira as her temporary caretaker.

The next seven months were hell. But it was a learning experience he'll never forget. Melira trained him for a short time in battle strategies and would later suggest Nuss to wear a sling over his dominant arm to limit his strength so that he won't badly hurt fellow humans and faunii.

Soon enough, he earned the Lien to apply for Beacon. There, he would meet his teammates as well as the man who defeated him a long time ago.

"I won't seek revenge. That's past me. However, I would like to ask the opportunity to fight you again."

Additional (yet irrelevant) Information

Weapon: Seiben Schuss (Wide-Revolver Axe Blade)

  • A revolver with a hatchet-sized barrel tipped with an axe at the end. It can be used similarly to a bayonet, but Nuss wields it like a sword instead. It holds seven cartridges.

Accessories: Sling

  • Per Melira's advice, he wears a sling over his dominant arm in order to not deal too much damage to humans and faunii.

Alignment: Lawful Good

  • He's a strict follower of virtue. He puts chivalry above all else.

Likes: Vegetables, Learning, Margarethe Lorelei

  • He's a vegetarian and has preferences in eating green vegetables.
  • He never stops learning. It's either he's reading a book or training.
  • Margarethe has caught his eyes, since she had some talent in speed, which he needs.

Dislikes: Laziness, Snacks, Sweets

  • He doesn't like lazy people. This has brought bad blood between him and Suika.
  • He doesn't eat snacks. Only the three basic meals of the day.
  • To keep his body to tip-top shape, he also doesn't eat sweets.

RPG Stats:

  • Class: Guard Breaker
  • Strength: A-
  • Defense: B
  • Dust Usage: C+
  • Aura Usage B
  • Dust Resistance: B
  • Speed: D-
  • Evasion: C
  • Luck: C+


  • Nuss takes inspiration, appearance-wise, from Auron of Final Fantasy X fame.
  • Nuss Kracher is german for Nutcracker. Despite this, he has no connections with The Nutcracker.
  • Courtesy of my best friend, Nuss gained the nickname "Nose Scratcher".

Name Applicable to Remnant?

  • Nuss is german for Nut, generally reddish or brown in color.

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