If Ozpin considered that 5 graduated teams may be required to repel it, then whatever. It's not your run-of-the-mill Grimm. I fought some badass Grimm before, but I'll shit my pants when that thing climbs up Beacon Cliffs.
— Hisei Tokuhana, regarding Nyarlathotep

Grimm Register: ???

Title The Crawling Chaos
Classification Vampire Bat
Ranking SS+ (Rank A if young version, Rank S if young versions are in flock)
Abilities Passive Menacing Glare
Strength Massive, Decapitating Bites, Destructive Sonar Waves, Night Unstoppable
Weakness Aura exposure
This Grimm is property of the Intellectual Rapist. Usage without permission will result in death by Red Truth and Blue Truth.
Any clarifications can be posted in the comment section.


The Nyarlathotep is a colossal vampire bat with wings that spans almost 250 feet. It's wings are covered in Grimm markings, which glows bright red during the night, the wings are also notably damaged, having several holes and cut marks. It's notable feature are it's three glowing eyes. They're white, compared to most Grimm, who have red eyes. It has a thick bone armor covering the back of it's head up to it's back. A massive eye-like Grimm marking covers it's entire back. It's fangs are a bit longer compared to ordinary vampire bats.

Smaller, younger versions of it exists, which doesn't possess the eye-like Grimm marking on their back.


So far, it has shown durability and strength surpassing that of a giant Nevermore. The claws on it's hand are sharp enough to rip through steel with ease and it's fast enough dodge bullets. It can tear apart an entire fleet of Airships if it wanted to.

It has demonstrated the ability to emit sonar waves which can clear an entire field if it screams loud enough.

It's been known to decapitate Hunters with it's fangs. That's the only killing method it uses. Even if it accidentally killed a Hunter differently, it will always decapitate their corpse afterwards. Younger versions of the Nyarlathotep never do that.

Though it seems to do it unintentionally, it's glare has been said to be menacing enough that young Hunters who met its gaze will be frozen in fear.

The Nyarlathotep has high defensive capabilities in it's frontal body, being able to withstand powerful explosives without flinching. Bladed or piercing weaponry appears to do the trick. It's back is essentially invincible, with the bone armor being absurdly difficult to penetrate with the current technology. It's wings are a possible weak point, but due to it's colossal wingspan, managing to cut it enough that it affects the Grimm's flight is not likely.

It has shown a great weakness to Aura. The Grimm can be driven away if enough Aura users activates their Aura within it's presence.

It appears to possess basic intelligence, as it follows a path to circle across Remnant yearly, as well as know when its life is in danger.

The younger ones are less strong, being only a quarter of the adult one's size. However, they trade for their weakness with their massive numbers.

Additional Notes

  • Only one fully-grown adult Nyarlathotep exists.
  • It soars high above the skies of Remnant. It's rarely ever sighted and is rumored to be responsible for the destruction of various villages. It's unknown how it survives up there.
  • One time a mass manhunt for it began, it nearly killed almost every Hunter sent to kill it, that is, until they activated their Aura together, causing it to retreat.
  • The only strategy against the Nyarlathotep is to NEVER engage it. Even when in a team. A minimum of five fully graduated Hunters are what is generally considered as capable of repelling the Nyarlathotep off. It's a theory that it will take all of Beacon's teams combined to take it down and finish it off.
  • The Nyarlathotep was the reason Haruna Kuronami, alongside the other founders of Yamato Village ran away from the outskirts of the Western Kingdom; It was coming for their town.
  • The Nyarlathotep has been sighted worldwide and seems to be traveling across a certain pattern. There's always a small village on it's path.
  • It never attacks the four kingdoms and only terrorizes small villages. An average of two villages every five years are wiped out thanks to the Nyarlathotep.
  • It's existence has been put into question, due to it's rarity. There's conspiracy that it's a hoax made up by a terrorist organization and it's merely their airship customized to look like a Grimm. This is entirely false.
  • It's smaller versions don't follow the original, instead hiding in caves most of the time. Despite being young, they are not to be taken lightly as what they lack in strength, they make up for with their sheer numbers.


  • Image credit goes to Mazeran. The image not accurate to how it looks like.
  • Nyarlathotep is the name of one of the Outer Gods in the Cthulhu Mythos, inspiration came from his L'rogg and Haunter in the Dark 'mask'.
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