Oi! No murder for this guy. I'm simply a wandering spy, you see?

An original character, from the Intro to Monster Hunting Series



Obsid up close



Sid is a calm and collected person. He used to have an obsession with fighting strong people, until he stepped into the wrong arena, with the wrong guys. As a spy he usually takes any job that makes him wealthier. He has a set of moral limits for spying, as well as dignity limits. He refuses to spy on your unfaithful spouse, due to missions usually being mind numbingly easy, and the face that he usually gets caught up in the family's drama. He refuses to mercenary missions due to having too much collateral damage and too many lives lost. 


Call me Sid.

Missions such as assasination go against his persona as a "peaceful spy".

Weapons And Abilities

Trapping Violets

Trapping is a Double Shooting Sniper Rifle. It shoots two bullets at a time. They are normal bullets that fire at double speed. He developed the double bullet technique to counter the increasing speed of his adversaries. The idea behind it was that if they dodged the first bullet, the second would catch them by suprise. This worked  flawlessly, until his opponents began to catch onto the technique. He then developed the double speed firing rate, by using a powder Fire Dust power source, instead of crystals. He also doubled the amount of Dust intake the weapon requires, This makes it incredibly cost inefficient, thus giving him an extremely limited usage time. He only carries 1 sixteen round clip, with another ten loaded. He carries it so that it lays sideways on his back.

Trapping Violets V1

3D Model, designed by me in a program.

Serpent's Gale.

A martial art he "borrowed" from a fellow beacon student. He has Wind Dust infused runes inscribed on his forearm. They glow gray when he activates them. They give him control of a limited amount of winds. For example, he can throw blasts of air pressure at his opponent. He can also use the winds to gather up debris, using them as deadly scatter shots, when using this form, his movements draw slowly back and forth, like the movements of a tide, to gather up the debris, when they are gathered, his thrusts his fingers out in a spinning motion, and the deadly material forms into a spiraling blender.


Sid was born under underwhelming circumstances, at the Miles Grenice Foundation hospital, deep within the inner cities of Vale. He was born unto a loving mother, Maria Simpilas Bowler.His father walked out as soon as Maria became pregnant. Sid was never the brightest at first. It took him a while to learn how to talk, and he never made good grades in primary school.

Sid was a violent child, and he would always challenge other kids in his neighborhood to fights, often losing.He would then challenge these same kids to fights, constantly repeating this painful process, until he beat the other child. He was a fast hitter, getting a lot of strikes at his opponent, though they usually lacked the power required to subdue his adversary. He was known as “Wind Fairy” by the neighborhood bullies.

When he turned thirteen his mother grew tired of his violent nature. She sent him to Signal, unaware of the counterproductiveness of sending a violent child to a combat school for shaping up. When he arrived, he quickly challenged who everyone considered the strongest of the first years. He was defeated with a few kicks to the gut. After losing, he became an easy target for bullies, who would chase him around school.

In fear for his life, and his dignity, he began to stay very close to the boy who beat him, named Torade Typhoon. Despite the constant protest from the latter, Sid followed Torade wherever he went, when the bullies wanted to launch him down the garbage chute, or when they wanted to hang him upside down from his dorm window, Torade was there to fight him off.

Despite what he constantly displayed, Torade took a liking to Sid, seeing him as a little brother. They began to spend more time together, with Torade training him along the way, so he could defend himself. Eventually, Sid copied Torade’s ocean tide based fighting style, and formed it to fit his own.

When they went to the Forge, Sid had an immense task before him, his lack of strength prevent him from efficiently using a melee weapon. No amount of outside training would help him with that. All the tips from his instructors inevitably provided fruitless. It seemed like Sid would have to go weaponless, when Torade asked a question with a seemingly obvious answer;

“Does the weapon really need to transform?”

And thus, Trapping Violets was born! Modified for his speed, lower weight, lower caliber, lower recoil. It was Sid’s perfect weapon. Torade specifically designed his weapon to complement this, a minigun, where the barrels folded inwards, and a metal sleeve folded out to wrap around the gun, before a hilt popped out of the back, forming a bat.

During the last days spent in the forge, the two boys met a young girl. HEr sky blue hair fell onto her shoulders, a yellow headband kept it out of her dazzling violet eyes, and when she smiled, it seemed that the sun shone a little brighter, at least, that was what Torade said. Torade quickly found himself attracted to this girl, Manate Guardana, and her feelings were mutual. They formed a budding relationship.

Sid felt left out of some of their activities, but that feeling quickly faded, as he and Manate built a friendship together. Due to the girl’s weapons, dual pistols that shoot hardened aura at her opponents, the trio was quickly labeled with the nickname, “Firepower Forte” They spent every moment together, they ate together, they sparred together, they even shared the same classes.

One rainy day, Manate didn’t show up in their usual breakfast meeting, when she failed to attend that day’s classes, the boys were struck with worry.They went to her dorm, wondering if she had fallen ill. What met them was worse. She had left a note, saying that she was departing from Signal, and that her reason was, “I won't ever he considered the same as you.”

The boys were stricken with shock, and loneliness. Sid spent days in his dorm, his knees pressed against his chest, arms folded over them, with a longing look out of his window. The Signal officials searched for Manate for days, never finding  a trace of her disappearance. Torade left Signal shortly after, vowing to find her at all costs. After the initial fit of depression, Sid went back to his normal daily routine, albeit with a sour note of loneliness playing in his head.

When he eventually went to Beacon, he mastered his Gale force martial art, he prided this as his life’s crowning achievement. The events of his early Signal years had withered away to being nothing more than dark feelin

gs at the back of his mind. His Beacon years were unremarkable, the mastery of his martial art being his only significant event.

Sid quickly realized how much his ideals differed from the ones of the Hunters. He preferred not to fight, not to kill the beasts. Ultimately, he decided that Hunter life was not for him, he utilized his Beacon training, in the field of information collection. He took any mission that was handed to him, never discussing morals. In hindsight, Sid realized that he took every case he could find, hoping one would lead to a clue to where Manate was.

One morning, he received a job from a handler he had dealt with many times before, it was simple, “Capture this subject alive, Collect as much information on his handler as possible”. Another Mercenary mission, he received an abundance of them. As he read over the files, he noticed an unsettling truth, the weapons, the personality, they fighting styles, were all reminiscent of Torade. HE debated to himself for weeks, finally deciding that this was the perfect time to see his friend, and clarify some things.

He found him in a run down bar, a place Torade apparently frequented. He waited at Torade’s usual table, two drinks by his side, as his old friend walked through the doors, he burst into tears, wrapping him in a hug. H

e asked him where he had been, and why he hadn’t called him. All he got as a response, was a muffled voice, It sounded like he was saying “Sheeps head.”. Sid was confused for minutes, before noticing his friends red eyes.

“She’s dead?” His friend nodded, pointing to a TV screen, showcasing news of a Faunus protest, where the police were charged with use of excessive force, and eighteen Faunus had been slain, including a teenage girl. His friend pushed him off of his chest. He pulled a silver club off of his back, pointing it at Sid. “You are all that is left of my memories of her,” he had said through tears,”Your face, causes me pain.”

Liquid flowed from his face in waterfalls. HE shifted the weapon into minigun form, and leveled the bar, killing most of the people in it. Sid laid on the floor, contemplating his options through his old friends rampage. He finally decided that in order to complete his objective, he would be throwing away hundreds of innocent lives.

Torade slumped to the floor, a bullet hole steaming through his shirt. After this incident, Sid promised never to take Mercenary missions again. Now he occasionally talks to people he met at signal, occasionally receiving reconnaissance jobs. His most recent job involves a "former Merc", who attends Beacon. He also works for the 9 Dragons Of Vale

Observe and Collect


Violet lantern corps symbol fill by mr droy-d613gu4

Pretty close to how I want his symbol to look, all credit goes to the creators

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