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Odette and Odile

Grizel Svane

Previous Owner



Katars, guns

Weapon Derivation

Semi-Automatic Dual Katars



[x] Slashing

[x] Piercing

[ ] Bludgeoning

[x] Other: Shooting (Describe. Note that Dust has a section of its own)


  • Ammunition:

[ ] Dust (Mechanized use only)

[x] Bullets: (9 x 19 mm)

[ ] Other: (Please describe)

[ ] None

  • Delivery Method:

[x] Gunpowder

[ ] Tension (Bow, Slingshot, Etc)

[ ] Thrown


Their names come from Odette and Odile, characters from "Swan Lake". They have 2 moods:

  • Without the blade extended they work as guns.
  • With the blade extended they work as katars.

When Grizel gets her aura activated, she can canalize it through the blades of them and make more powerful attacks. They can be used for slashing, cutting and piercing. They can be used for defense too to an excent; the blades are very resistent and sharp. The gun part works similar to a semi-automatic pistol and its caliber is 9 x 19 mm.
Odette and Odile are kinda heavy but very resistant.


  • Previous owner: None
  • Current owner: Grizel Svane. They were built by her in school.
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